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  1. Hi Guys, Any idea about the new toyota corolla hatchback availability/importing to Sri Lanka? If any importers are willing to bring the car, please let me know the rough price details. Thanks in advance
  2. Roughly how much would be the cost for importing a mazda 3 hatchback or ford focus hatckback to Sri Lanka? made year 2016 upwards recondition would be fine. Also, how is the after market/service facilities for Ford cars in Sri Lanka? Thanks in advanced, Cheers
  3. Thanks @kush @Prangi @gNaveendra for the suggestion. Yes, 10mil + would be too much. I didn't hv an idea about GTE is 1.4 L hybrid. I only knows about e-Golf which is full electric right? Btw, any suggestion or dealer for getting a quotation before hand for GTE 1.4 L hybrid?
  4. Hi experts, Please advice me how can I import a Volkswagen Golf GTI to Sri Lanka. Recondition made year 2014 or later should be ok. Let me know is there any agency or importer which i can contact. Also, if you guys hv any idea about a rough price for that car pls let me know too. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I want to buy Honda FIT GP5 or GP1 (2012/2013) model. But I don't want a hybrid. Its very difficult to find a non-hybrid FIT(Except before 2010 model) in Sri Lanka. Why everyone importing only hybrids. Please suggest me any importer who can import non hybrid FIT. And also, advice me on the price range for both GP1 and GP5, hope the price is same as hybrids.
  6. Gp1 is the one within your budget. But I don't know you'll be able to find un-reg bellow 3.5mi. I used my Gp1 mostly in Colombo, it did 12-13km/l in city. Outside I had 16-20km/l, as I remember not more than that. But overall, I can say GP1 is the best choice for your budget.
  7. If you do like hatchbacks, i recommend honda fit hybrid. I had 2012 fit hybrid, very good car in its class. Also, very spacious too
  8. I have a similar kind of problem on my car Honda Fit. Sometimes it gives taka taka noise when going on rough roads. And also the steering wheel feels very tight and not smooth as earlier. I did checked the steering rack and other physical parts like rackends, joints ... but they (Not Stford Motors) says there's no damage. If you got to know the exact problem and place to fix it, share on the thread .... Cheers
  9. No any indicators popping. I am also thinking it can be a physical damage to the rack. Can you guys recommend a good place to get it done rather than agents, because it'll take more time to book a slot at Staffered Moters
  10. I bought my Honda Fit Gp1 6 months back. Its 2012 model. Now its around 30000km mileage. (Its around 24000km when I bought) I am feeling very tight to handle steering wheel. Specially with one hand its feels very tight. It worked very smoothly when I bought. Also, it is feeling little "grip" kind of effect when handle the wheel. Also, when traveling on a rough road its not smooth. I tested couple of Honda Fits(Same model) of my friends, but those are working smoothly. What may be case for this and how can I fix it? Technical advices highly appreciated
  11. Guys, Hows the fuel economy of New Toyota Passo (Hana) model? I had the Passo old model(2007) it did around 10-14 kml. I have seen the new model has "Eco" mode also. Any ideas???
  12. I have Toyota Passo 2007 car and planing to sell it and buy Honda FIT Hybrid. Since my maximum budget is around 2.7 M, I can only go for a send hand car. I have seen lot of 2010 and 2011 Honda Fit Hybrids advertised on various web sites for a long period, but they couldn't sell those yet. Does that means "Going for a second hand Honda FIT Hybrid" is not a wise thing to do? Second thing I want to know is, "I heard that honda fit hybrid 2010 first gen models have some issues, is that true?" Third thing "Is it advisable to buy a car with more than 50000Km millage?" Kindly give your thoughts, Thanks
  13. I bought a Toyota Passo 2007 model couple of weeks ago. When the car runs at high speeds (after 80kmph) it starting to vibrates and shakes the car. If I reduce the speed below 80, car is running smoothly. Any ideas plz.
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