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  1. ramishkad

    Honda Civic FD3

    I am using a 2011 Civic Hybrid and the battery has lasted well for 100000km (and judging by the current available capacity it would do well for at least 40000km or more). The battery would do just fine if you run the car frequent enough. To get the real benefit of this car you would need to run 1500km per month or more. I heard a lot of horror stories about this vehicle back when I bought this in 2013. If you do your research well and buy one which has a battery with a reasonable usable capacity and done regular maintenance with correct lubricants, it's a great vehicle to own. I wrote a detailed post on how to check the battery usable capacity and the factors affecting cell deterioration a while back. You can check this post for more info:
  2. ramishkad

    Copy of a faded / damaged old driving license

    I had this exact same problem and the only solution was to get a new license (one which has that microchip). And they do expire. As for the documents I I recall needing the old license and a copy of the NIC. But this is more than 6 years ago so you might want to check if the current process requires anything else by dialling 1919. You have to do the medical test as well (which is provided in house ) for all types of vehicles. And according to one of my friends who went in recently, they now even check blood sugar levels (he got rejected for high blood sugar). On the plus side, you get a SMS notification when you expiration date nears.
  3. ramishkad

    Honda Fit Gp5 - Car Service

    Change the 12V. Mine also came with a Furukawa battery and when it lost the charge I replaced with a new Furukawa (FB) from the local market. Well as I remember it drained in like a year and wasn't impressed by it. Then I switched over to a Panasonic maintenance free battery and everything has been fine since then. Be sure to match all the specs of the battery when you switch over. Lots of garages would simply match the voltage and replace with the first similar sized battery they see. Try to match CCA, AH and RC and all other specs as closely as you can.
  4. ramishkad

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    I don't know how fast you drove or if you crated traffic by trying to drive this way, but my question is, is all this effort worth it? Can you enjoy your ride this way? I also drive a hybrid and in the first couple of months after getting it, I was obsessed with trying to see how much fuel it would do. I wasnt bothered about the fuel cost, but I wanted to see if I can break my best fuel efficiency record. It was all about improving 'stats'. I didnt drive slow on purpose but I tried all sorts of gimmicks to get F/E maximized. And let me tell you, the drives became really boring and I almost fell asleep couple of times during night time drives. Turn off your fuel efficiency display and set it to show temperature or something else. Now forget about fuel efficiency. Try driving now. You'd feel a huge weight lifted from your head and you'll feel the freedom of driving once again. And if money is your concern, you won't save more than Rs. 500 a month by changing your driving style.
  5. ramishkad

    Honda GP 1 battery condition

    As far as I know, the SoC values get reset and the BCM does an immediate recalibration once the 12v terminals are disconnected and reconnected. Any error codes logged by the IMA system also get cleared at this point. I am not sure if disconnecting the 12v causes the usable capacity to be reset to 75%. However, I do know for a fact that you can reset the usable capacity to 75% using an Honda Diagnostic System scanner connected to the OBD2 port. Once it's reset, it may take a several runs of the vehicle for the actual usable capacity value to be determined and normalized by the BCM. Thankfully, the same diagnostic system software would show the number of km run since the last reset. So if you see an old Honda hybrid up for sale with 75% or any high usable capacity value, just check the number of miles since the last IMA reset using a HDS scanner. There is a chance the battery is genuinely good, but there is also the chance of some cock weasel trying to sell a vehicle with a deteriorated battery by hoodwinking the buyer using an IMA reset.
  6. ramishkad

    5+yrs Old Hybrids...

    Hi, No it does not have an alternator. It just has the DC-DC converter. In the case of a weak hybrid battery, the power would be continuously drawn from the petrol engine in order to keep the 12v charged( a continuous battery recalibration by the BCM). This is a very inefficient scenario with higher fuel consumption, lower performance and not to mention premature wear and tear of both 12v and IMA system components.
  7. ramishkad

    5+yrs Old Hybrids...

    I will answer to you based on my experience of driving a Civic. Since they are based on the same IMA generation, this is possibly valid for GP1, GP2, Insight but I am not certain. The hybrid battery will not die out within a day. It's a process that happens over time and when the usable capacity of it drops below a certain percentage, your dashboard will show a warning indicator. The IMA system pairs the engine with an electric motor so the amount of 'work' the engine has to do is reduced. The hybrid battery powers the electric motor. The weaker the hybrid battery gets, the less and less the electric motor will 'assist' the engine. 1. The petrol engine will be used more frequently to charge the hybrid battery as it has lost its capacity to hold a charge. The battery control module would frequently try to recalibrate the battery to adjust to the new (lesser) level of usable capacity. Fuel consumption will be higher than normal. 2. The cars pulling power will be lower at times due to the lack of electric motors assist. In the case of the civic hybrid, it will lose 20HP of power when the battery charge is dropped. The car would feel like a drag to accelerate. 3. Car would be started by the 12v battery as opposed to the hybrid battery. The civic comes equipped with a regular starter to start the car when the hybrid battery does not have enough charge to do so. But the 12v battery will wear out faster than normal. Technically, you can drive the car for years and years with the hybrid battery almost dead (but not physically removed) and with the IMA indicator showing. It will get you from point A->B but it would be a downright shitty driving experience.
  8. ramishkad

    CIVIC FD3 IMA issue

    The IMA indicator can come up for a number of different reasons with the most common being a deteriorating hybrid battery. You have to take the vehicle to an agent and read the actual error code to diagnose the problem. The 12v battery indicator coming up usually means that the 12v battery is not getting charged by the IMA system. There can be a number of reasons for this but you need the error code to properly troubleshoot the problem. From where did you replace the hybrid battery from? Did they do any software updates when the battery was replaced? In any case find out what the error code is.
  9. ramishkad

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Dude you deserve a medal for this. Translation is spot on.
  10. ramishkad

    Buying my first car budget around 3.4mil

    I'm using one since 2013. If you are getting a 2008/2009 YOM one, make sure the hybrid battery usable capacity is above at least 40%. You can get this checked at Stafford. These cars are great if you drive a lot of miles per month but don't get a FD3 if you mostly do city driving. In that case FD4/FD1 would be the better choice. FD3 would do around 17-20kmpl long distance, 20-24kmpl highway but only around 9-12kmpl in Colombo heavy traffic.
  11. Don't rely on this scan. They just plug a generic OBD2 scanner into the car and check for errors. Most manufacturer specific errors are not detected by these generic scanners. They could not detect one of the most common errors logged on my Honda FD3 - only the manufacturer specific Honda Diagnostic System was able to read it properly. In fact I ask them not to do the scan because I'm not sure if their scanner is read only or read/write both are allowed (nobody knows any tech details on the scanner). I personally don't like a generic OBD2 device connecting to the ECU. Always get it scanned by the agent.
  12. ramishkad

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Hi, I didn't know this was a factory defect. It's my bad for not reading the thread from the beginning. Sorry about the confusion.
  13. ramishkad

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    But isn't this a bad way to profile an issue? You read couple of posts online about a problem on a particular vehicle model, and then declare it's a failed product without any sort of verification and discourage anyone from buying it. Couple of people may have had it, the service adviser may have said it's a known issue, but who knows what the probability of the issue surfacing is, or what factors contribute to it? In my honest opinion, most of the horror stories about certain models of vehicles in the SL car market are made up in this way by people who have NO first hand experience of using the said vehicle. It mutates the truth as it spreads and I absolutely hate that trend of spreading rumors without solid, verifiable fact.
  14. ramishkad

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    How bout "Stormy Daniels"? ? I've always had doubts about the engine break in period. Aren't modern cars "broke-in" at the factory itself? But let's assume this is required. In such cases, there is no theory that says running the car slow or at low RPM is required during this period. From what I've read the recommendation is not to the vary the RPM rapidly, or drive the car at a constant RPM for long. Same with the 1000km service period. I think modern engines do not need such quick first time oil changes unless specifically mentioned by the manufacturer. Then again if it was me I'd just do it just so I can have peace of mind. Congrats on your purchase and enjoy the ride!
  15. ramishkad

    Tyre Prices

    Not sure about the Dunlop price but I know that Autodrome prices are before a discount. They run this promotion (h**p://autodrome.lk/savenow.php) for as long as I can remember which gives you 30% discount on the advertised prices. To claim that you have to follow them on FB or do some BS like that. I haven't purchased under this scheme but I can see the 185/55 EP300 listed for LKR15000 something on that page.