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    1) to Decenntly Modify the Lancer dat I have 2) buy a Defender
  1. Any users? or former users?
  2. Heloo peeps. Been a long time. Is there any change of opinions about Kyron since of 2012? Now its about 7 years out of the factory
  3. I almost completed the bike and loving it. Specially the attention that I get. Opened up a page for hawk lovers on FB. BTW does anybody kow whats the "PA" button on top of the horn on Honda Hawks? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.457143824413027.1073741828.457133011080775&type=1
  4. fatjoe


    Hey Ripper, Already ordered it machang. Let's see how its gonna be if it shows up in GPO.
  5. Funny part is for 3Mil+ Bike, they have issued 800 Rupee Helmets. I heard in one of the two accidents of those Police XJ's has killed one cop (pray its not the case) . Not surprised if it was due to head Trauma. Saw blood on the helmet.
  6. fatjoe


    Didn't want ot start a brand new thread. I gotta question. Will I be taxed if I get this down http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-WWII-Style-BLACK-German-Motorcycle-Half-Helmet-Chopper-Biker-Pilot-Goggles-/141205895033?pt=Apparel_Merchandise&hash=item20e086f779&vxp=mtr
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLfD1AFsb1I Somebody should make a video like this here SL too
  8. fatjoe

    Honda Hawk

    There's lot of potential. And there and lot modified as cafe racers. But not my cup of tea mate. Like to keep it original Anybody know about a Hawk 400?
  9. fatjoe

    Honda Hawk

    Project (not) Completed! Hawk is Flying. here are some pics. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.457143824413027.1073741828.457133011080775&type=1
  10. fatjoe

    Honda Hawk

    Almost done. Turned out to be a good project. Need more attention to complete the project. Full project pics coming soon.
  11. Sorry for hijacking the thread after four years. Rameez, did u replace the engine with a Japanese one? Can anybody give me a rough cost of Japanese engine swap with suspension, brakes and other modifications needed for a jp' engine replacement?
  12. fatjoe

    Honda Hawk

    Hawk project is going forward taking baby steps. But yeah HAWK will fly soon
  13. Hawk is starting to take shape. The HAWK will fly. Will post some of the project pics.
  14. Hilux-L200-Navara Second hand Market (2007) Price Performance Reliability Maintenance (repairs) 1 2 3 What's your opinion brothas?
  15. Thank's Ripper. We should do an AL Bike get together. Or may be a one day ride to some place and back. Any idea of a place in around Colombo who does this?
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