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  1. Oh! I sold the car with the NAVI and that was a verrrry long time ago. But i think it will not work that way. You may need to get down one fresh. Try Yahoo Japan site with a third party courier. I got down one for 20$or something if i correctly remember. Sorry i couldn't be a help.
  2. similarnames

    Mazda Bj5p

    Good car, I have the BJ-5W hatch/wagon, manual transmission. Auto boxes may have their own reliability issues like an any other boxes. M##na motors, Aththidiya may do an okay job. But these cars don't need any specialists as long as you don't let a makabaas to put his hands on them.
  3. Mazda BJ5W - Famila SW( Sports-Wagon), would be a decent choice too. Handles great.
  4. Do yourself a favor (Before taking your car to so-called Mazda experts, go to a Recon Spare Parts shop and get the part. Try to get the entire throttle body (Recon) and put everything back, It will cost you around 8K-10K for the throttle body with sensors. I believe it was VTCS valve or something. ZL-VE repair manual is a bitch to comprehend.
  5. The new face! Its official now.
  6. Restarted work after a very long time. I am still catching up Hoonigan.
  7. Get an Accord !!! A white car is Advertised on AL.. and I am not the owner of that car
  8. Mazda Familia BJ-5P, BJ-5W, Demio (Older version)
  9. Use search function. There was a thread on AL on the particular model
  10. I am an owner of a BJ-5W RS not the 5P. This car was an upgrade from a Glanza S. So, my comparison is limited. IMO, this is one of most underrated great cars in today's market. Fast, comfortable and reliable. Parts are averagely priced, and definitely cheaper than new Toyotas. Few specialist/dealers in Pachikawatta stock most of the parts. The car only once broken down (the clutch cylinder gave up) on the road i.e 2 years ago (immediately after purchase), no any issues ever since.The manual did not have any gear box issues. Cannot comment about the Tiptronic as i haven't driven a single car. To resell : You will have to wait for the right candidate to show up.. may take time to resell.
  11. similarnames

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle - 2000 Mazda Familia BJ-5W Engine - 1.5 l ZL-VE Transmission- Manual Fuel - 92 Octane City - 10-11 km/l Outstation - 15 km/l Highway - Yet to calculate
  12. I too have a BJ5W car with ZL-VE SVT engine (manual transmission).I too faced the similar situation approximately six months back. Ran to few mechanics from whom i got false diagnosis, decided to do it on my own. After a few trial and error, found out that two out of four ignition coils were faulty. M***A asked 27k for a recon set. However, managed to find em brand new(genuine) from Panchi (D*h*n*y*k* ) for 15k. In my case, I suspect the cold weather during December, and parking the car under a broken roof gutter caused this, So, check your ignition coils as well. Just my 2 cents.
  13. The OP perhaps had his eye on the car that is advertised on the QUICK site. . One must read this advert. Sure it has been posted by someone who has a very good sense of humor and high IQ
  14. I am so happy right now !
  15. Janaka is my neighbor. I absolutely agree with your comment
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