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  1. fuzzo

    Katukurunda Drags '14

  2. fuzzo

    E90 320I

    just saw 2 of these have come on the market at very decent prices... quite loaded too... but after reading this thread...ill just skip those ads
  3. fuzzo

    Project R

    have you considered a front lip?
  4. fuzzo

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    there was a red sport for 17 mil. (2004)
  5. fuzzo

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    almost too good to be true...
  6. fuzzo

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    i dont think 15 mil is the correct market price for it. i think it's a bit too low for a SC vogue... still it's a damn good deal
  7. fuzzo

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    there was an 08 vogue s'charged advertised at 18 mil. found that quite cheap when the RR sports were going above that.
  8. fuzzo

    Prado Trj150 For 25+5 Thousand Permit

    this is diesel i'm assuming... is the restrictions on options for permit vehicles lifted? i see some loaded vehicles coming down on permit. are they just slipping through or has there been a change in rules
  9. fuzzo

    Cars Made In Srilanka

    there is a red 2008 X type advertised online and in the papers for 4.3 Mil. this is well below the normal market price of the x type. i'm told that this is a car which was locally done. probably the only one that was ever done.
  10. try autoforce at saranankara road Dehiwela.
  11. fuzzo

    Suv For The Permit

    has there been a relaxation on the option restriction for permits. i saw the monty sport advertised on the permit with more options that before. i also saw the full size monty advertised (exceed and super exceed) also for the permit. was there any change?
  12. fuzzo

    Skyline Register

    yes this is the car i saw... nice looking...
  13. fuzzo

    Skyline Register

    no pics...
  14. fuzzo

    Skyline Register

    saw a brown r33 (KP plates) gts-t with white wheels yesterday... seems to be a new import...
  15. don't worry too much about the GDI pump... it doesn't need a full replacement now. i got mine done about 8 months back and it's running perfectly fine. cost me around 35k to do it. my symptoms were miss shifting (changed the oil 2 times in short intervals and that sorted it out) not accelerating (serviced the GDI pump and it's working fine) i got my pump done by technodrome.. speak to dileepa on 777425123. he will help you out.