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  1. sathyajithj99

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I always park mine where I can see it from my clinic
  2. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

  3. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    Thanks iRage for clearing that up. What I mentioned was a primitive way of differentiating between the grades. That's why I said there should be a proper way like chassis number. So it's the frame code.
  4. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    G and above grades ( notice chrome on trunk opener without key hole) This whole part could be replaced. You can fix a G grade trunk to X and X limited cars. Even the chromium beadings and rear arm rest could be fitted later. There must be some way to defferentiate between grades by at least the chassis number. I wish someone could shed some light.
  5. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    If it's a proper G grade it should have chrome beadings on door mouldings and rear wind screen, chromium on rear trunk opener ( key hole for trunk opening is absent in G grade ). Rear armrest and climate control AC are also found in G grade. Some X limited grade cars have climate control AC but none of the above mentioned features X & X limited grade rear ( notice the key hole and no chrome on trunk opener )
  6. sathyajithj99

    Tuning new 2019 CR-V

    My sister has a 2018 AWD CRV VTI LX and it does 6-7 KMPL. It's normal for a mid-sized SUV. FWD version would do slightly better. Only a hybrid SUV like Toyota Harrier would do 11kmpl.
  7. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

    1695 mm is the width of axio, premio, allion, aqua. So it's smaller in length and width compared to Vitara, VW Polo and definitely C-HR Plus point is that it has better ground clearance
  8. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

    Looks can be deceiving. Even when you keep a vitz and a CHR side by side it feels like they both have same width and height. It depends on the curves and edges of the body. We have to look into actual dimensions to compare.
  9. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

    Looks like it is similar to Hyundai Venue in size. Anyway car sales people in SL have started marketing it even before it was launched in Japan.
  10. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

    There are few grades for Raize
  11. Huge craze regarding Toyota Raize on FB

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. iRage


      Yes....it is the size of a Vitz..length and width wise it is just like the Vitz. The SWB Terios was also the same size as the Vitz...

    3. Magnum


      link to the post? :D 

    4. iRage
  12. sathyajithj99

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    My previous car was axio 141 x limited. It had tachometer and manual A/C controllers. It also had xennon projector lamps and winker mirrors. Like iRage mentioned the previous owners in Japan get some options ordered extra for the vehicle. Even some G grade Axios are missing things like projector lamps, winker mirrors. I think those are manufacturer's options even for G grade.
  13. sathyajithj99

    Japanese Car News

    @Magnum planning on buying one?
  14. sathyajithj99

    Used car/suv around 4.0 to 4.5 million

    In thick traffic CHR does around the same as a RAV4 (7-8kmpl) But on long runs it does better (13-15kmpl) *This is the AWD version I'm talking about
  15. sathyajithj99

    DFSK 580

    True. Even my C-HR has a large C pillar due to the design. Anyway to compensate for that, it comes with Blind spot monitoring and Rear cross traffic allert systems By the way there is a promotion of DFSK 580 at our hospital today. I was also interested in this vehicle due to this thread, so went and had a look. Also drove for about 1 km within hospital premises . Interior quality is ok. Had leather seats, upholstery and armrest. Found few cheap plastics on dashboard. Interior seemed quite good compared to other Chinese vehicles. I doubt how long they will last. When driving nothing special was felt almost had the same feeling when I drove a CRV. Acceleration was quite good. They said the engine was from Fiat. According to the salesman they have already sold 160 units. Not sure about that . Price he quoted was 62 lacks. (Not for the permit)