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  1. asrock

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    Congratulations machan! That's a beauty!
  2. asrock

    Express-Way Updates

  3. asrock

    Good dash cam for the Car

    Spec says Video resolution 1280x728 which is HD and video frame rate [email protected], which is very good for a entry level dash cam but is impossible if its not FHD. So I think it should be corrected [email protected] But if its really a FHD (1920x1080) cam then frame rates should be [email protected] and [email protected] I do not think its capable of doing [email protected]
  4. asrock

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Or maybe he is the genius who wrote that shit one the tuk. anyway it still doesn't explain who the f is Jack?
  5. Any recommended place to repair a laptop?

    1. Pericles


      Yeah, Khalid's in Dehiwela.

    2. asrock


      Thanks bro I will check it out.

  6. No machan, still looking for one. The axio has the spare wheel well in the boot so no problem storing it.
  7. I think its better to have a spare wheel. One day when I drove home I noticed my left rear tire was flat, I used the tire restoration kit and it held up for about 6 months. But now its starting to loose pressure in small amount. The instructions clearly states that using the restoration kit is just a temporary fix and to get the tire fixed properly asap. My bad for not following the instructions.
  8. asrock

    best car between 5mil -6mil

    If you want 15kmpl+ get a hybrid or an electric. Maybe a Axio or Aqua?
  9. asrock

    Luxury car around 8m

    2012 F10 520D?
  10. asrock

    Updating the navigation system

    I have a Garmin Navigation unit that I bought separately, it came with US maps installed. I use Garmin Base Camp and free SL routable maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ But this may not work for your Garmin specially if its hard coded.
  11. asrock

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    Sorry my bad, I also hope that people will bring down these proper civics, instead of jumping on the 1.0L bandwagon.
  12. asrock

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    I don't think you'll need to worry about that, at this rate the Civic will be as common as vezels and axios very soon.
  13. That's a shady ass excuse about him and his career, its your money. I say go there and raise hell!
  14. asrock

    Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Don't get those local brands, abans, singer etc, if possible go for a Japanese brand such as Panasonic, Kenwood, Pioneer. Price would be at least 50k depending on the brand and features.