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  1. I have been using a EK-3 (manual-EXI) same age as yours for last five years. According to my experience it should be doing 10- 11 KMPL in short distance runs. If you are in around Kandy area bring it to Dananjaya @ polgolla Auto service and do a full checkup. Maintaining 2000 rpm does not help much for honda AFAIK.
  2. does anybody know the name of this shop??
  3. sira, where is the exact place you bought it? my rear left side door handle broke yesterday.
  4. I had the same issue with my EK 3 as I described below. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15674-radiator-fan-working-continuously-on-ek-3/ It is not normal to run the radiator fan all the time. check the thermostat switch which on and off the fan might be bypassed to run all the time.
  5. Dear All, Finally managed to solve the issue. The problem was is the thermostat switches itself which i bought from local auto spears shop. Replaced few times and every time it it works for few hours or did not work at all. Able to find used original one and all working fine. Considerable improvement on fuel efficiency also noted.
  6. when running with switch bypassed the teperature meter stays around one quarter level and sometimes goes little higher when traveling long distance or traveling mountains. Radiator works fine i think as there is no noticable coolent reduction in fillup tank or radiator. Do you think the problem is in the thremostat switch?
  7. I removed the bypass and run the engine until temp meter reaches more than three quarter. But fan didn't turn on. Then I replaced the thermostat switch (the fan control thermostat) with a new one and run the engine again. But fan didn't on until the temp meter reaches maximum level.
  8. Thanks a lot. Actually I replaced the sensor (i mean thermostat in first post) which on & off the fan. but fan does not on. what will be the reason for this? BTW is there a good garage in kandy area to make a full check up?
  9. Dear all, Just bought my first civic. YOM 96 EK3 EXI. Great experience comparing to previous Astina. Please advise me on following matters. Radiator fan is working continuously. It was bypassed from the fan control thermostat switch. I thought it might be something wrong with the thermostat and replace it with a new one. But the fan did not switch on. What might be the reason for this? Also is there any place to buy a original fog light set? .
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