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  1. Officially a "Thell Hinganna now" My petrol tank is seeing all time lows. What about you guys.

    1. Rumesh88


      Same here. For a time I can remember manged  for 10 days with only Rs.1000 worth of petrol. Somehow last afternoon I could get a tank full. Going  by the above calculation that should last a whole month now! :D.



  2. hiru555

    micro spare parts

    What about the dealer ? too expensive ?. try local shops they might have.
  3. Ready to remove the front tints....???

    1. NRX
    2. hiru555


      I did it before get caught. but people still have them.

  4. Running out of TopGear videos. even watching same thing again. I don't like the new hosts. Is there any other good show.?

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    2. sathyajithj99


      5th gear, Head 2 Head

    3. hiru555


      Better watch a "Bana" than Sirasa AutoVision. :)

    4. Jor-el


      TopGear USA

  5. Falling love with this RC truck videos. sooo realistic

    All the sound effects even.
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    2. Davy


      @terra, Yeah, saw one on display recently and it was just superb.

      hiru555, Yes, Google for HobbyMart LK

    3. asier


      lol seems im not alone...badly want a tiger tank :D

    4. Davy


      After much research, I ordered a limited edition Tamiya TT-02 '99 Subaru Impreza Monte Carlo.

      It's a kit, so I'm waiting for the hours and hours of building it before I can finally run it! :)

  6. Bajaj cute cars... not cute to me at least.

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    2. Jor-el


      ^ Nope fuel cut occurs at 70Kmph

    3. terrabytetango


      They're not classified as passenger cars, thus they won't be allowed on the highway. Get ready for lots more darwin award nominations.

    4. terrabytetango
  7. Am I the only one talk to my self when driving alone. Specially scolding :)

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    2. PreseaLover
    3. matroska


      PL would be a prime case study for any psychiatrist.

    4. PreseaLover


      hahaha... reminds me of the the movie "Basic Instinct 2"... I put myself into Catherine Tremmel's shoes where a similar incident taking place and at the end the Psychiatrist goes insane and he was sent to a institution where he was treated as a patient :D

  8. hiru555

    Windscreen Water Repellent

    http://cdn.simplesite.com/i/1e/79/282319409521850654/i282319414639799170._szw1280h1280_.jpg Have any one used this named Galco. is it durable ?
  9. Tesla Model 3 is coming..

    1. sathyajithj99


      It is already launched. Check "Hybrids and zero emission vehicles " thread for videos and photos at the launch

  10. Does CVT feels constant acceleration ?

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    2. hrm


      Yes. Kick down happen as normal. How the car accelerate and shift gears is some what vague I must say. It might feel awkward at first.

    3. terrabytetango


      not constant acceleration, but there's no gear shifts so th engine RPM stays more or less in the same place while the car speeds up. It won't feel any different, just smoother. If you've ever ridden in one of the new 8 speed bmws, the experience is very similar.

    4. terrabytetango


      Also there is no kickdown, the engine RPMs increase that's all.

  11. hiru555

    Peugeot 206/207 Vs Toyota Starlet/carat

    Oh man my starlet Ep91 clocks 230000+ km and still going strong. There was a Oil burn issue due to bad value seals, I personally saw the engine cylinders they've not worn. ( we can touch the cylinder and feel the piston ring worn out gap if its worn)
  12. Have you recently checked the CV boots. One of myne have come off. A simple fix costs me a Full CV joint.

    1. terrabytetango


      Yeah you can't get them separately. I was lucky in getting CV joints with CV boots intact.

  13. What are the lights in dashboad that should swich off after ignition on. in few seconds, ABS, Airbag etc..

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    2. asrock


      on my allion the airbag light some time stays on till engine start.

    3. sathyajithj99


      Yep, same here asrock

    4. hrm


      Airbag light usually stays for 6 seconds as per Yaris manual

  14. 99 - vehicles ???. Diesels. have seen only cars

    1. matroska


      DPL vehicles??? Not sure.

    2. hiru555


      No they are just normal cars. I've seen Starlets, corrollas. 99-