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  1. Pubsamare

    How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

    Thanks Davy. My radiator is less than 2 years old. So guess flushing would be enough then.
  2. Pubsamare

    How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread guys. My car was made in 1995 and has been using water for last few months due to some ongoing repairs. Now that the repairs are over, planning to do a rad flush and put coolant. There is a lot of rust in the water at the moment. My worry is after using the flush will there be leakage once the rust goes away. Please advise guys, is it a good or a bad idea to use rad flush in an old vehicle?
  3. Thanks. I will ask the mechanics to check on that. And thank you the prompt responses Rumesh88, you really are a gem to this community.
  4. I'm not sure of the exact code. I oversaw that the scanner read "knock advance" and something. I have an oil leak into the 4th plug, i replaced oil seals, but still there is some oil in the plug. And i noticed that my idle rpm has gone up since this issue started. Could they be related?
  5. Guys, I have a Honda EK3 - VI (3 stage vtec). For a few days, I'm getting the CEL when the RPM reaches 2200, the 1st VTEC crossover point. Scanner gives the code of the Knock Advance sensor. What could be the issue? I'm taking it next week to be repaired, and would like to have an idea of the possible cause before that. Ps. The vtec solonoids are working fine and are not throwing a code. Thanks in advance!
  6. Pubsamare

    Good Mechanics/ Technicians/ Workshops

    Hi guys, I'd like to share my experience with one mechanic. I have had one encounter with him and that was quite a positive experience. I'll first briefly explain the issue that I had. I have a Honda EK3 VI manual. I was having an idle issue, poor idle up in cold start with the engine almost dying when I switch on the A/C. The issue corrects suddenly as the temperature reaches the optimal temperature with the RPM jumping up to around 1000 suddenly. I have gone to many mechanics over a period of 2 years (14 mechanics to be exact, including 3 who are stafford employees who are known to be "Honda Experts"), with no luck. I did everything they asked, including tune ups, cleaning the throttle body, replacing temperature sensors, distributor caps, starter motor, etc, and bought and replaced the IACV two times. (Only thing I did not do was an engine swap, which turned out to be the ultimate solution of several of these experts!). After all these I was referred to this mechanic by a friend of mine. So the mechanic is Sampath, and works in JaEla. I'm not sure about the exact directions to the place as I'm not familiar with the area and my friend took me, but I think his workshop is in the JaEla-Ganemulla Road near the Batagama Junction. He diagnosed the problem to be in the ECU. And he repaired the ECU. Now my issue is completely resolved. Pros: Good for ECU stuff, knows the subject well (from what I gathered). Doesn't take a lot of time. Took only 3 day to fix mine. He doesn't overburden himself. Friendly fellow. Cons: Bit on the expensive side. Usually charges above 10K it seems. Contact Number : 0777638371 Ps: I have had only this experience and cannot say for sure that his work is always good, but from what I have heard from some friends who got his service, his work is quite good.