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    Fishing, Camping, 4WD wild life,Bird watching , singing with Guitar,

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    2004, Grand Vitara XL7
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    Suzuki sports bars, tow bar, Roof Pod

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  1. I think you were talking about the one appear in all my posts. Sorry mate that is a part of my Profile. Here is the Vedio link. <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/34887421?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
  2. Hi Shihanc Probably this is not answering any of you Questions. However Prius invading into the South Australian Taxi Fleet. They taking the place of bigger Holdens and Commodors etc. I have'nt seen any Insights in the Taxi fleet. There could be a reason for this replacement with Prius rather Insight {efficiency, durability, Parts(in Australia) etc}.
  3. I never waded my car not even in a 3 inch puddle (hard to see one here in this roads). How did you get that idea
  4. Partly agree. I like to put things related to me in my Profile not the ones even I have not seen before(Cars, bit of bragging etc). Anyway it is the nature of most of the folks in this forum (such as showing off there higest speeds on E001, rides and the knowledge)
  5. I totally agree with that. But this vedio is 7 yrs Old. They have changed a lot in during the time.
  6. Look like a regular Visitor to elakiri. I'll try as you advised
  7. Sorry mate, I would like to keep them in my profile
  8. Pull up your Nappy. I thought you were a grown up
  9. w I've given up wrestling with Pigs
  10. No not with 4WD clubs One thing you do not have very close relationships among club members Most of them very ferral There going to be too many people in a Organised trips, going to be very noisy and there is no chance of enjoying the serene Environment No Camping with Sri Lankans, if they do not know the idea of camping Most of them got used to do sight seeing rather relaxing and enjoying the envionment. So they want to wake up early and going to different places every day Most of them do not have enough gear or experience for Off-roading(Like me). So better team-up with People who have expertise, gear and similar liking (as I do) We do all that (bila, swearing and few drinks) but not in Camping. Better doing that on a organised (Booking Holiday houses in close vicinity by the Beach). I would not prepare to travel through all that rugged tracks to do that (Anyway most of my SriLankan friends dnot willing to tackle that sort of off-road tracks) Pl try to live in the Presence not in the Past (even some idiot ask you to check the history). Cheers
  11. Hi All We have spent 4 nights( 29th Dec -1st Jan) camping in Little Dip National Park in South Australia. Little Dip got heaps of sand driving tracks and prestine Beaches. I've inserted links for some of the photos we took Camp site http://i.imgur.com/DLMKq.jpg[/img] Some vehicles from our Neighbouring Campers http://i.imgur.com/3aaGD.jpg[/img] Spending day buy the Beach http://i.imgur.com/Yp2qY.jpg[/img] Wading Emus http://i.imgur.com/Ann4H.jpg[/img] I guess following link would work for my video
  12. I think you following the wrong track. Pl do not insult Nissan owners(Sunny= Pulsar) You going to be in big trouble like me
  13. I did not think you were serious. Check out this debate about Kia Sorneto, Ford Territory and Toyota Klugar(I don't know what this one is called in SL). Basically more people appreciate the KIA http://www.caradvice...ento-revisions/
  14. Congratulations!!!, One of the best looking cars for the money. One of my friends had one of them (2004 model) as a office car. No complains at all. However he had it only for 2 yrs till he get the next one
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