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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Prius is out for me due to several reasons. Firstly, it is out of my budget, which is 3.3M max with the possible initial repairs, registration, insurance, etc. So I cannot spend more than 3.1 - 3.2 for the car. Secondly, this will be driven by my wife, who is new to driving (may herne protect us!😀). And thirdly, I need to park daily at a place with minimal space, so a lengthy car would be a bit troublesome. And fourthly, as iRage mentioned, this is only for a short period, and I would prefer if the car does not depreciate by a large margin within 1-2 years.
  2. No. That circular is issued regarding the luxury tax. If the mentioned conditions are fulfilled, the luxury tax could be waived off. (There is a time limit for LC opening, which I cannot remember) The permits are still transferable. But rumors are that after the election, the permits would either be cancelled or will be made non-transferable.
  3. Thank you, that seems like a good option. Will definitely have a look.
  4. Yes, I have realized this is a රැවුලයි කැඳයි දෙකම බෑ situation. I'll try to list them in order. 1. Gasoline. Automatic or Triptronic. After 2010. 2. A mid size car (sizes in the range of aqua or the fit), possible to park in limited spaces, and easy to driven by wife. And not too small, should have some boot space. 3. Fuel efficiency - not too bad, 8-10kmpl in city limits is ok. 4. Not requiring heavy maintenance, meaning the time consumption as well as cost. 5. Hopefully not too boring to drive. Atleast 1300cc engine. I do prefer cars which have a low center of gravity. 6. Resale value is a minor concern, as I will be using it only for a max of 1.5 years. I know that with these requirements, my choices are limited, may be none at all. But hope I can compromise one or two and find a suitable one. Value all your help.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, no matter how much I like it, don't think I will be able to spend that much time due to other commitments to work and family. Guess I will stick to a jap, and will keep looking. Thanks again.
  6. Wouldn't be going through all this trouble if I wanted to buy a vitz or a wagon-R.
  7. Guys, I am still looking for a car and need your help once again. With your advice and other inputs from friends, decided to stay away from hybrids. I need to find small car, but hopefully one with some life.😁. The 2010 Peugeot 308 hatch seems promising, and it falls within my budgetas well. However I have not used a Peugeot before, but have heard that maintenance is costly. Please enlighten me on Peugeots... driving pleasure, fuel efficeincy, maintenance costs etc. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, ES is a bit too old, wanted to go for something newer. But coming from and ek3, FD1 was my first choice, but it is a bit above my budget. 3.5M is my max, including the insurance and possible repairs of the new one. The decision to change my ek3 was a difficult one, but necessary due to practical reasons. The reason I initially considered aqua was because of the engine, with 1500cc I hoped for the pulling power that I am used to. What ever the other requirements, I dont feel like going for something that would not give that pleasure of driving. This is going to be a difficult decision, I guess I will have to spend a lot of time hunting cars. Thanks a lot to all you guys for the valuable advice. I'll update once I make the change. Cheers.
  9. Really appreciate the valuable advice guys. I am quite ok with korean ones. I had a a look at the rio and cerato, which were within my budget. I have not used kia cars before. (My father had a hatch sometime back, I remember it being a decent car) Are they good? Specially maintenance and reliability? With your advices, I feel it would be better to avoid hybrids, except may be the gp2 or a one of a kind aqua, if there is one.😀 I did a search for the vitz, and it seems I will have to try hard to find a good 1300cc one. I could not find a 1500cc one. I will keep an eye for them. Any other cars that I should look at? Thanks once again for your time and advive guys.
  10. Yes, I could live with 8-10kmpl in city limits. My ek3 does 10-12 in city traffic. That range would be ideal. I have no experience with hybrid vehicles. What is the correct way to check the hybrid battery? Should I go to the agents? Thanks for the suggestions to guys, I will have a look at the shuttle as well. About the 1300vitz, does it have adequate power? I do like the axela. Should I expect out of the ordinary repairs in a 2010 axela?
  11. Thanks for the advice tiv. Since I would be driving mostly in city traffic, a better fuel efficiency would be an advantage, but being a hybrid is not necessary. Considered aqua mainly because it has a 1500cc engine. I might not be comfortable with 1000cc ones, so opted against the vitz. Any other suggestions for my requirements? And I'm quite ok with brands other than toyota, and resale value is also not a big concern as long as my other requirements are met. I would prefer something after 2010 or so. I considered mazda axela and FD1(although before 2010), but they seem above my budget.
  12. Guys, I am planning to upgrade from my manual EK3, and am looking at buying an aqua, as it suits my budget and other requirements. My biggest concern is the battery. There are some adds saying battery 100% and some saying battery has been replaced. How should I check the battery? Is it a big concern? Anything else to check when buying a used hybrid vehicle? I would value other recommendations as well. Although I would prefer a manual, I have to settle for an auto due to family concerns. Budget is 3 - 3.5M. Prefer a sedan, but a hatch with reasonable space is OK, but prefer to avoid very small ones like the wagonR, etc. Will be driving mostly on colombo city traffic, with occasional long trips. Something reliable as my wife will also be using it. I would also like to have some power under the hood and driving pleasure, but I know I might have to compromise on that due to other requirements and comittements. Fuel efficiency is not a big concern, but a good efficiency is most welcome. Resale value is also a minor concern as I will only be using it for 1.5yrs max. Appreciate if you guys could help me, as you always have!
  13. I think the CHR Koba (australia) may not be affected while the japanese ones are affected. Not 100% sure though.
  14. True that. Me being in the same profession, bought my first car, a 1995 ek3 at 1.6M in 2014 with a loan and still running it (and still enjoing). Now I have 2 permits at hand and trying to sell them so that I can settle other comittements and upgrade to something around 3M. So you my friend, are in the previledged lot! 😀
  15. Too late, permits are already screwed!🤣
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