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  1. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    @hondaclub How many kilometres have you done so far following the cylinder replacement? Does the oil level remain in tact between services now?
  2. Sam B

    Good dash cam for the Car

    Have been using a Transcend DrivePro 100 since late 2015. Bought it from Chel**yLK at MC for around 13k LKR. After 3 years I began to notice that every now and then the date settings reset after constantly correcting it. Now when the car is shut off for 10-15 hours the data and time settings reset back to factory settings which means the battery is shot. Apart from that, video quality is still good as it was new. When the camera is aimed at sunlight the view becomes underexposed a bit. Tried to fashion a polarising filter from stuff I bought from AliExpress and due to added weight camera began to shake when the road got bumpy. Now the model is discontinued though. As said previously in this thread, try to buy a cam with a cap instead of a battery. They will last a lot longer. If you're tight on the budget, get a G1W-C with correct chipset. Most ebay sellers do fakes. Also, try to get one with wifi so that you can stream the video on your phone - where the screen is large. That will be handy when the cops try to penalise you for some wrong you didn't commit.
  3. Sam B

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Aaaand I got the same reply from Honda Japan (See email below). If their car has a problem in Japan, in the market it was DESIGNED for, no wonder it will have the same problem as a grey import in a market it was not intended to. *********** Thank you very much for your e-mail, and we're sorry for the late reply.While we appreciate your patronage on your car, we would like to inform you that we produce our vehicles for specific markets. Even though some parts may be used jointly by different specification models underlying construction, emission system, etc. may be very different. Because each country establishes its own certification testing standards, cars of a particular specification are tested only for those markets.And if any vehicle of different specification is used, problems with parts availably, differences in construction, etc. can result in much aggravation and unnecessary delays for the customer.From the above reason, we don't recommend car import because we are not able to provide with our best assist for customers and product warranty will be invalied for parallel import vehicles and therefore, extension of the warranty period will not be applied too.Thank you very much again for you're interesting with our products. We wish you can find the one with the performance you seek at your local dealer.Sincerely yours,Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  4. Having trouble posting an ad on Autolanka. Keep getting "Confirmation code is incorrect" :angry2:

    1. MADZ


      Hi Sam, you need to correctly type the letters you see on the image verification box which is located in bottom of the form.


  5. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    That's delicate work. If the rings do not provide adequate back pressure the bearings and whatnot that need proper oil pressure will be toast.
  6. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    I did. The problem is in the rings. "...... on the brake from mid-low speed running to just before stopping, the deposit (*) generated due to oil deterioration stays around the oil ring Then, clogging of the oil return hole....... "
  7. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Took it apart and cleaned. Cost me nearly 66k.
  8. Sam B

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Guys can we keep this in one thread? Because we might miss vital info if we keep posting on two threads. I suggest we move to older thread that has 5 pages of responses.
  9. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Just after 5000km from the repair, I'm afraid the problem still seems to persist in my car. Yet the oil drop seems a little lower than it used to be. However, I didn't get any check engine warning lights or other error codes when I had the car inspected at Stafford when I got this oil burning issue the first time. I guess the only solution is to get the rings replaced. @vitz yours was resolved after cleaning, yeah?
  10. Sam B

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    I have contacted them twice through [email protected] however, they are yet to respond regarding my second email about the oil burning.
  11. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Yes, my oil control looks like the third ring from the top in this photo. What I don't understand is reason why they shifted to 10W30. Thicker oil means I will do a little less on fuel econ, right @Rumesh88? No, the holes are there for a reason. Oil that flows up inside connecting rods comes down to engine sump through these holes, lubricating the liner on its way. Thicker oil, in my opinion, has more chance of clogging it up.
  12. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    They showed me a tiny set of holes around the perimeter of the ring, of a car already disassembled when I got there. These holes get clogged up and send lub oil upwards in to combustion chamber instead of back to engine sump over liner surface. As more and more oil is pushed on to combustion chamber oil burns.
  13. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Got the repair done and cost me around 65k at Agents. They've changed the oil to 10W30. Although oil burning was not because of ring wear, why have they changed the oil to 10W30?
  14. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    You use up all the oil in the 4l can??? I too have a bunch of cans with leftover oil at home. Stil I think it's mineral oils that are changed every 6 months although we do it every 6 months.
  15. Sam B

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Did you get the repair done?