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  1. Thanks crosswind, I like the last statement
  2. Thanks Sharma, that's reassuring. I saw in on thread mentioning, since Senok is the sole Subaru service provider they charge unreasonable amounts when it come to parts, is that true? I didn't find anything new on mitsubishi except for 2008 2nd hand lancers, same for ASX
  3. Hey Guys, Currently I'm using a Toyota Aqua, not because it's a hybrid but given the price considerations that was the only option I had when buying my first brand new toyota (my father drag me in to buying a toyota). I am looking to switch cars and currently looking at Mazda 3/Axela, Subaru XV. Also looked at used BMW X1 and as I heard maintenance costs are bit high. Both mazda axela and subarus are hybrids, (again only brand new option I have for my budget) I've had few incidents with my Aqua and each time I took the car to Toyota Lanka and I'm hooked on their service. And my question mainly is around this, for non mainstreamers out there, how do you guys get your car repaired when s*** goes down. Reputable agent, service place and parts is a huge concern I spoke to couple of Mazda and Subaru users and they always say, "It's new, I don't expect an issue and I'm going going to sell it in few years, so no trouble". Great! I wish I could tell the same for mine, but a rat attacked my vehicle and only agents could pin down the issue to a wire in Hybrid system. Sh** happens and good agents should be there to back the vehicle. I spoke to Mazda and Subaru agents on Axela and XV. Mazda agent - "Sir, danata oya hybrid eken wahane 2k 3k awa, mona hari karala duwanna hadala denawa, booking ekak dagena enna". Subaru agent - "We're doing the petrol model of XV, but we don't have any tools or anything to repair the hybrid system, our scanners support it so we can help to give a scan if you are buying from an importer. Body parts are same as petrol one so should be no issue. Also XV's hybrid system is not like toyota, so even if it fails you can still run on petrol". As you can see both responses are not quite promising. My preference for a vehicle. 1. Good service centers to get the vehicle repaired if something goes wrong. 2. Even if there are good service centers, get repairs done in a timely manner. 3. Reasonably priced parts. (I can't afford a BMW repairs or services so anything under that range) 4. Ease of selling. (Just want to sell it quickly, don't mind the depreciation much) For above criteria do you think it's wise to go ahead with a non mainstream vehicle in sri lanka?
  4. sahanlak

    Rat Problem

    Maybe keeping a cat inside the car for few hours might help? Rats are the worst, one did a 150,000 damage to mine last year
  5. sahanlak

    Japanese Car News

    I called colonial last week to get some info on mazda 3 and they said new mazda 2 is coming in probably next month, 1.6L Diesel with Skyactiv. Priced at 4.5 mil.
  6. sahanlak

    Advice On Buying A 2014 Mazda 3/axela

    Thanks for the reply, iRage. SkyActive comes with 2.0L
  7. sahanlak

    Advice On Buying A 2014 Mazda 3/axela

    Colonial still has 1.6, so we do have the standard engine.
  8. sahanlak

    Advice On Buying A 2014 Mazda 3/axela

    Thanks for the reply, I'll read up on it, the sales guy sounded like it's an add-on feature comes with 6.9 mil model, and congratulations on buying the mazda 6, I saw the thread from you while back asking "What to Buy"
  9. Guys, I'm looking to buy a Mazda 3/Axela 2014. I spoke to colonial motors and they have Mazda 3 2015 for 5.9 million, 6.9 million for the full package one with skyactiv. Car importers are bringing the Hybrid axela with Skyactiv and price is between 5.2 - 5.6 mil. Colonial said that they are not bringing down the hybrid. Hybrid sounds like a good deal, but since the agent doesn't sell the vehicle I'm bit worried about special services I might be needing. I have first hand experience dealing with a rat attack to the hybrid system in my Aqua and thanks to Toyota LK I was up and running in no time, so I'm counting on agent's service. What would you think?
  10. sahanlak

    Experience With Local Agents

    By any chance do you know how colonial handle repairs etc other than standard lube services?
  11. sahanlak

    Experience With Local Agents

    Hopefully it means same for Chrysler and Jeep. Can you elaborate more on "average"? they just want to fix it somehow and forget it?
  12. sahanlak

    Experience With Local Agents

    Yes it's a no brainer, other than driving all the way to kadawatha. They insist of using them or otherwise can't claim the warranty.
  13. sahanlak

    Experience With Local Agents

    My car is under sterling warranty, though I never claimed warranty from them I'm doing 5000km oil change from them. They have a huge vehicle maintenance center at kadawatha, facility wise it's second to none, service is not bad either but again I only did the regular maintenance.
  14. Want to Jump to the 2019 discussion on this? Click here. Guys I want to do a little research on service quality, customer support from our local agents for different vehicle makes, please share your experience. Even though most of us heavily depends on our own preferred mechanics, it's good to have some support from official local agent for our vehicles (if exists). This is something to consider specially for first owner vehicles since on serious damages there's nothing much a local mechanic can do other than saying "take it to the company", have you delt with the local agent for your vehicle make? how's your experience? My Experience With Toyota Lanka I bought my toyota aqua from a sale at dutugamunu street, so it's a JDM one and i've took it to Toyota Lanka 2 times and their service has been outstanding. My car recently got attacked by a rat (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16551-rat-problem-advice-on-next-steps/) and did some serious damage and local mechanics couldn't even figure out what the warning light was for. They found the tiny wire break within 20 minutes and gave me a good walkthrough (they know their stuff). Please share your experience, will help others to determine what kind of after sales support available for their vehicles.