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  1. ramishkad

    Honda Cars

    Is it the same sensor that is always going off? I had the same issue with my car (not a Civic though) and for some strange reason I first noticed in heavy rain. When I examined it I found out that the car sale guys had fixed the number plate slightly off alignment that it was too close to one of the sensors. Centering the number plate fixed the issue for me.
  2. ramishkad

    car wax

    I meant these products: According to the label "Made in USA with globally sourced materials". I've seen these in supermarkets i.e Arpico Supercenter but only on some outlets. Or you can easily get them from any 3M authorized applicator. I personally get it these days from Echo Zone. As I remember they had AutoGlym products as well but I've never tried. Durability is as I mentioned earlier. Paste wax lasts a couple of months but you have to use the quick wax once every two weeks or so to complement it.
  3. ramishkad

    car wax

    I've been using 3M Quick Wax (the spray on version) for more than 5 years and its pretty good( Meguiars and AutoGlym are superior products to 3M as I know). What I do with my current vehicle is that I have the 3M paste wax professionally applied once every three months (from Echo Zone Colombo), and then apply the Quick wax myself every two or so weeks after washing the car. As @iRagementioned above the spray wax wears off quickly (i.e 2 weeks). It's more of a filler to complement the professional wax job.
  4. ramishkad

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    By point #4, do you mean your head unit officially does not support Android Auto? If so, the chance of getting it to work by some hack are virtually zero. Btw Android Auto is not officially supported in SL as of yet (the app is not available in SL play store). But if you downloaded the apk from an external site, it always worked in SL even when I tried it more than 6 months back.
  5. ramishkad

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Although it's not officially supported, Android Auto does work in Sri Lanka. You can simply download the APK from a site like apkmirror and get going. When @danss70 said Android Auto was not working, what cable did you use to connect to the car? It will not work with most cheap cables available in Sri Lanka as it uses a high speed data connection between the head unit and the phone. Try with the original data/charging cable that came with the phone. If thats not available, try with a UGreen data cable from ebay. I'm using AA with Audi MMI since day one with zero issues. So it does work in SL. And Google Maps beats the hell out of any proprietary maps software car manufacturers have.
  6. ramishkad

    prius or axio

    The most important question is how many miles will you be running a month? And i'm also curios to know why you havent included the Axio Hybrid as an option but included the Prius?
  7. ramishkad

    Regarding audi A1 and Q 2

    Well I'm using a A3 sedan which AFAIK has pretty much the same engine and transmission as the Q2. So far I've got no complaints. These cars are not climatized to Sri Lanka so you have to be extra generous with the maintenance. i.e. If the manual recommends engine oil change at 15000km, agent would likely advise you to do it every 10k. Don't cheap out on the maintenance or the cars will turn into money pits later on.
  8. ramishkad

    Good body repair shop in Colombo?

    I can recommend these guys too as I did some minor body repairs for my FD3 there. The prices would be a bit on the higher end but their work was neat and professional. One thing I didn't like was that they had replaced my number plate casing to one that had VTEC motors branding. Old casing was in the boot of the car - they didn't steal it or anything. But I feel they should have asked me before doing that.
  9. ramishkad

    Is Honda city a good vehicle to buy?

    Generally a reliable vehicle. But if you are buying one with a CVT gearbox, make sure to check its maintenance history. Certain models of the City/Aria lineup was prone to CVT gearbox issues and the infamous 'Honda Shudder' (vibration when accelerating from a dead stop). But if the gearbox was maintained properly with timely oil changes (i would suggest 15-20k CVT oil change interval in SL traffic and climate) it would not give you problems.
  10. ramishkad

    Sporty sedan for permit

    You can check old archive.org snapshots of autolanka which will have the prices: https://web.archive.org/web/*/autolanka.com
  11. ramishkad

    a good sedan for a vehicle permit

    Did you check the Audi A3 Sedan or if you are ok with a crossover, Audi Q2? Both of these are 1.0L Turbo so the money you pay would be more towards the actual cost of the vehicle, rather than taxes. A note on the A3, even most of the fully loaded models do not come with Audi Pre-Sense radar which means it won't have auto breaking, lane assist, adaptive cruise etc. This applies to agent imports as well because Audi apparently discourages the use of it in SL traffic conditions. It does come with 360 degree collision warning/parking sensors. Also, although the back seat can comfortably seat 2 adults, seating for 3 on long trips might not be that comfortable. A3 S-Line would cost you around 8.2-8.7 (without permit - permit price should be around your budget) from a car sale. Q2 should be even less. I don't know much about the resale value of this other than that it won't be anywhere as good as a Toyota in SL. On the other hand, I, just like you switched from a Honda Hybrid to an A3 and have no regrets.
  12. ramishkad

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Guess 90% "capable off road" SUVs in Sri Lanka aren't being used beyond the paved roads anyway, but for some reason it seems to me like a souped up Bolero, something feels wrong with it but I can't put my finger on what Dumi##a Bodykits. That's whats wrong with it.
  13. ramishkad

    Crossover - Suzuki Vitara Vs MG

    From what I've seen on SL forums and Facebook groups, most people go for the MG because of the sunroof. Whichever vehicle you buy, don't make sunroof the deciding factor. My vehicle has one too, and its near completely useless in Sri Lanka.
  14. ramishkad

    Recommendations for a vehicle for permit

    I would suggest you not decide what to buy based on options such as Sunroof and cruise control. My vehicle has both these options (I had to go with them because they anyway came with the trim I selected), and I rarely ever use them. You will likely open the sunroof maybe once or twice just to see what it does, and then never use it ever. Cruise control may be useful on the highway but even adaptive cruise is not that practical in SL slow moving, dumbass driven traffic. So these options at least for me are good only for the looks , and not practical in Sri lanka. You're better off spending this money on core vehicle features that will actually matter. As for MG, I personally didn't like the interior. It felt a bit cheap and 'mass market oriented' if you know what I mean. But this is a personal opinion that is subjective. Cannot comment on the durability or maintainability of the vehicle since I haven't used one. I have not heard a lot of good about Micro after sales service. In fact, almost every experienceI heard from my friends who had Panda, Kyron and Geely MX cars has been negative. Lack of parts, long time to import parts, long time to get repairs done, etc. So do some more research if you are locking in on MG.
  15. ramishkad

    Parking vehicle with front wheels at an angle

    1. There is no engineering requirement I can think of to always keep your wheels straight when parked. In fact, most vehicle user manuals would tell you to turn the wheels towards the curb when parking on a hill. This is to prevent the car from rolling down the slope (so that it will hit the curb and stop) should the parking breaks fail. 2. Turning the steering while vehicle is stationary is called 'dry steering'. I'm not sure about the impact of this on the EPS system. However this will have an impact on your tires wearing out if you do it frequently enough.