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    Help needed

    If the paint is in tact, try the PDR place around Delkanda. Keen Auto. You can find the place in google maps and FB. I had a similar experience recently and the guy there was able to do a great job in getting it out.
  2. Lalinda

    How do I remove Mango Tree sap from car?

    Easiest is surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol). Tried and tested. Put it on a cotton wool, leave it on top for about a minute, wipe off. Wash off and add a layer of protection (wax) afterwards.
  3. Lalinda

    unprofessional work at  Mr P*int 

    I'm on the look out for a place for a minor paint job on a bumper. Looking for a place that will pay attention to things like over spray, covering all plastics properly etc. Its going to be sort of a spot/fade paint job as I dont want to mess the whole bumper. Considering couple places. Any recent experiences with below options? MagicT***** in Nugegoda, Arab***Motors in Maradana or Kenta** Auto in Pepiliyana. Arab joint has some good reviews even on this thread. Magic place has a very convincing web site and Kent place seems OK. Anyone who has done a paint job either of them? Any other recommendations?
  4. Lalinda

    Honda Vezel User Manual

    I use google translate app for android. You can take a pic and let the app do its magic. Its a bit of a pain to use if you intend to read many pages as you need to make sure the focus, angle size etc. is right specially with Japanese text. But when you really want to understand a message on the dash or how something should work, it really comes in handy. But definitely not an alternative to running a pdf or html through google translate.
  5. Lalinda

    Power Folding Side Mirror Problem

    I'm having the same problem in my Honda Fit on the passenger side mirror. The most annoying thing is that when ever the engine is on, there is a motor running noise coming from that mirror and can be heard from inside the car. Also the mirror can now be folded easily. The mirror adjustments work fine and only the folding function fails. I have also read about a common issue with a shut off device failing which stops the retract function in honda cars. Since I can hear the motor running and the fact that I can move the mirror with very little force I guess it can't be that and has to be with some plastic part so Stafford might not be the place for this. Therefore planning to visit Rexton motors tomorrow. But any other options if Ruwan is not there? Or any other recommendation?
  6. Lalinda

    Need Help About Honda Fit Aria 2007

    Well, there's a little bit more detail information you should know before you come to conclusions i think. W is the highest grade alright and has Teak inserts, optitron dashboard (Illumination dash), antena integrated to the rear windscreen etc. but it comes in two variants. One called W grade D-Package which has the 7 speed triptronic option. So not all W grades come with triptronic. Well, from what i know, all grades come with the CVT gear box and the triptronic version is just a software controlling the changes. Therefore, if you are worried about the "troubles", you are most likely to come across them in any of the grades if you dont do the standard CVT box maintainance. If you can find a W grade, it comes with a much better trim level than A grade and the gear box should not be a factor which decides between the two as they are the same. Besides, A grade doesnt even come with the dipping feature in the rear view mirror, which is very useful when driving in the night and also the optitron is a classy addition in W grade. It does about 15 outstation (got a reading of 14.7 on a trip to galle) and around 10 in colombo.
  7. Lalinda

    Import Tax Charge For A Vitz 2008

    Thanks for the info Fire Dragon1. Do you have the Agent valuation (FOB, Ins, Freight, other) for these two cars just like you gave on KSP90, it would come in handy to make accurate calculations.
  8. Lalinda

    Import Tax Charge For A Vitz 2008

    There is no special permit required for this. There are some paper work to get done at inland revenue and customs dept. May be this is what you are reffering to, or have the law changed recently?
  9. Lalinda

    Import Tax Charge For A Vitz 2008

    So what is the duty on 1300cc Vitz? Its the SCP90 and not KSP92 as you have guessed. You have given values for the 1000cc Belta (KSP92) and 1000cc Vitz (KSP90). Whats the duty for the following chassis no's 1300cc Vitz - SCP90 1500cc Vitz RS - NCP91
  10. Lalinda

    Import Tax Charge For A Vitz 2008

    I think KSP92 is the 1000cc Belta. So your Agent valuations are for the Belta 1000cc and Vitz 1000cc, Isnt it? 1300 vitz is SCP90. Do you have the agent valuations for SCP90 and perhaps even the 1500cc Vitz RS, model no NCP91?
  11. Lalinda

    Vw Passat 18t (2002yom)

    I digged up a 4 year old thread.. hence you see the pricing like that. Now the going price for a 2003 is about 2.4 mil.
  12. Lalinda

    Vw Passat 18t (2002yom)

    Need almost the same info on 2003 passat 1.8T. Can you guys share what you know about this car. How is the agent dealing with repairs on this? Are they a totally dependable agent or better look else where for maintainance kind of and if something goes wrong, are we talking about waiting months till they get a certain part. Any specific issues that one would need to check out on a passat with a milage of 80K.
  13. Found some good info in the CVT threads here. Seems like very good care should be taken on the honda CVT box and hopefully that magic oil is available here is SL now.
  14. When stafford runs out of CVT oil they sometimes take quite a long time to stock up again. Last year i needed to change CVT oil on a fit aria and had to wait close to 3 months till they finally got it. Its good to know of any other place that stocks this Honda CVT oil. randikatn, please keep this thread updated once you change the oil and if it fixed the vibration issue. I have heard that once you get this very known problem on Honda CVT box, the only lasting solution is to change the gear box or just keeps coming back once the oil gets a little old, even as old as 5000Km. It's interesting to know if it is such a big issue or not.
  15. Lalinda

    Express-Way Updates

    They are also working 24/7, but from what i have seen of it around peliyagoda area, its still very much in land preperation/filling stage.
  16. Lalinda

    Import Tax Slashed By 50%

    From what i have seen in tax calculation documents, agents dont give the depreciated value. They give a value for the model and then the custom applies the depreciation table on that before all taxes are calculated. This is usually the case.
  17. Lalinda

    Import Tax Slashed By 50%

    Not really. You can save on the margin the car sales keep. However, there is a risk factor. If the exchange rate goes sky rocketing during the time your car lands here, you might not get much of a benefit or even lose out. Plus drawbacks like not being able to check out the car before you buy and all that stuff. Also some irritating interactions with government institutions like Inland Revenue, Customs dept. to get documents sorted out. You will also need a clearing agent to work with you to clear it when you have all documents ready.
  18. Lalinda

    Import Tax Slashed By 50%

    I have some experience on this. Tax is charged either on top of local agent valuation * depreciation table at customs or your invoice value for whichever value that is higher. For example, a car with CIF in Japan for 700,000 yen, you expect to pay 700,000 * 150% tax. But that is not the case in most instances. If the agent gives a valuation which is still higher after applying depreciation according to customs table, tax will be calculated on that. So for the CIF 700,000 yen car you bought, agent would give a valuation like 900,000 yen and depreciation of 80% for a 2.5 – 3 year old car, tax would be charged as (900,000 * 80% + Insurance + Freight + “Options”) * Sri Lanka customs Exchange rate. “Options”, is whatever options that are in the brought down car which are not present in Agent’s valuation. So if the agent’s car doesn’t have a CD player, but your car has one then you got to pay for that. Not sure, who decides that price of that option. You need to keep in mind that the valuation given by agent is also in that particular currency. So your tax differs every week depending on the exchange rate published by customs for that week.
  19. Lalinda

    Vehicle Revenue License Renewal From Colombo

    You need to register in that site, its free. Afterwards you will get a home screen for you with couple of tabs. There, under "My Space" tab you need to click add services at the top left of the page to add e revenue license portlet. Then you are ready to go. Not really user friendly. Did this at the beginning of the year. Got the original through registered post in about a week.
  20. Lalinda

    Skype Compatible Phones

    You dont have to go through fring anymore. You have Skype mobile version for symbian series 60 V3 and V5 now. It's got much better voice quality and does not have that nagging delay you sometimes get with fring.
  21. Lalinda

    Fit Aria

    We have a 2006 face lift in the family and its not the 7 speed model, but comes with the CVT box. Check out the link "http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.honda.co.jp/Fit-ARIA/2009/grade-data/index.html&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dwww.honda.co.jp/Fit-ARIA/2009/%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1C1GGLS_enLK338LK340%26sa%3DG&rurl=translate.google.lk" or http://www.honda.co.jp/Fit-ARIA/2009/grade-data/index.html and use google translate. Its the spec sheet for 2009 model, but its the same coming through 2006 - 2009. According to this, all 1.5 GD8's come with automatic Continuously Variable Transmission. Not sure about the pre face lift version.
  22. Lalinda

    Re-new Revenue License ?

    Yeah i renewed mine through that portal. You need to register with them first. You need to get the insurance and emission test done and they take about half a day to update the revenue license system. So after that you can proceed with online renewal. You have couple of buttons to click on while doing the renewal and they show if validation was successful. Sometimes this may not work as they had a prob with validating my insurance. However, a mail to their admin solved it in about 2 hours. I guess its some data format issues they have. Then you pay with your credit card and they also charge a very small amount as a convenience fee. When everything is done you get a reference number and displays a license you could print to keep with you. After about 4 days i received the original license in registered post to the vehicle's registered address.
  23. Lalinda

    Toyota Townace Kr42

    We had a KR41 couple of years back. 1.5 Auto. Did 6 Kmpl average and was mostly driven in the city and always with AC. There have been scary occasions where it was doing marginally less than 5kmpl as well in heavy traffic. Long distance it was giving about 8Kmpl. However, apart from that its a good vehicle.
  24. Lalinda

    Inner Tire Touching The Wheel Wells

    Hmm... yeah.. looks like reconditioned is the only option and that really doesn't make things easier in terms of finding the right set. It's a pitty that we don't have places that considers offset set up when selling their wheels. Some places don't even know about the offset, they only talk about the diameter(14", 15") and PCD (dura thavu and langa thavu). If anyone knows about a place that offers wheels with different offsets please post. Thanks