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  1. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Premio Instrument Cluster Display Language

    The language can be changed in C-HR too
  2. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

    If there is space for a spare wheel, better to buy one rather than a repair kit. They are expensive.
  3. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    Other than the above features, Only GTgrade includes puddle lamps, front seat heaters and electric lumbar support for the driver, front and rear parking sensors (8 altogether ), automatic rain sensing vipers, drive and passenger vanity mirrors with light, Panasonic 's "nanoe" technology for air conditioning system, auto dimming rear view mirror and illumination for cup holders and front door pockets . GT has half leather seats and ST has fabric seats. GT had LED fog lights while ST has halogen fog lights. Toyota Safety Sense P, dual zone climate control comes standard in both grades. Since the ST grade does not have front and rear parking sensors ( clearance sonar) it does not include Blind spot monitoring and Rear cross traffic allert option.
  4. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    GT has 18 alloys and ST has 17 alloy
  5. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    GT has chrome door mouldings with piano black while ST has standard black with no chrome moulding
  6. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    GT grade has centre console and power window switch panel in piano black while ST has standard black plastic
  7. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    GT grade has stylish side mirrors with chrome bits, ST grade has standard side mirrors (looks like allion's/premio's)
  8. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    ST grade has halogen headlights with manual leveling, triangular daytime running lights with 3 LEDs and halogen turning lamp. Tail lights are also halogen
  9. sathyajithj99

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    I spent some considerable amount of time to search the differences between ST and GT before I bought a GT grade. Actually engine and gearbox are the same. Most of the differences are cosmetic. GT grade has full LED headlights and tail lights with sequential turning lamp (LED headlights and tail lights are a manufacturer's option. Some GT grade C-HR ' s have halogen lights. Most of the GT grades brought down to SL have LED lights)
  10. sathyajithj99


    I drive a C-HR GT AWD. Fuel consumption is Heavy traffic in Colombo 8 - 10kmpl Light traffic 10 - 12kmpl Outstation 13 - 15kmpl AFAIK ground clearance is a bit more in AWD model than the FWD. Never had a problem with ground clearance. More than enough for Sri lankan roads.Very stable at corners and on wet roads than FWD. Pick up is better when climbing mountains compared to the FWD. Note:AWD system is not always engaged. It activates at initial stage of acceleration or at any sudden acceleration when you need more power, all the other times it drives as a front wheel drive.
  11. sathyajithj99

    Suggestions for a sedan car

    Wagon R is not a sedan Be specific of your requirements
  12. sathyajithj99

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Time to leave the planet
  13. sathyajithj99

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    Allions which have 9 LEDs in their 3rd brake lamp are A18 which come with 1.8L engines. Rare to find in SL because of people's fobia of bigger engines. Also I have not come across any 1.8L premios of 260 era either. Axio Luxel (144) which has a 1.8L engine also has 9 LEDs in its 3rd brake lamp.
  14. sathyajithj99

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    Here I'm comparing the highest grades of both vehicles we get in SL which are C-HR GT 1.2T Premio F EX package 1.5L There are higher grades of Premio in Japan with 1.8L and 2L engines. They are the real G Superior grades. Not the fake rebadged ones we find in SL. No, we don't get side mirror heaters , seat heaters or puddle lamps in Premios in SL. Not even damn cruise control. Yes you can add accessories according to your taste but I'm talking about standard option you get in both vehicles. My point is it doesn't worth the price you pay.
  15. sathyajithj99

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    As an owner of a C-HR GT 1.2T for almost a year and driven it for 13K km, and also driven and did some research on new Premio, I would like to answer the questions you have on the Premio. Yes, there's no much difference in a 2019 Premio from a 2008 one except for Toyota safety sense C, front and rear parking sensors and automatic engine start/stop system. Yes, even though the Premio and C-HR has the same price tag (in some cases Premio is expensive than C-HR), the Premio is not even close to a C-HR when it comes to "options" you get. Few of them are #Toyota Safety Sense P with Pedestrians detection #Automatic dual zone climate control #Blind spot monitoring and Rear Cross traffic allert #Front seat heaters #Radar cruise control with low speed follow #All LED lights with sequential turning lamps and day time running lights #C-HR logo projector #Auto dimming rear view mirror #Heated side mirrors What Premio has which C-HR is missing is electric driver's seat adjusters while C-HR has electric lumbar support only. Driving pleasure- No there's none , but very comfortable ride for driver and passengers.