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  1. Well done @iRage @Davy @Crosswind @Rumesh88 and Happy New year to all fellow Autolankans! Drive safe.
  2. Tata Indica 2008 vs chery qq

    Like iRage said try to go for a older Japanese car. there are lots of older models for that budget. Indicas and cherry qqs from that era should be falling apart now, literary!
  3. Best Gasoline Vehicle to buy below 4M

    Off road with a car? Seriously? or did you meant paved roads other than highways? If you are not always carrying quite a bit of luggage and passenngers, I also think the vitz would be a good choice. Although being a hatchback the vitz would not be as much as comfortable as the axio on log trips.
  4. Buy car which have low fuel consumption

    Get a electric or a hybrid car.
  5. Got the funds sorted to build a gaming rig. My concern is whether to wait for 8th gen prices to drop or go with the 7th gen. I'm considering the Asus Rog Strix Z370-F and a 8600K or Asus Maximus Code IX and a 7700. Asus Strix GTX1060 OC 6GB is the preferred VGA card. What do you guys think?

    1. matroska


       I'd go with the 7700 ( 7th gen)  coupled with the 6Gig VGA you're pretty much ok for quite a while... Will you be trying out FO4 :D ???

    2. asrock


      Definitely machan FO4 is on top of my list downloaded the game already, just don't have a rig to install it on :D I read few reviews, the 8th gen has more cores, threads and cache also higher memory bandwidth, with the right DDR4 RAM you could probably overclock to 4000Mhz and the 8600K could be overclocked to 5Ghz+ but the Asus Rog Strix Z370-F probably won't handle it well, its the only decent 8th gen MB in the SL market. Anyway all that probably won't be much useful for current gen games. If I get a good price from an online store I might go for the 7th gen. Btw machan whats the VGA you going to buy?

  6. Who is living near Matale?

    1. maersk


      I’m from Matale although I do not live there at the moment. What do you need?

    2. asrock


      Thanks machan, just wanted to know the weather condition in Elkaduwa on that stormy day. 

  7. Toyota C-HR 1.2L vs Audi Q2 1L

    Whats the Q2 offered here by the agents? Manual or Automatic?
  8. Can you still sell a vehicle permit?

  9. Sorry to hear about your accident. But that's good advice bro, not having proper brakes and tires are couple of main reasons for accidents.
  10. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Is this the 1.0 TFSI 6 Speed manual or automatic?
  11. Safety Seance C pkg, Climate Control AC, Rear wiper etc? Those will probably be little complicate / expensive to fit to a basic car.
  12. Samsung smart 3D TV power bulb blinking five times

    Usually a blinking power LED indicates a faulty power supply or mainboard. But its most probably a power issue.
  13. Honda Vezel Or Mazda Axela SkyAtive ?

    Is this even a question that needs to be asking? Follow your heart. Go for the Axela bro, you won't regret it. Has a reasonably good second hand market too.
  14. Playing Fallout 3 B)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. asrock


      The way the world is going I'm afraid the horrors in fallout might actually come true..

    3. matroska


      haha yeah....  maybe we'll even see the 2 headed cow :blink:

    4. asrock


      I mean what if Korea starts a nuclear war? I finished the original story and playing all the DLCs now.

  15. Upgrade head light to adjustable

    The newest 260 comes with auto head light adjustment, the older one never had that feature.