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  1. "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    Sorry my bad, I also hope that people will bring down these proper civics, instead of jumping on the 1.0L bandwagon.
  2. "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    I don't think you'll need to worry about that, at this rate the Civic will be as common as vezels and axios very soon.
  3. That's a shady ass excuse about him and his career, its your money. I say go there and raise hell!
  4. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Don't get those local brands, abans, singer etc, if possible go for a Japanese brand such as Panasonic, Kenwood, Pioneer. Price would be at least 50k depending on the brand and features.
  5. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Couldn't stop laughing 😂
  6. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Same here machan, has 2 of them, one artificial leather at my parents house and a fabric one at my house. More than 10 years old but still not a scratch. Got a 9' x 14' remote roller door fixed for 100k from *lcardo, yes the wooden gates will cost more but looks much nice.
  7. Does this car has steering controls for the radio?
  8. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    I've got an idea about the moose head The CCTV system you can DIY, I've seen good quality IP camera sets with mini NVR available in eBay for less than 30k, maybe 4 cameras are adequate for now? If you have an existing network around the house you can directly plug them or else get wi-fi (slightly more expensive), installation would be easy because of the limited wires but streaming quality would be poor at higher resolutions. Moolchands or last chance for chandeliers? There are some more shops in Pettah. Not sure about the price though maybe 25-30k Couch/ sofa I recommend Damro. Get a genuine leather sofa set, nice and comfy. Prices starts from 100k I think.
  9. California Scents hands down!
  10. I did a CVT oil change at 62 or 63k kms before I sold the car. The mechanic said the old oil wasn't bad. No only at low speeds, I also think it could be common to all A15s. But the thing is it had some what good acceleration when I first bought it.
  11. No, it was still there when I sold the car more than 2 years back. In the end I got used to it, recently I drove a friend 2009 Allion A15 and I felt the same symptoms.
  12. GP 1 performance issue

    In the end he has found the problem is with the CVT
  13. How about the axio? I think you can get a 2017 for around 6.5m.
  14. Honda Civic 2018

    Thanks to 90% car buyers ignorance our car sales guys will jack up the prices even if the damn thing was made here in SL.
  15. Sorento 2012 or Premio 2013

    Also you should consider your priorities. Are you really going to get the full use of an SUV? If you are not carrying more than 5 persons all of the time and if you are not going off-road I think a car would be much practical. Just my 2 cents.