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  1. Being a Nalandian and a committee member of Mighty Mini Club and MRA and a member of Classic Car Club, I never knew of this event.... pretty unfortunate... good if organizers look the national racing calendar and plan a date while informing all motoring clubs...
  2. Get rid of this contact type ignition breakers and switch to electronic breakers. Call me on 0773865647 with your make and the model of the distributor. I'll check whether I can supply you a conversion kit which comes with a warranty. We use this electronic ignition conversion in all Mini & race cars and all good old English cars tunes by popular mechanic Sirisena.
  3. My guess is that your ignition leads may be leaky when humidity level is high. If so engine fill misfire and become rough. If the engine doesn't miss but if only the RPM goes down then there could be failures in either inlet air temp sender, oxygen sensor or MAP sensor. These are the sensors which collectively drives the ECU when humidity level and ambient temperature changes. If the engine doesn't revs up when A/C is on, idle stepper may be not functioning or our local A/C guys have done A/C wiring bypassing the ECU. Anyway without spending much time and money, get your car scanned. So that you can address the exact problem rather than trying trail and error method.
  4. Call Yasantha for a dashboard 770814257
  5. Deep dish minilite 13" alloys are available with Lal Jayatissa - Hercules Tailors. Rs.38,000- a set.
  6. If you're new to the subject do not even think of restoring one by yourself. you will end up losing lot of money with lot of frustration. It's worth buying a fully done up mini with genuine mni papers.
  7. thanks. checked but they dont have
  8. hi, any place in Sri Lanka to buy a Honda OBD2 to OBD1 ECU conversion harness? Ordered one from ebay but don't have patience to wait further. thanks, GMI
  9. I assume that the car is with current owner and it is under his name. If so he has to log an entry in the nearest police stating that the book is lost/misplaced. Then he/she has to goto RMV with the police entry copy and request for a duplicate book. RMV will ask to present the car to their technical division in Narahempita. After checking the engine and chassis numbers, they will further send the car to Werahara to weigh it. Upon receiving the inspection report, the owner will be issues a duplicate registration papers. While going through this process, they will give you another form to get revenue license and insurance, if they are lapsed. After clearing the documents, you could get the papers transferred to your name under normal transfer option. One day transfer is not possible with duplicate registration papers.
  10. hi, I assume you're running a 998cc rod change type Metro engine. Yes there's a noticeable performance drop with A/C. However, you could wire an additional on/off switch to cutoff the compressor and support the engie when throttling. I have experience with both front and side condensers but there's no significant difference on either of them. I would go for a front condenser, rather cutting the side inner fender. In the factory fitted side condensor, they've re-strengthened the side inner panel by folding the edges and i doubt any local tinker would do the job properly. OTH cutting and refinishing will anyway cost you more than buying a new front condenser for sure. good luck n join the mini club !!! GMI
  11. hi, one of my friends is interested.... plz PM me the details. tx. GMI
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