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  1. asrock

    Journey With The Hiace

    Nice review machan!
  2. asrock

    [Civic 2018] A look at the interior

    Nice machan. Is there a button to turn off the heated mirrors?
  3. asrock

    Project Refina - Initial Phase

    No updates?
  4. asrock

    [Civic 2018]First Impressions and the basics

    Nice car and nice write up. Post some pics after the ceramic coating.
  5. asrock

    Renewal of Previous versions of Driving License

    So the new one you got has an expiry date? My magnetic strip one is also fading away, maybe it'll become unreadable during next year.
  6. asrock

    Renewal of Previous versions of Driving License

    Some one told me or I read some where that you needed to take the test again when applying for the new type of license (the one with the chip). So you get the old type (with the magnetic strip) when renewing?
  7. asrock

    Colombo to Mannar

    You can refer here: http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/16531-great-places-to-eat-when-driving-outstation/ for good places to eat, haven't been updated for quiet a while though.
  8. asrock

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    We stayed at Green Nest Holiday Bungalow, not a bad place only had 4 rooms at that time, could accommodate about 15 people I think. Cooks food wasn't that good but the place was clean and had lovely views of the mountains. Like Pericles said the winds makes ghostly sounds at night. One of the best hotels that I have stayed at. Good food, good rooms nice garden with wonderful views.
  9. asrock

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Yes roads were ok when I went there 2 1/2 years ago but I don't think the roads have changed much.
  10. asrock

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Riverston, few cool places to stay with great views, windy and cold.
  11. asrock

    ALLION 2007

    No all are CVT equipped.
  12. asrock

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    Congratulations machan! That's a beauty!
  13. asrock

    Express-Way Updates

  14. asrock

    Good dash cam for the Car

    Spec says Video resolution 1280x728 which is HD and video frame rate [email protected], which is very good for a entry level dash cam but is impossible if its not FHD. So I think it should be corrected [email protected] But if its really a FHD (1920x1080) cam then frame rates should be [email protected] and [email protected] I do not think its capable of doing [email protected]
  15. asrock

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Or maybe he is the genius who wrote that shit one the tuk. anyway it still doesn't explain who the f is Jack?
  16. Any recommended place to repair a laptop?

    1. Pericles


      Yeah, Khalid's in Dehiwela.

    2. asrock


      Thanks bro I will check it out.

  17. No machan, still looking for one. The axio has the spare wheel well in the boot so no problem storing it.
  18. I think its better to have a spare wheel. One day when I drove home I noticed my left rear tire was flat, I used the tire restoration kit and it held up for about 6 months. But now its starting to loose pressure in small amount. The instructions clearly states that using the restoration kit is just a temporary fix and to get the tire fixed properly asap. My bad for not following the instructions.
  19. asrock

    best car between 5mil -6mil

    If you want 15kmpl+ get a hybrid or an electric. Maybe a Axio or Aqua?
  20. asrock

    Luxury car around 8m

    2012 F10 520D?
  21. asrock

    Updating the navigation system

    I have a Garmin Navigation unit that I bought separately, it came with US maps installed. I use Garmin Base Camp and free SL routable maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ But this may not work for your Garmin specially if its hard coded.
  22. asrock

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    Sorry my bad, I also hope that people will bring down these proper civics, instead of jumping on the 1.0L bandwagon.
  23. asrock

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    I don't think you'll need to worry about that, at this rate the Civic will be as common as vezels and axios very soon.