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  1. Pubsamare

    Radiator fan not working

    Thanks a lot guys... Actually the problem turned out to be a very minor and an embarrassing issue. One of the wires coming from the thermostat has got disconnected. Now everything is fine. Thanks for the help guys. Sorry to have troubled you guys for such a minor issue.
  2. Pubsamare

    Radiator fan not working

    Thanks TT. Any idea of someone good around Colombo to take the car to? (Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rulesby asking)
  3. Pubsamare

    Radiator fan not working

    Guys, I have a honda ek3. The radiator fan is coupled to the AC fan (through a relay I think, I'm not exactly sure how it was done), to make the radiator fan to come on when the AC fan kicks in, which was done several years back. For the last few months I noticed the heat going up when stuck in traffic after a long run. No problems in continuous driving, including the highway. Today I realized that the radiator fan works when the AC fan kicks in, but does not work for rising heat when the AC is off. Before going to the mechanic, I would like to know where the problem could be. Aprreciate any insights for this matter. Thanks guys.
  4. Pubsamare

    Performance upgrade or change the beloved car?

    Thanks for the advices iRage and TheClutch. Yes, you are absolutely correct, the emotional bond with the car is huge. The performance is good and and I do enjoy driving it. But I cannot deny that the frequency of repairs, even though small, are becoming high, and I wouldn't mind a bit of a change. Yes, the safety is an issue, specially now that I have 2 little ones travelling with me. So I guess you are right, saving the money and going for a better car is a more sensible option. So, to trouble you guys again, considering I would not be able to go for a vehicle upgrade in the near future, 1. What repairs/replacements should I do in this car to minimize the future unexpected repairs other than the obvious ones until I go for an uprade? (Coolant lines/sensors etc?) 2. This car does not have airbags or central locking. Is it possible to install these? If so, does it cost a lot? 3. What are the other improvements I could do to improve the day to day driving experience and safety without spending a lot? Ps. With regard to the 'professional lady doctor driven car', would never recommend that, I have first hand experience on how they look after them! No regular services, rarely check coolant/oil etc... (no offence to the few ladies who do look after them!)??? Thanks guys!
  5. Guys, really appreciate your valuable inputs to help me make a decision. This is my dilemma. I have a 1995 honda civic ek3 VI manual. This is my first car and has been with me for the last 4 years. My and this car have had a good run so far. Needless to say, being a 23 year old car, there are episodic minor repairs which are getting a bit frequent, but nothing major. Within the next few months, I am to receive some cash, and I would be able to spend about 0.5 to 1 million for an upgrade, the lesser the cost, the better, obviously. I guess I could sell this one and go for a bit newer car. But as I said, me and this car have been through a lot together, and even the thought of parting with it is very difficult to handle. So here are my questions. 1. Would going for a performance upgrade for this car be a bad idea? I did some reading and seems a B16A2 swap is possible and that it would cost somewhere close to 5 laks (I am not sure about these values). I am a total noob at these stuff, and would like to know if this is worth the cost. 2. If such an upgrade is possible, what are my options? Are there better options than the B16A swap? What would be the cost? 3. If such an upgrade is not advisable, what would be a good replacement around 3mil? It needs to be a sedan and a manual transmission, and I would like to have a bit of power as well. The options I came up with were Honda civic ES3rs, lancer cs2/3, masda axela/3 and am having trouble deciding what would be better. Are there any other good options? So, I kindly request the help of the experts here, who have helped me in the past as well. Thanks in advance! Ps. Sorry if I am starting an unnecessary thread, couldn't find answers to some of my issues after going through several threads as well.
  6. Pubsamare

    How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

    Thanks Davy. My radiator is less than 2 years old. So guess flushing would be enough then.
  7. Pubsamare

    How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread guys. My car was made in 1995 and has been using water for last few months due to some ongoing repairs. Now that the repairs are over, planning to do a rad flush and put coolant. There is a lot of rust in the water at the moment. My worry is after using the flush will there be leakage once the rust goes away. Please advise guys, is it a good or a bad idea to use rad flush in an old vehicle?
  8. Thanks. I will ask the mechanics to check on that. And thank you the prompt responses Rumesh88, you really are a gem to this community.
  9. I'm not sure of the exact code. I oversaw that the scanner read "knock advance" and something. I have an oil leak into the 4th plug, i replaced oil seals, but still there is some oil in the plug. And i noticed that my idle rpm has gone up since this issue started. Could they be related?
  10. Guys, I have a Honda EK3 - VI (3 stage vtec). For a few days, I'm getting the CEL when the RPM reaches 2200, the 1st VTEC crossover point. Scanner gives the code of the Knock Advance sensor. What could be the issue? I'm taking it next week to be repaired, and would like to have an idea of the possible cause before that. Ps. The vtec solonoids are working fine and are not throwing a code. Thanks in advance!
  11. Pubsamare

    Good Mechanics/ Technicians/ Workshops

    Hi guys, I'd like to share my experience with one mechanic. I have had one encounter with him and that was quite a positive experience. I'll first briefly explain the issue that I had. I have a Honda EK3 VI manual. I was having an idle issue, poor idle up in cold start with the engine almost dying when I switch on the A/C. The issue corrects suddenly as the temperature reaches the optimal temperature with the RPM jumping up to around 1000 suddenly. I have gone to many mechanics over a period of 2 years (14 mechanics to be exact, including 3 who are stafford employees who are known to be "Honda Experts"), with no luck. I did everything they asked, including tune ups, cleaning the throttle body, replacing temperature sensors, distributor caps, starter motor, etc, and bought and replaced the IACV two times. (Only thing I did not do was an engine swap, which turned out to be the ultimate solution of several of these experts!). After all these I was referred to this mechanic by a friend of mine. So the mechanic is Sampath, and works in JaEla. I'm not sure about the exact directions to the place as I'm not familiar with the area and my friend took me, but I think his workshop is in the JaEla-Ganemulla Road near the Batagama Junction. He diagnosed the problem to be in the ECU. And he repaired the ECU. Now my issue is completely resolved. Pros: Good for ECU stuff, knows the subject well (from what I gathered). Doesn't take a lot of time. Took only 3 day to fix mine. He doesn't overburden himself. Friendly fellow. Cons: Bit on the expensive side. Usually charges above 10K it seems. Contact Number : 0777638371 Ps: I have had only this experience and cannot say for sure that his work is always good, but from what I have heard from some friends who got his service, his work is quite good.
  12. Hello again guys, Sorry about the long pause to update. I took the car to a mechanic. (to Indika at Kolonnawa as recommended by some of the AL members. He really is a good and a knowledgeable person.) Found out that water was leaking from 3 places, the water pump and 2 hoses, and an oil leak from the crank seal. To be on the safe side, did a full check up, and replaced several parts. All together the car was in the garage for 2 weeks and and the repair did cost me a fortune, but now she is doing much better! And Rumesh88, thank you very much for your valuable inputs. As per your suggestions, I did get the door linkages cleaned ( actually replaced the door pins), and silicone lubricants did do wonders and the windows are working great. I also did a tune up(from Mr. Dhammika, again as suggested by AL), and also wheel alignment. Tha car is doing much better now. There is a small knock when accelerating ( I was told it is advance knock or something). The timing appears to be ok, as checked by my mechanic and by Mr. Dhammika. I was told not to worry about it. I would really appreciate if you guys could shed some light into this. Thanks a lot for the all the help!
  13. I also feel that I may have been mislead. The person who repaired the radiator said there was no hurry to replace it and also not to replace it immediately till a gasket leak is ruled out. (said the engine could be damaged if the cap is replaced as the gasket leak would increase the pressure inside the engine) I'm not very familiar with how these things work, and it was his word that I had to go by at that hour.
  14. Nope. NO radiator repairs. The person who owned it before the person who sold it to me had replaced the radiator ( Which badly tampered with and mended here and there as I noticed while it was being cleaned yesterday). I did notice some air leaking from the radiator cap while the radiator repairman pressurized the radiator under water after replacing the tank. I observed the radiator opening while running the engine after filling it, there was no bubbling, and the engine oil level was at the expected level and not abnormally high(after the engine had cooled down). Could that rule out a gasket leak?
  15. By the way I did make a mistake too. Apparently the previous owner had only used water, and no coolant. To quote Saturn; Quote: - if the vehicle is hot you may be able to open the radiator overflow tank (be careful) and check if he uses coolant. Not using coolant indicates: 1. Owner is an idiot 2. Radiator has leak and owner is topping it up with ordinary water. Either case, don't buy the car. /End Quote I did not think this would be much of an issue and thought it would be ok if I use coolant, guess I am an idiot too.