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  1. I did a CVT oil change at 62 or 63k kms before I sold the car. The mechanic said the old oil wasn't bad. No only at low speeds, I also think it could be common to all A15s. But the thing is it had some what good acceleration when I first bought it.
  2. No, it was still there when I sold the car more than 2 years back. In the end I got used to it, recently I drove a friend 2009 Allion A15 and I felt the same symptoms.
  3. GP 1 performance issue

    In the end he has found the problem is with the CVT
  4. How about the axio? I think you can get a 2017 for around 6.5m.
  5. Honda Civic 2018

    Thanks to 90% car buyers ignorance our car sales guys will jack up the prices even if the damn thing was made here in SL.
  6. Sorento 2012 or Premio 2013

    Also you should consider your priorities. Are you really going to get the full use of an SUV? If you are not carrying more than 5 persons all of the time and if you are not going off-road I think a car would be much practical. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Sorento 2012 or Premio 2013

    Weird question indeed. One is an SUV and other is a sedan and if you had 60 million I guess you would be buying a Sahara V8 or something and not worry about the fuel consumption. If you are worried about the fuel consumption and resale value get the Premio,
  8. Honda Civic 2018

    Recently I traveled in one, but wasn't very satisfied with the ride. I could hear the engine noise very badly and felt like it was struggling on uphill climb, and little bouncy and uncomfortable. Interior was nice though had good leg room at least on the front, boot space was not bad either. I also agree some dark colors looks best on it specially red and black.
  9. Best of luck bro and keep up the good work. No wonder SL is back listed by some sellers, specially US.
  10. Read here: http://autolanka.com/forums/profile/67562-asrock/?status=4993&type=status
  11. [Features] Axio VS Grace

    For the Axio safety seance C was introduced in 2015.
  12. Does the online revenue license service really work?

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    2. matroska


      @asrock Yeah try it- i usually apply with a time buffer in case things go wrong - since you don't need green test certificates either the whole operation is just a matter of minutes 

    3. terrabytetango


      of course. been using it since 2010.

    4. SXP


      You can even renew your license for your last year's still valid Green test. In other words you can use the same Green test for renewing licence for two consecutive years. They only check for green tests validity. Hilarious.....😂

  13. Well done @iRage @Davy @Crosswind @Rumesh88 and Happy New year to all fellow Autolankans! Drive safe.
  14. Tata Indica 2008 vs chery qq

    Like iRage said try to go for a older Japanese car. there are lots of older models for that budget. Indicas and cherry qqs from that era should be falling apart now, literary!