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  1. charithtg

    Gps Maps And Navigation - Apps For Android

    MapFactor Navigator for Android. a good alternative to Google. but no traffic updates, and dont need internet due to that and SL map is free to DL. there are other SL maps that you can purchase as well.
  2. dude, by any chance to you have the removed tensioners with you. if so can you check whether you can see bearing numbers on those suckers... a pic or two would help too..
  3. charithtg

    How to repair insight brake light

    Saw the same thing in autovision as well, but long time back, about 2-3 years. if you can find the episode online, his details where shown on the screen as well. i put it in my fone at that time, but the fone is long gone now
  4. Why is it asking to log in to FB 🤔 😃 😮
  5. charithtg

    Nissan FB 15 door lock meachnism

    the unit is something similar to this, i was talking about the big gear wheel, which the motor is connected to. im the FB15 theres a spring underneath the big gear wheel, which restricts its rotation range..
  6. charithtg

    Nissan FB 15 door lock meachnism

    sorry i didnt take any, its the big nylon gear wheel which the helical gear of the electrical motor is attached to. that wheel is connected to the actuator arm which pivot to lock and unlock the door. this wheel is under spring tension. what i accidentally did was release this wheel from that tension. let me see if google search will have a pic of it.
  7. charithtg

    Nissan FB 15 door lock meachnism

  8. from the first look this might look like a electrical problem but its NOT so my father inlaw has a FB 15 which the rear passenger door locks are somewhat sketchy. they locks fine when the lock key is pressed on the sec system, but the locks only partially opens when unlocked. so even though the front are unlocked the rear doors are partially unlocked. so last week i dismantled the doors and suspected that there might be obstructions to moving parts so cleaned the mechanical parts, lubricated them but same result. then i disassembled the sealed lock motor mechanism as well cleaned, greased and fitted with no change. Disassembled it again just to see if anything is stuck. the spring that hold the big gear wheel in the center position got loose when i closed the two covers of the assy, just being curious i left it like that and fixed everything back. so now the main gearwheel which is connected to the motor is free to rotate when motor is powered without the tension of the spring.. surprisingly the auto lock was working fine afterwards. My question is for anyone that is familiar with the mechanism. now with the motor mechanism and the gearwheels inside of the sealed unit is free from the spring tension, will it create any other problems due to the removal of the spring tension? the spring is there for a reason neh?? PS-i did the same thing to the other side door and it works fine as well....
  9. charithtg

    Suzuki Wagon-R 2015 Hybrid Battery failure

    is there a possibility that you could share those points in here. i think there's a good wagon r review in youtube which explains how the system works but none explains the "what to look for and what to stay away from" part. thanks
  10. charithtg

    Suzuki Wagon-R 2015 Hybrid Battery failure

    FYI http://www.wagonr.lk/li-ion-battery-2/
  11. charithtg

    Disposing used engine oil

    try to give it to a proper servicing station if they take it. coz as i know most of the servicing stations are inspected by authorities frequently for proper disposal of these kind of materials. so they usually dispose the oils properly, this is a huge business as well, collecting used oil, these are largely used to coat the inner surfaced of cement, concrete, clay molds as well. there might be few companies in colombo who take oils in, in a large quantity as i know that the only place in SL who can properly burn these used oils is the Holcim cement furnace. there are other compnies who use these to burn and generate heat, but that is not the proper way. you best option is to find a favorable service station to give your oils away, even at a small cost.
  12. charithtg

    What Type of Bulb Holder is this ?

    i think i saw a similar one on a peugeot 406. i would recommend checking with the shops who sells European spares.
  13. charithtg

    Led Registration Plate Lights

    So pulling up a very old thread just for a quick inquiry.. does anyone know a place to buy 24V LED bulbs for a jeep. white, yellow and red. i looked in Petta but couldn't find any. want to check for the last time locally before ordering online. let me know, thanks.
  14. charithtg

    Advice On First Drive Of A New Hybrid Vehicle

    Ah very nice car. i had the opertunity to drive one a month or so back. my cousin got one. pretty comfy as well. very good ground clearance compared to other cars in the same catagory. only thing is because the tyres are a bit slim when u view it from the front or the rear it looks a bit odd. would prefer a lil bit wide tyre, just for the sake of good looks .