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  1. Splat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    That's nice ☘️
  2. Splat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    I love to own a Land Rover Defender and a Ferguson TE-20 Tractor
  3. Splat

    Exhaust Gasket

    Greetings AL Fiends, Does anyone know where to buy Exhaust gaskets in the local market ? Usual solution would be to get a gasket cut and punched out by a packing cutting person at Panchikawatta, unfortunately the packing material they use are of bad quality. Is there a place to buy good quality gasket material to get one cut out ? ✂️ Thank you for your kind help.
  4. Thank you for the info....much appreciated
  5. Splat

    Engine coolant - Toyota vios

    Please note - when draining your old radiator coolant from your cooling system remember to get your vehicle properly washed specially the undercarriage because old radiator coolant may be acidic and can cause corrosion to the chassis and frame....
  6. Splat


    Greetings AL friends,, Are the "Armadillo" buffers legal? and if not making a similar 4x4 looking buffer out of fiberglass be within the legal specification? Thank you in advance...
  7. Splat

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Amilaart, you are correct. I went to the one at T.B Jaya Mawatha they too make things worse. they say it as done by a specialist when its just a normal person operating a computer. I too experienced what you say. Thank you for sharing the info..
  8. Dear Davy, contacting the deal site and canceling the ripoff offer and protecting others is very admirable of you. once again your help is much appreciated.
  9. At Davy, Thank you ever so much. Your kind help is much appreciated. Wish you well
  10. Splat

    Rust Repair On Chassis

    Dear AL Friends, There is a Toyota Hilux that has a 3”x 3” corrosive damage and a developing small crack on the chassis (Chassis location - at the center region straight line down from where the rear door hinges are mounted) does anyone know the technical procedure to get this job done? I figured out that MIG welding a plate would do (instead of ARC welding) but controlling and removing the rust is questionable. must I cut and remove the corroded region or must I just MIG weld the plate over the damaged surface???? Any ideas and advice would be very much of help. I would be also very grateful if someone would recommend a chassis specialist in Colombo who will be able to get the job done. Thank you very much and wish you all well.
  11. Hi Crosswind, unfortunately the post on Mr. Pant has been removed ?. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16661-painting-at-mr-paint/
  12. " cheap for a reason " Yes they do. I will check the norbar brand at ACP. Thank you...:)
  13. Thank you Crosswind i will try "New Lanka" Thank you for your kind reply...