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  1. ramishkad

    FD1 Vs GP1

    I can vouch for the FD3 as well. I used a 2011 model car for 6 years and 125000km and it gave very little trouble other than regular maintenance (hybrid battery was replaced under warranty when it was imported. Replacement battery was still good after 100000km on it by the time I sold the car). Between FD3 and GP1, the FD3 has better handling, driving experience and comfort. GP1 has better fuel economy and reduced hybrid battery wear. I would actually put the FD3 above the FD1 and FD4 when it comes to initial acceleration thanks to the electric motor and the instantly available torque. However, the FD3 would be a viable investment only if the OP runs 1500+km per month. As mentioned it's not built for saving fuel as Aquas and Priuses do. It is also not a good vehicle to have parked around which is a primary cause for its hybrid battery issues. @op If you run high miles per month, seriously consider the FD3.
  2. ramishkad

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    1.Your Insurance company - SLIC 2. Insurance type Full or 3rd party - Full 3.How much per year with your Vehicle type and valuation - 103000LKR for vehicle valued at 8.7 million 4.How fast they paid your last insurance claim - Pretty fast. Never had to fuss over it so far. 5.How is their customer service when claiming - So far so good.
  3. Considering it's a Vitz, I would say go to the agents. I imported my previous vehicle (2011 Civic FD3 - Reconditioned) through an importer who offered Sterling warranty. And I was doing my services with them. Within 9000km of driving the hybrid battery started giving serious deterioration errors. Back then this battery cost around 590000 if imported from Stafford so naturally I turned to Sterling to claim warranty. I was expecting a whole load of excuses and ball passing from them but surprisingly it was a very smooth process. Within 2 months (or a month - i cant remember) I got a brand new hybrid battery for no cost. And I did not have to nag them to get it done. I was still skeptical if they gave me a used battery because it all seemed too good to be true. But the scans I did at Stafford and all other parameters were on point. I actually used that battery without issues for over 100000km and was still good when I sold the vehicle. So I believe they did give a genuine replacement. That being said: 1. This was over 5 years ago. They were still starting out with the warranty and maybe they wanted to give a few exemplary performances at the start to better market it. I don't know if the service standards are still the same now. 2. Mine was a used hybrid. And a Civic too for that matter, which is notorious for hybrid battery issues if the vehicle is parked for too long (shipping + stationary yard time alone would have triggered the issue). Your vehicle has none of these dependencies. It is highly unlikely it will develop an issue that you'd actually benefit from the warranty like mine did.\ 3. Apart from the warranty claims, their services were slightly more expensive. Sure they did an ok job with genuine lubricants (nothing extraordinary, nothing bad either) but I could have got done same, if not better, services from elsewhere for less cost. And like iRage mentioned above, Sterling/Kobe service stations would have technicians who do not have manufacturer specific knowledge as opposed to the agents. Guys in these places have their knowledge spread thin across all vehicle types and models and lack the required deep model specific knowledge to troubleshoot the not so obvious issues.
  4. ramishkad

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Try wiping this with 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer. You can get it for around 2500LKR from leading supermarkets.
  5. ramishkad

    Servicing Audi A!

    You seem to have missed my point. I'm not complaining about the cost. I'm willing to pay a premium for genuine parts and quality service. Otherwise I would not have chosen to do the service at the agent in the first place. What I wanted to emphasize was that the 50000 or whatever amount they charge is a flat rate. If you just replaced your filters/lubricants elsewhere and you know those items are genuine and match your vehicle, the agent will still replace them in the first service since its not from them. So anyone who is going to do the first service should consider this and plan when exactly they want to do it to avoid a loss from replacing perfectly good parts.
  6. ramishkad

    Servicing Audi A!

    I did the initial service from them. The registration process took about 45 mins (I went there around 8.30AM). Once that's done a service advisor is assigned to you and he will inspect the car and bring the car in for service. At the initial service, they will remove and replace all your current Air/Oil filters and engine oil REGARDLESS of the state they are in. Apparently it's to bring grey imports to their standard. In my car which had 3700km on the ODO, the following was replaced: Engine Oil Filter, Windscreen Washer Fluid, Oil Cap Seal + Washer, Coolant Top Off, Air Filter, A/C Filter element, fully synthetic engine oil (Ow-40), sundries(??). They also do something called the 300 point inspection where they check both the hardware and software of the car. For all of the above, the bill came up to LKR 58000. I know for a fact it doesn't cost this amount to do all the replacements above (their reason for the high initial cost). It's better if they were more upfront and called this what it is; an initial registration fee for grey imports. I would have paid it anyway. However, the surprising part for me is that they do not let you watch the service. No one is allowed into the work area and you just have to take their word for it about the changes that are done.Of all the places I've been for car services (and thats quite a few), this was the only place that enforced this policy. That being said, the service was upto standards and they had covered all bases. Staff was friendly and helpful. There are other places that will get you the same service done (D*MO Bostch, Vishwa motors to name a few) for cheaper but agent maintenance always comes at an extra cost for grey imports I guess.
  7. ramishkad

    Servicing Audi A!

    Yeah I inquired about it over the phone. This plus VAT. So it comes to around 58k for below 1000cc or 70k for others as you mentioned.
  8. ramishkad

    Servicing Audi A!

    Thanks for the info. I got it with 60km on the ODO and now its 3400km. I'll do it this weekend if there are slots available. Thanks again. EDIT: I called them and the process was well explained in detail. They also explained about the initial service. Quoting the email they sent:
  9. ramishkad

    Servicing Audi A!

    This is great news. Thanks. Since when did they start this? Btw at what mileage are you doing the initial service?
  10. ramishkad

    DFSK 580

    Mate if the vehicle is actually good as it's claimed to be, that itself would quell the rumors. Facts would always trump opinion in the end. Besides, I don't understand how criticism of a vehicle in an online forum can destroy peoples dreams of buying it. Bulk of the negativity towards the 580 in this thread is based on the history of the manufacturer. You really cannot blame people for being skeptic in this case. It's DFSK who has to prove their new vehicles are actually good, not the other way around.
  11. ramishkad

    Honda Cars

    Is it the same sensor that is always going off? I had the same issue with my car (not a Civic though) and for some strange reason I first noticed in heavy rain. When I examined it I found out that the car sale guys had fixed the number plate slightly off alignment that it was too close to one of the sensors. Centering the number plate fixed the issue for me.
  12. ramishkad

    car wax

    I meant these products: According to the label "Made in USA with globally sourced materials". I've seen these in supermarkets i.e Arpico Supercenter but only on some outlets. Or you can easily get them from any 3M authorized applicator. I personally get it these days from Echo Zone. As I remember they had AutoGlym products as well but I've never tried. Durability is as I mentioned earlier. Paste wax lasts a couple of months but you have to use the quick wax once every two weeks or so to complement it.
  13. ramishkad

    car wax

    I've been using 3M Quick Wax (the spray on version) for more than 5 years and its pretty good( Meguiars and AutoGlym are superior products to 3M as I know). What I do with my current vehicle is that I have the 3M paste wax professionally applied once every three months (from Echo Zone Colombo), and then apply the Quick wax myself every two or so weeks after washing the car. As @iRagementioned above the spray wax wears off quickly (i.e 2 weeks). It's more of a filler to complement the professional wax job.
  14. ramishkad

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    By point #4, do you mean your head unit officially does not support Android Auto? If so, the chance of getting it to work by some hack are virtually zero. Btw Android Auto is not officially supported in SL as of yet (the app is not available in SL play store). But if you downloaded the apk from an external site, it always worked in SL even when I tried it more than 6 months back.
  15. ramishkad

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Although it's not officially supported, Android Auto does work in Sri Lanka. You can simply download the APK from a site like apkmirror and get going. When @danss70 said Android Auto was not working, what cable did you use to connect to the car? It will not work with most cheap cables available in Sri Lanka as it uses a high speed data connection between the head unit and the phone. Try with the original data/charging cable that came with the phone. If thats not available, try with a UGreen data cable from ebay. I'm using AA with Audi MMI since day one with zero issues. So it does work in SL. And Google Maps beats the hell out of any proprietary maps software car manufacturers have.