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  1. Thanks for the reply crosswind. For now I have decided to buy Panda Cross. But my colleagues gave some negative comments but none of them owning or owned a panda Cross. That's why I'm looking for owner's comments and recommendations. My reasons to select a Panda Cross are # Price (24 lakhs for a brand now) # Safety options(Air Bags, ABS/EBD). #Power (Assuming it gives a good pulling power based on 1.3l engine capacity and manual transmission)
  2. Hi All, I am thinking of buying a panda cross (Brand New, manual transmission) car. Like to get feed back from current Panda Cross owners.
  3. "Also heat meter goes to danger(red) level when it turn on. " How is you AC fan. Is it functioning well?
  4. Fan is not always on even with A/C. Fan goes off when cabin is cooled. Is your AC system fine?
  5. Forgot to say. Check your fan is working in both speeds. Faulty relay might stop working your fan in high speed.
  6. Check whether your radiator fan is the correct one. May be previous owner replaced it with an incorrect fan. I had exact issue in my 2003 swift after I replaced my radiator fan. Replaced fan blades were nearly 2 inch shorter than original fan blades. Issue was fixed once I replaced with a fan with correct length blades.
  7. I called 119 around 1am morning when my car met an accident. They answered the phone quickly. But they told me they will inform relevant police station (Peradeniya police station) about the accident but there were no information from 119 to Peradeniya Police station by the time I contact Peradeniya Police station around 7am same day. There were no any casualties with that accident so I'm not sure whether they have taken it as a trivial incident.
  8. Why don't you use google maps. You can buy cheap android phone or tab for this purpose. You will get frequent OTA updates for free.
  9. Diesel is mixed with OCT92 petrol, There's big wrong with fuel too. Don't think Sri Lankan law will do anything about this. We must spread and avoid public from using this station at least for 2,3 months.
  10. Have you rode from Colombo to Kandy less than 2 hours? Consider my 2-3 hours estimate as best-worse scenario timing for 3am start. estimate
  11. Have you rode from Colombo to Kandy less than 2 hours? Note I mean Colombo not Yakkala and Kandy not Kadugannawa or Pilimathalawa
  12. Colombo- Kandy via A1 no major road constructions on going. Best time to travel is early morning. (around 3 AM from Colombo) No traffic and traffic police. You can reach Kandy between 2-3 hrs Road via Nawalapitiya-Awissawella There were road constructions between Nawalapitiya and Ginigathhena about 6 months back. Road condition isn't that much good compared to A1. Road is narrow and bit bumpy. Traffic is less compared to A1 but not easy to overtake if you come across any long vehicles. surroundings are beautiful than A1.
  13. As your assessor is OK to let 3rd party go, you can ask them to check call records. hope you have date and time of call. IMO we must fight back much as possible to get what our claims.
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