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  1. Jason_Bourne

    iridium plugs

    Watch this!
  2. Jason_Bourne

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    another idiot! 😂 අම්මපා පව් බන් මුන්!
  3. Jason_Bourne

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    here we go again! 😂😂😂
  4. Jason_Bourne

    Car is vibrating

    seems they use different types of compressors. 121 uses a standard mechanical(electromagnetic) clutch type compressor where as Allion Premio uses a clutchless(swash plate ) compressor (CVC). So an Allion or Premio is not designed to work with a standard clutch type compressor which has more vibration and comparatively more load on the system.
  5. Jason_Bourne

    Car is vibrating

    Turn off the AC and try. Then you can rule out the AC compressor. Then check engine mounts and Idle Control Valve, MAP sensor and EGR Valve.
  6. Jason_Bourne


    Only reason to buy an Audi A3 over Premio is brilliantly explained here. Apart from this A3 is not a proper Audi by any standards, it's just a cheap euro car designed to overcome tight EU emission standards and aimed to capture the market of Jap cars. But it doesn't offer the Toyota reliability or the fuel economy! You won't get the performance nor the comfort of a proper Audi, but of course you can brag about how you can afford an Audi in front of non-car people! You won't be accepted by the euro car community as a proper Audi owner nor will be accepted by the Jap car community as a reliable economy car owner! 😕 So chose wisely!
  7. Jason_Bourne

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    Exactly! These Hybrids do something close to 15+ kmpl even when driven like maniacs. I was never able to understand what more these guys are expecting to achieve by hogging the right lane at 40 kmph. 😕
  8. Jason_Bourne

    Steering Wheel Clock Spring

    So it means the wire to airbag is still connected and system is active. You might break the wire if you pull a tight turn. Have it fixed asap. Car designers don't put any component if they are not absolutely necessary. If designers can take away the "Steering Wheel Clock Spring" from a cars original design, it will save a huge cost when mass produced!
  9. Jason_Bourne

    Steering Wheel Clock Spring

    AFIK it's the mechanism which allows airbag to be connected to the cars electronic system. Does this mean your airbag is not working(airbag light on) or it might break if you take a tight turn?
  10. Jason_Bourne

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    hahahaha! 100% That forum is priceless entertainment! 😂
  11. Jason_Bourne

    Shock absorber for aqua

    Isn't KYB the OEM Shock Absorber of most Toyotas and Hondas?
  12. Jason_Bourne

    Suggestions for a good car between 1.7-2.2 million

    haha! Classic!
  13. Jason_Bourne

    Suggestions for a good car between 1.7-2.2 million

    Everybody knows these machan! Everybody knows an old pug is a nightmare to run. "ප්‍රසිද්ධ රහස්" But not everyone is honest or self confident to accept these. There were owners who vouched me that an Allion 240 would do 16 kmpl and a FD1 would do 10 kmpl in traffic! lol These guys think if you own a car (or anything for that matter) everything else is inferior to it! They actually know it is not, but they season their mentality to accept it. What I hate is when they try to push their mentality in to others!
  14. Jason_Bourne

    Wagon R Depreciation

    0W16? What are those? Racing only synthetics?