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  1. hi guys, Just returned from the mechanic. We brought the car home from there as the issue has never been come up when it was there. However after we brought it to my office, I observed that when it is pedaled gradually (say from initial RPM to 3000, gradually pedaling so that RPM also raises gradually), RPM indicator shakes while it is raising. and during certain intervals it suddenly drops (say about 1000 RPM drop). I have been repeating the same thing over and over 3 or 4 times and the RPM started dropping continuously until it no longer raise and the engine stopped. Now my brother is getting ready to take the car to M*z*na. I hope it wont give trouble while going in the heavy traffic in Nugegoda, kohuwala area. Regards,
  2. Rumesh I tried messaging you but couldn't get through. Is there a good place we can take the car to have a look at all what u have said. Cos I don't think the current mechanic has a clue of what's going on.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for your responses. Rumesh thank you again for extending your helping hand. Car was not subjected to floods rumesh. I shall PM you some details. Highly appreciate if you can reply.
  4. Guys, I will be taking over this thread to discuss an issue with my brothers Mazda BJ5W triptronic VVTi engine. Few weeks back he had experienced a sudden engine shut down while he was driving (from panadura to Townhall). few seconds after when he cranked the engine it had started again and had been running smoothly for few days. Then again about two weeks back, car suddenly stopped near Mt lavinia area after a drop in the RPM (no matter how hard you accelerate RPM doesnt go beyond 1500-2000 or so) and the car stopped with a vibration. Then again after few minutes it became normal. But this time we took it to a mechanic but the issue was not there at the time it was taken to the mechanic. Mechanic also had a test drive, did a scan but nothing came up. However mechanic observed that there's a oil leak from the engine and he assumed it might be due this oil leak that the crank sensor has been malfunctioning. So we replaced the crank oil seal and tapered covers, also fix a new crank sensor and started running again. After few days running (two days to be precise) the issue came again. Same way the car stopped after dropping in the RPM and vibration. This time since I was also there at the car I told my brother not to take the key out but keep cranking the engine and if the engine start again keep running with the problem until i get a mechanic. So we were successful and i managed to get a mechanic with a scanner while the issue was there and after the scan attached error report was produced. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/27332286162/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/27332286262/in/dateposted-public/ Then again the CAM sensor was replaced but the issue was still there. Later the Air flow sensor was replaced (After replacing the old CAM Sensor). However non of the above has been successful. Can the experts here assist me to overcome this issue as we are clueless of what else to do. Regards,
  5. Hi guys!! Sorry for delay in responding. The issue was sorted and as rumesh correctly said it was the water pump that created the issue. Due to the use of water instead of the coolant, water pump has been damaged severely. once it was replaced with a new pump heating issue disappeared. Purchase the water pump from Pi_ne__r motors panchikawatta and they were surprised that issue was identified correctly soo soon. speacial thanks to Rumesh88 for this. Regards,
  6. Hi guys I checked with a mechanic and he said the thermostat valve has been removed. Also I am using coolant instead of water. Heat gauge goes well above the half way mark but as soon as the AC is turned off it drops to the half. Anyways I sent the radiator to be cleaned to check whether it is due to any block in the radiator.
  7. Hi guys. Wishing everyone a prosperous and peaceful new year. I have a issue in my second car Nissan Bluebird SU14 1999 diesel model. I have noticed that heat goes up after running 7 or 8 km with AC on. Going in to more details during the mornings and evenings generally the AC indicator is in 1 position heat never goes up. But during the noon when 1 is not enough due to heavy heat in the atmosphere, and the AC is on 2 vehicle heat going up within 7-8 km run. This distance declines with the AC position going further up. I have checked applying some night speed water jet to the condenser to clean it but the heat still goes up. Can anyone help me on this regard? Thanks.
  8. Thanks romesh for your advice. In face i am not sure about the TPS in my car. Is there any good work shop to repair these sort of issues? cos I dont think my current mechanic would be capable of doing such repairs. Regards,
  9. Thanks Charlie for your reply. Well this did not happen on the E01. Drive on the E01 was smooth. Actually this happened in Hambanthota where the roads are very similar to E01 and the drive is exactly like on the E01. I did not change the throttle position sensor recently as well. can a scan recognise this error?
  10. Hi guys. I have a small issue with respect to the engine of my Nissan Cefiro A33 petrol 2L V6 which I thought I would share with you for your expert advice. Recently I carried out a major repair to my engine with repairing all the oil leaks replacing oil seals and o rings etc. Also I replaced 3 out of 6 ignition coil plugs with Nissan genuine ones (But purchased from Pioneer motors) and also I did a complete tune up of the engine including throttle body cleaning etc. After that I went on a trip to Yala and after say 175 miles of travelling I experienced there is a sudden drop in the RPM when it reaches the 2000 mark and it comes with a misfire in engine as well ( I felt the vibration in the car when engine misfire). However this issue only came when the RPM was increasing gradually and when it was suddenly raised to 2000 - 3000 no such thing occurs. After returning I have been running for almost 1000 kms now but so far nothing has improved but i have noticed that even if the vehicle is in parked mode and accelerated gradually till the rpm reaches 2000 the sudden drop in the RPM is experienced between 1500 - 2000 range. You guys being the experts would be able to identify the issue easily and please enlighten me. Thanks and regards
  11. Hi guys, Sorry for reactivating this thread. I like to share a recent experience I had with my Nissan Cefiro A33 to get your expert comments. Recently I took the car to the agents due to a fault in gear shifting and did a scan. Gear shifting issue was sorted and during that scan it was indicated that a fault with the ignition coils. What the agents told me is to replace the coils with a massive estimate. Then I took the vehicle to a one technician who was introduced to me through Autolanka and after some scanning he confirmed that all coils are in good condition and so does the plugs. What I was told is that there is a oil leak from the crank oil sealer (in front) and that disturb the crank sensor and connector thus generating an error message. Hence he asked me to replace the crank oil seal and clean the crank sensor to redo a scan and get rid of the error message. I also have notice the vibration that has been discussed in this thread in my car. It is significant if the gear is in D and haulted with breaks (like in a traffic). Once the gear shifted to N the Vibration reduces. Further this vibration is very much high when the AC is on. and 90% vanishes when the AC is off. Recently I noticed that after a very significant vibration AC automatically off and only the fan was running. but after a while it started running again. What I want to know from you guys is whether the error mussage I got at the scan I did at the agents is directly linked with this issue or is it that the error only comes from the crank oil seal leak and this is a seperate issue. Thanks for your valuable time.
  12. guys, today i took my car to A*W and after a scan they diagnosis the issue as transmission output sensor failure. So the sensor is being replaced. However during the scan they also identified an issue with the ignition coils. What I was told is that six coils needs to be replaced. However because of the massive estimate I didnt want to do it at this stage. So can anyone reccommend me a good place to have a look at my engine and ignition coils at a reasonable price. Regards
  13. Thanks guys for your valuable comments. I have booked an appointment at A*W on tuesday for a scan. if it doesnt indicate any error hoping to take the car to Nilwala motors for an inspection. will keep you posted
  14. Thanks davyy. Another thing i realised is that this issue always came when I was climbing up the hill. No issue when travelling in the flat terrain
  15. Hi there members, After a long time and hope you guys are keeping well. I had a slight issue with my Nissan Cefiro A33 yesterday and I hope you guys can help me sort it out. Yesterday I was travelling to Kandy from Colombo when suddenly I felt that the gears are not shifting smoothly. This happend when I was passing Pasyala area after starting the journey from Moratuwa. For a certain period of time gears were not shifting eventhough the RPM raised. Then I stopped at a nearby garage and since it wasn't open I had to wait for like 20 minutes until the mechanics come and the car engine had been stopped. When the mechanics start the test drive there wasnt any issue of shifting gears and all were ok. So again I started with the journey and continued until Kegalle when the gear shifting again started failing. Then again I stopped the car for a while and after few minutes rest the problem sorted. I parked the car at a friends house in peradeniya and came back to colombo by bus. Guys My periodic service is due and also I have run for like 25,000 km from my last ATF change. Can you guys advice me on this issue. Thanks and best regards,
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