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    Engine Swap

    Guys, At the moment I'm using a EG8 which I bought from my parents 2 years ago. I was having this plan for sometime to De-Modding the car. Infact my main idea is to Swap a B16 engine & to entirely re-build the car to a brand new kinda condition. But I have no idea of putting any body kits & other fancy stuff.(Only to increase the peformace and to keep the car in its original state) I went trough old threads & gathered some valuable details. But I have some questions to clarify before I invest in this project. 1) I checked many motor parts shops for a motor and none of them have B16 hense they have D15 motors in stock. Is there a place where you'll recomend me to get down an engine? (And the complete set) 2) Will I have to pay frequent visits to my Garage after the Swap?(Provided if they don't do a proper job) 3) Any perticular experienced garage to visit? I hope racersedge will give his thoughts in this regard.
  2. Crishan

    McLaren P1 in Sri Lanka

  3. Crishan

    Engine Life span

    Because the pistons move in opposite directions the natural rotational balance of the engine is very good, due to the cancelation of the piston inertia forces that move in opposite directions. Which means lower levels of vibration and harshness, which translates into less wear and tear and there fore higher level of durability meaning a more reliable and lower cost of ownership. Edit: With regards to the head gasket, I'm with you.
  4. Crishan

    Engine Life span

    And the benefit of a boxer engine of course.
  5. Crishan

    Engine Life span

    Yeah. J at Senok said those cars might do even 1 Million without an issue. Can’t expect same figures with the new 1L turbo versions. A1, Civic, etc...
  6. Crishan

    Project R

    Hard to believe this. Welcome back Komi... What a start for the year at AL
  7. Crishan

    ### So long 2017 and Welcome 2018 !! ###

    Happy New Year to team AL and all member! Well done @iRage @Davy @Crosswind @Rumesh88 & keep up the good work guys.
  8. Crishan

    Vehicle for 8 million

    By the looks of it we can merge this with “Best car post budget 2018” thread.
  9. Crishan

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    As we can clearly see the government is not encouraging new vehicle imports. Is that a National issue at this very moment?
  10. Crishan

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    As we know main stream Japanese cars were popular before the major revision of Import duties in 2007 (as I recall) Then when all the JDM loyalists saw the price reduction of the German counterparts, they went after those. If Mercedes offer a 1L C class or Ford come up with a electric car with the same price range of a leaf, you can imagine the rest......
  11. Did the gear oil change at the agents. They did the reset of the warning sign as well.
  12. Crishan

    Toyota Kdh200 Van Buying Information

    AL member Magnum will be able to assist you.
  13. Crishan

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Crosswind is spot on. A popular insurance company in SL had a good quote in Sinhala. "Laabai, Baalai" Paying the correct price for a well maintained car sold by a genuine user, will enable you to enjoy your ride for many years to come. Just my opinion.
  14. Crishan

    The Ford Focus Thread

    I assume you are referring to the advert up on Quick site. If so do you have any idea why it is offered at a lower price tag?
  15. Crishan

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Yes CW, it's always better to take the car to the agent or to Car [email protected]&ks for a check up prior finalizing the deal. All cars came up for sale went of pretty fast.
  16. Crishan

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Few Ford Focus cars have come up for sale. I remember few AL members were in hunt for sometime. Helped one of my colleague also to get hold of one few weeks back.
  17. Crishan

    Car detailing place in Kandy

    Why wash the engine bay? Washing it during the engine oil change/full service is sufficient.
  18. Crishan

    Car detailing place in Kandy

    I assume you want a good place to get the routine full service done (since you have mentioned washing the engine bay) Since this will not be done daily/weekly/monthly, why not a visit to the agent in Colombo or an independent workshop recomended by another person?
  19. Excellent work mate. Wondefull to see a Volly in its original state.
  20. Did a paint job when I had my Insight from their Maradana work shop. They did a good job.
  21. Crishan

    Ceylon Motor Show 2017

    This one isn't it?
  22. Crishan

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Hi. Infact it's made in Maldives. Slightly better than a car manufactured in India.
  23. Crishan

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Never knew when you bring the same car from down south to Katunayaka, milage reduces automatically. First advetisment (21/12/2016) Second advertisment (21/01/2017) PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING LINKS TO OTHER CLASSIFIED SITES