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    Alto Vs Micro Trend

    Have heard Micro after sales service(Specially spare parts as Micro keeps a monopoly) is crap and build quality is cheap. Also seems the Panda fuel efficiency is varying from car to car. Haven't heard a good review on Panda from any reliable source or from any of my friends. But Alto is different. It's not a luxury car but a solid basic car. Spare parts are -plenty and every garage repairs an Alto. You can sell an Alto anytime to anyone. It's like a Toyota Premio, Allion, Axio resale market but below 2-2.5 mil range lol So I would suggest an Alto if you want a solid small car with very low maintenance cost and a hassle free resale. Damn just realized this is a thread from ancient history Someone resurfaced it!
  2. Jason_Bourne

    Toyota vitz gears not changing

    Toyota vitz never came as a manual to sri lanka right? Maybe be OP is talking about a clutch pack rebuild and a gear oil change which is the first diagnosis for a faulty transmission?
  3. Jason_Bourne

    Automatic Transmission -D3

    Normally in autos those D1, D2, D3 mean transmission will not shift beyond the stated gear. Also the engine rpm where the gear shift happens is much higher than driving in D. (in D transmission usually shifts at around 2000-2500). So those gears are used under high load conditions which needs a higher rpm. Maybe those sites suggested D3 for stop and go traffic as it would reduce gears shifting up down all the time by allowing the engine to rev higher in the same gear. That might prolong the transmission life coz less number of transmission shifts, less the wear. So they might have a point by suggesting D3 for stop and go traffic.
  4. Jason_Bourne

    Toyota Vitz 2016 Vs Kia Picanto 2017

    "I really care about the performance, safety, look, reliability, maintenance, and resale value." Those requirements are contradictory. Performance, Safety & looks don't always come coupled with other factors. I had the same amount of cash about a year ago and after so much research I decided throwing 4 mil at a 3 cylinder boring hatchback is waste of money. I finally got a 10 year old 1800 cc Japanese sedan lol. Maybe a failed investment but nothing can beat the satisfaction you get while driving it
  5. Jason_Bourne

    Difference Between Honda Civic FD and FB series

    yes that's pretty achievable if you don't drive like a maniac lol. Best I've got is 15.14 kmpl on a round trip to Talaimannar! Overall trip was over 800 km (We went to wilpattu too)
  6. Jason_Bourne

    Difference Between Honda Civic FD and FB series

    well if you are okay with the styling and won't mind the price go for the FB! ( But be mindful FB is close to 5 mil now and the new Civic Turbo Hatch is only 6 mil. So it's a tough decision if you have money) But If your budget is around 4mil and not beyond that buy a well maintained FD! FD is anyway depreciated now so it will hold value. I'm using a FD1 for more than a year now and so far no complains. Just don't expect Toyota like fuel economy!
  7. Jason_Bourne

    Best gear to drive viva elite

  8. Jason_Bourne

    Difference Between Honda Civic FD and FB series

    Almost same mileage. It's the same R series engine. But never buy a Honda if you are that concerned with fuel consumption. Buy a premio or Allion. There are times i get only 7kmpl with heavy footed driving in my FD1. But IMO the experience is worth that 1000 bucks of fuel!
  9. Jason_Bourne

    Euro 4 & Compatible Engines

    So does that mean we will get Euro 4 instead of Oct-92? Same price?
  10. Jason_Bourne

    Difference Between Honda Civic FD and FB series

    FD is the 8th generation of civics and FB is the 9th generation. FB has Honda i-MID, USB, Multi-link Suspension , Projector Headlamps over the old FD series. Also different styling. But IMO double Wishbone suspension in FD is considered superior than the multi-link And FD has unique styling. They say the FD series Typer R (FD2R) is the last real NA Typer R! Also the 8th generation dashboard is just beautiful.
  11. Jason_Bourne

    Good dash cam for the Car

    I also saw that on the market back when I made the purchase. It has the same specs as Viofo 1119 plus a rear camera. But it has a fatal flaw in hot climates like Sri Lanka.
  12. Jason_Bourne

    Good dash cam for the Car

    I have been using the Capacitor version of Viafo A119 and it's a very solid product. Night time video clarity is superior compared to everything I have come across. Only an expensive (Rs 25,000/=) Transcend unit of one of my friends came close the quality. So I think Viafo 1119 is the best budget cam out there. Got it from ebay for around Rs 12,000/=. Came with all the accessories necessary for install
  13. Hi, Who is the official Rays Engineering agent in Sri Lanka? Or anyway of getting genuine TE37s locally? TIA
  14. Jason_Bourne

    Motoring Scams In Sri Lanka

    Agree! That's why we need this kind of laws in Sri Lanka. http://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/assets/files/odometer_request_form_web1.pdf
  15. Jason_Bourne

    Motoring Scams In Sri Lanka

    Guys, just putting my 2 cents on this topic! I'm an IT professional with a fair knowledge in programming and enterprise applications consulting. Almost every odometer in today's market have some kind of an EEPROM ( Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) to record car mileage. Although most of the new cars have linked clusters with the ECU, it's just another EEPROM chip. With sound knowledge of Serial programming/NAND chip programming and cheap ebay chip flashers almost anyone can adjust anything in those chips. So never ever rely on the odometer reading or ECU diag report for actual mileage. Laws are vague in Sri Lanka for this kind of tampering and I highly doubt whether it can be verified by even the manufacturer of the car if chips have been reprogrammed. Simply, correct reprogramming doesn't leave any detectable electronic trace. So beware!