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  1. Overview Of Tata Nano Tata Nano was launched on 23rd March in Mumbai with much fanfare. Over 100 media persons were present at the launch ceremony with over 1000 guests. Tata Nano is a rear-engined, four-passenger city car aimed primarily at the Indian market. It was first presented at the 9th annual Auto Expo on 10 January 2008, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Tata Nano has been priced with a starting rate of Rs.134000.00 for the Base model and Rs.160000.00 & Rs.185000.00 for the CX & LX model respectively. It is cheaper than the Maruti 800, its main competitor which is next cheapest Indian car priced at 1,84,600.00 Rupees. Nano is 8 percent smaller in exterior size and has 23 percent larger interior space in comparison to Maruti 800. It is available in 6 shades and the top model LX comes fully loaded with AC, front power windows, fog lights, central locking, tinted glass, body colored bumpers and digital tripmeter.
  2. i just got an invite for the launch of the nano on the 28th at the convention center The first 5 cars have been bought by Bri Ponnambalam Nigel Austin Asgi Akbarally Siddath Fernando Dr Harsha Cabraal i am sure they must have seen something more than you guys after test driving the cars !!!
  3. why not keep it simple mr minister and register all cars WPC 2009/2010 that way no speeding tickets too
  4. now 3 english letter number plates comin sooooon.next cabinet reshuffle we will get 4!!!
  5. may we see lower custums duties in the new year.
  6. the mercedes benz show is tommorow at the BMICH. the new E class is also being launched. from 8 am onwards..
  7. hi, has anybody filled their tyres with nitrogen from lioc sheds . they have advertised last week that it is better than air, any comments ?
  8. yes i did. i went to the drivegreen station ( run by cleanco lanka) it only took 5 mins but the wait was about 10 mins. it seems like the laughs stations are taking longer ....
  9. rusi captain's merceds benz 500 sl amg
  10. Don't waste your time... i tried today in the morning at maligawatta, and was refused. i went to the bambalpitya drive green station ( 2 doors next to keels) and got the test done in 5 minutes. no problem at all
  11. It is compulsory from the 17th of november.... http://www.cleanco.lk/stations.php
  12. have you changed your transmission oil ?? i have found that a simple "service " oil change fixes a lot of the transmission problems. many people in sl forget to change the transmission oil..
  13. laughs oil is fully imported from china.... the be lankan buy lankan is just for advertising!!!! btw mr wega is an australian citizen !!!!!
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