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  1. monty

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    Yes, LC and CD says "Brand New" and mileage is less than 200km. Thanks for clarifying Prangi. Cheers!
  2. monty

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    From Australia.
  3. monty

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    Thank you both Prangi and tiv. I've heard that the vehicle first needs to be taken to Werahera to get the weight measurements certified prior to submitting the documents to DMT Narahenpita. Is this the case?
  4. monty

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    Sorry for bumping an old thread. I think the DMT site does not clarify some of the above questions. Curios to know how it happens now. How to take the vehicle for inspection? (Should the vehicle be taken for an inspection at the time of submitting the application?) Is it legal to drive vehicle for inspection since I have no garage plates? (Having the Chassis/Engine number displayed will work?) Can I get it done within one day? How long does it take to get the number plates? Cheers!
  5. monty

    Import Honda CRV

    I guess the Australian version might suit better as the climate conditions are somewhat similar. Having said that, there are several JDMs of various car makes imported in to Sri Lanka by the day. So importing from either should be fine.
  6. monty

    Honda CR-V 2018

    I assume the VTi-S model from Australia does not come with a sunroof. The sunroof comes for the 7 seater L and LX models I believe. del1972: Did you purchase the vehicle through a local dealer/importer? Was it brand new? How does it work with the buying process? I assume there's no auction/bidding process like in Japan involved. So just curios to know how one would know/see the real condition of the vehicle prior to purchasing.
  7. monty

    Audi Service centers

    Had the same question. This thread might help.
  8. monty

    Tropicalisation - German Brands

    Thanks. Will issues that could occur due to fuel quality and things like upholstery cracking still apply even if it is purchased brand new from the local agents?
  9. Hi I've noticed that there are more Mercs, BMWs and Audis up for sale in most car sales these days than the number of Japanese vehicles they have. I assume these are reconditioned imports from UK. I'm thinking of getting down a recon one through an importer instead of sticking with the local agents for a brand new (of course due to the price difference, which is about 2 million less + specs/variants that are not available with the agent). However, I have a concern that these recon vehicles from UK may not be tropicalised for our weather + road conditions as opposed to the ones purchased brand new through local agent. I assume this is not a problem with recon Japanese vehicles though. Please share your thoughts. Cheers!
  10. That's very useful to know. Thanks guys Quiet and ajm
  11. Hi Guys, Does the local agents for German brands like Audi and BMW provide repair/maintenance services for vehicles which are not bought brand new through them but personally imported reconditioned? I'm considering to import one through an agent but first wanted to make sure that I can go to the agents in case any maintenance/repair work is required in the long run. Thanks.
  12. Then there's this question whether there's a quality difference based on the country of origin of the same brand, same spec...Bridgestone Indonesia vs Japan. Dunlop Japan, Thailand, Indonesia. For example, isn't it that the Indonesian Ecopia 200 is less expensive than the same from Japan? Wonder why there is a quality difference for the same brand based on the plant where it is manufactured.
  13. monty

    Camera Lens Fungus Cleaning

    Hi Guys, The lens of my camera (Canon SX40) has build up some fungus from the inside in a small spot. Does anyone have experience with a reliable place from where I could get the camera dissembled and the lens cleaned? Thanks!
  14. monty

    Cvt Gear Box

    Thanks Rumesh. Explains why I could not find that information in the service manuals of cars with CVT boxes.
  15. monty

    Cvt Gear Box

    Regarding the CVT oil change interval, similar to engine oil change interval (4000km or 6 months which ever comes first), is there also a time period involved? Say like 40,000km or 5 years?