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  1. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    He said the plates had worn out.
  2. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    UPDATE: X-1R trick held up for about three weeks. The slipping rate kept increasing a bit by bit until I decided to take it to Nilwala motors. He gave a fix (Free of charge since he had done some work earlier on this) and now its as good as new. Conclusion : Agreeing with The Stig, X-1R works for a limited time.
  3. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    Ok. I dumped a bottle of the oil yesterday night and let it settle overnight. Not sure what kind of a sorcery this is, the problem is 85% gone. Well that is more than enough considering the slipping I had previously. Lets see how long this can hold up. Thanks again The Stig.
  4. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    I'll give it a shot and update here.
  5. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    Remembered your thread about transmission slip/jerk when hot. It happens to me when cold now and the car is similar BJ5P.
  6. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    Yeah Postage is outrageous. Does the Lucas agent bring anything else than batteries?
  7. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    Thanks Stig. I found it online and very appealing. Only thing is they dont brag about stop slipping as Lucas does. Do you have an experience with this?
  8. simpleone

    Transmission Fix

    Guys, does anyone know a place to buy Lucas Transmission Fix? (in SL)
  9. simpleone

    Ford Laser - Re-Condition Gear Box

    Good guy Chandana to deduct the initial 35K.
  10. simpleone


    I think after certain speed or less stressful situation like freely going down a hill, all 4 wheels are not powered. But I'm not quite mechanically sound to confirm this.
  11. simpleone


    Nothing abnormal really. Apart from what I mentioned in the cons. Gearbox is bit bigger and stronger than the normal BJ5P. Stick with it and you may even not like FWD cars anymore.
  12. simpleone

    Best sedan below 2.8 Million

    FInd a good Mazda Axela or 3. Its the bang for the buck.
  13. simpleone


    Power is available at all four wheels almost all the time. Benefits - Better handling, acceleration without rear dunking, better grip, better front rear weight distribution. (And CV joints gets less strain as well) Cons - Heavier, bit higher fuel consumption against 2WD, more parts to maintain, used to be harder to sell because for many fuel consumption is the key factor to buy a car. Fuel figures are pretty good.
  14. simpleone

    Familia BJ5P Special Edition Rear Brake Caliper

    A reason to loose fluid within a short time could even be something simple like deteriorated brake washer. Try the repair kit if you don't have any other reason to have the full caliper.
  15. simpleone

    Familia BJ5P Special Edition Rear Brake Caliper

    Difficult to find because of its special size. Try shops in WIjerama junction if you haven't tried already. Was able to find a caliper repair kit from there.