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  1. ARGH wont this thread die..machang the reason it got blown out of proportion is because the person in question went so far as to say that he was the one who wrote it, instead of just dropping it by saying he forgot to quote the source. Once again I say that it is unfair for someone who comes here and says "I've seen this video before, don't try and cheat us" to turn around and do the same damn thing more than once. Plus the fact that an article from a copyright newspaper(lankaweb) has been put here without even saying received by email could be grounds for legal trouble, aside from the fact that the author is an acquaintance. But ur right, this went much further than it should have, it could have been over in just 3 posts. Anyway this is the last thing I'm going to say about it.
  2. Black all the way, followed by silver. Where is silver anyway??Or does that fall under grey
  3. You did a cowardly thing by editing your original post-in which you said tha you're the dude on ultimate carpage. Very cleverly done too. Just look at the post #4 and you'll see what he wrote earlier in place of the above quote. You also added that part about "no known source" much later in the day. All you could have done at the beginning was reply to me saying you received that lankaweb thing via email, and said that you took the otherone off UCP, instead of saying you're the guy who wrote it on that forum, and posting unnecessary remarks. Your articles were informative and all good, so I'd have dropped it right away because that would not have been your fault. But you were determined to bluff your way through it, so what can I do And I've never seen any moderator or senior member discourage people from posting here, AutoLanka has never condemned anyone for posting from another site, provided they don't go out of their way to pretend they wrote it themselves.
  4. Yea, there is a lot wrong with me, how kind of you to ask Like I said, a lot of things will kill me before jealousy. Better if you would just explain yourself instead of asking after my health. This topic is becoming somehting that would make better reading postwhoring.
  5. That doesn't make much sense. What I do with my life is really none of your business Ministry, so cut it with the "no offense" crap or don't say anything offensive at all. I don't appreciate people who steal other people's ideas, and then use lies and make lame excuses to cover them up. Oh, and there are many more things that will kill me before jealousy does.
  6. If that were the case it would be obvious and I would never have made a scene. Wen u make as if it was infact written by you, and do so more than once(while telling others not to cheat) that sort of makes the whole process a little hypocritical.
  7. Really? This is a forum so I'll discuss it. Please do not post other's [articles] as your own and try to cheat us, thanks. Wasn't that wat you once told someone who posted a video of his own? Next time you could just tell the truth. Sorry, but I had to bring this up, because I remembered having read the article in the present topic at http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27786 (hope its ok to post this as it is not a local forum). I also saw that a few days the person (Kooper) has said "It seems I might have been incorrect by saying drifting and power-sliding isn't the same thing. Not sure at this point to be honest. Maybe someone else can clear things up after I submitted the article." You missed that one yea? I don't think Kooper would be happy that you didn't even bother citing him as the word-to-word author of the above. But that's not the problem. http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?s...ic=2222&hl= Is a discussion that has been started by you. I was a little surprised to find that the original article was from http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items06/220706-7.html, written by a person I know from Australia. Don't tell me that it is you because I know it's not I'm sure he won't appreciate the fact that from your post, it appears more like you yourself have written it, but I'm not his lawyer to argue about it in here and that's why I didn't bring it up before. Then you went and told a long standing member not to post other people's videos as his own, though it was obviously one of his own. I didn't say anything. But then I asked if you're Kooper, and you told me not to discuss it in here. Why? You join us in greatly condemning those on hi5 who post pics of other peoples cars, but on the other side you've joined in the fray! The moderators can feel free to delete this, but I think it should stay as a reminder of why exactly Sri Lanka is suffering from arrested development. Because so many people, from the top on down condemn others while contributing to the same mistakes. And while we could easily forgive them if they just admitted it, oh no, they just keep fuelling the fire by denying it
  8. Thanks, we will be on the lookout. Do you go by the name of Kooper on another forum?
  9. Revving while in D with the brakes down will probably bust your auto gearbox faster than anything else
  10. Ya it is. Here's an interesting article I found: "We've covered the problems with speed cameras multiple times in the past, including the one that accused a brick wall of traveling at 58 MPH or the one that clocked a car at an astounding 480 MPH. Of course, those are obviously wrong. However, much more problematic are speed cameras that are off in a way that could be reasonable. That's much more difficult to prove -- though, it helps if you understand a bit of math. The Raw Feed points us to a story of an engineer who was able to use the photos from the speed camera itself to prove it nearly tripled his speed from 18 MPH to 46 MPH in a 30 MPH zone (using the distance between road markers and the elapsed time between two photos)." http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20051229/138257_F.shtml http://www.therawfeed.com/2005/12/engineer...a-error-in.html
  11. Hey man, I have seen this video before, please do not try to fool us with other people's videos.... Kidding Maybe the video doesn't do it justice but it still sounds like a good beast...Can hear the idle issue but should sound even better when thats fixed. Good luck with the future modifications
  12. Haha thanks dude. Yea, I don't think they were good performers, though I remember they used to be extremely noisy, at one time I thought the taxi company had fitted performance exhausts to them or somethin No clue where they've all dissapeared to. possibly being used outstation I guess
  13. Morgoth

    Posers On Hi5

    Don't mess with him man.. he is an ADVANCED racer And that guy with the Red RX7 and "his" SiR has still not taken it off.
  14. wtf. Hmm the sunny seems to have been the target of lot of weird names, over the models(years). Wonder what the new ones are called
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