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  1. Jason_Bourne

    Eclipse Cross

    Just asking out of curiosity. How do you guys know your vehicles are subjected to these specific recalls? Did you search via Chassis/VIN number or just assuming by comparing manufacturing plants and dates? 😕
  2. Jason_Bourne

    Radiator fan not working

    Someone has f**ked up your cooling system electronics bro! Probably a bakapandithaya who doesn't know the cars' design! Civics have a dual fan system designed specifically for the AC system and Radiator which needs no such alteration. this system is 100% capable of keeping the AC condenser and the engine at the required temp. Don't run with these makabass setups which will ruin the car in the long run. This is how the OEM system works. If engine needs cooling both fans work at their max speed supplying radiator with a cool air flow and both fans shuts off when thermostat engages. (This operation is not related to AC, both fans should run at max speed to quickly cool down the engine) If the AC kicks-in the passenger side fan works in variable speeds to cool the AC condenser. But if engine needs cooling at the same time both fans kicks in at max speed irrespective of the AC. This is critical for cooling system. Never alter fan setup, coolant temp sensors or thermostat design. Anyway follow these steps to diagnose the problem. 1. First scan the car and check for any errors. A bad temp sensor(there are 2, one in the lower radiator area and one up on the engine) or relay/fuse will definitely throw a code. 2. Then check all the wires. 3. Then check if the fan is actually bad by testing it with a ohm meter. Always keep an eye on the temp gauge as a habit when driving any car. Even if you replace the whole cooling system it would still be cheaper than a warped head and a blown head gasket!
  3. Jason_Bourne

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    If you are a fan of DIY it's a simple fix. I repaired my left side mirror (replaced exact plastic gear mentioned in the video) after a motorcycle guy hit it and auto folding stopped working. Took me like 3 hours but I did it following this video very carefully. I found the plastic gear from panchikawatta after much struggle(There is this shop in a small by-road, they only do side mirrors. I've attached their business card. Call them and see. They might have another thrown away FD left side mirror for you to salvage the gears lol ) Good luck!
  4. Jason_Bourne

    Brake system failure

    yeah maybe 3 inches. What I implied was that the pedal sinks lower than its normal position when brakes are applied
  5. Jason_Bourne

    Brake system failure

    Yes anything that can contribute to a sudden drop/rise in engine vacuum pressure can lead to such a scenario!
  6. Jason_Bourne

    Brake system failure

    As per my experience in my Civic FD when I've set the Climate Control System to "Auto" mode some interesting thing happens. If I'm stopped in traffic with the brake pedal pressed and AC compressor kicks in, the pedal sinks to floor. (Like 1 inch from the bottom point if no fluid in the system) This behaviour was so mysterious to me to diagnose or pinpoint the root cause at first. But after much research and testing the brake system for faults it seems when the AC kicks in, the engine vacuum drops very slightly under low rpm which causes brake pedal to sink. After finding the exact cause I tried to observe this very carefully. So even when we are travelling very slow under low rpm (under 1000rpm exactly like your scenario) if you timed the braking just when the AC kicks in, this happens. It's how our engines work. Nothing wrong completely normal. Maybe you timed it randomly. How long have you been driving this car? Just to add there's a very simple way to check the brake system for leaks. (Or atleast get an idea) 1. Turn off the engine and put the gear to P then apply hand brake. 2. Pump the brake pedal till it rises up to the max point. 3. Then press the brake pedal as hard as you can and hold it there for more than 30 seconds. 4. If the brake pedal sinks from it's initial position there's definitely air in the system or worse there's a leak in either hoses or internal components. Examine further. But if brake system passes above check and you can see no code for ABS system when scanned I wouldn't worry!
  7. Jason_Bourne

    Brake system failure

    If you or the mechanic can't find any leaks or any problem with the ABS system I have some questions to ask. 1. Was the Air Conditioning System (HVAC Climate Control System) ON at the moment you felt this sinking of the brake pedal? 2. And is this the very first time you experienced this or have you felt this happening at random intervals without any apparent issue of the braking system?
  8. Jason_Bourne

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    32 KMPL? මචන් උඹ මේ කියන්නේ Honda Fit GP5 එකක් ගැනද? Scooty Pep එකක් ගැනද? 😮
  9. Jason_Bourne

    Vezel thud sound when releasing break pedal

    Since it's a brand new 2018 model highly unlikely it has got any DCT faults from the factory. Honda had a bad time with DCTs back in 2014/15, but not at present. Definitely not at 1000KM. You have 2 simple options 1. Drive an another 2018 model Vezel ? (If you really can't find a friend who owns the exact model go to a car sale and test drive lol ) 2. If the other car DOES NOT have the same jerk/thud when taking off, there's really an issue. Confirmed. Go asap to Stafford Motors (Maradana or Boralesgamuwa) and get the car scanned by the HDS(honda Diagnostic System). You'll have to specifically go to the agent for the scan as they might be the only ones in SL with the latest software atm.(Your car is a 2018) If there's any code ask the agents opinion and get an idea. (Scanning the car won't void any warranty. Anyway don't go and tell KOBE that you got the car scanned by the agent lol ) If Stafford confirms there's an issue go to KOBE and claim your bloody warranty! Good luck!
  10. Yes Some Hondas,Mitsubishis and even Toyotas require Brake Pedal to be pressed. Hence pressing the brake pedal is the fail-safe method for any car.
  11. Jason_Bourne

    Honda vezel hybrid Transmission

    Dual Clutch issues are caused by transmission overheating in extreme stop-go traffic. So Bangladesh having a similar climate to SL, it's possible they are facing the same issues.
  12. Jason_Bourne

    Insurance for non-claimed accidents

    Absolutely NOT possible! You'll need a police report if you fail even an hour(or even minutes) to report the accident. One rainy night I scratched my front bumper and postponed to report till following morning. When I woke up in the morning the scratch was too damn big to ignore. So called the Insurance and they wanted a police report. (Some will just say the accident happened in the morning to avoid the trouble). But my genuineness cost me so much time and hassle to get the police report, show the constable the place of the incident(home). And finally everyone thought (including my family) I was drunk that night! So good luck claiming for a year old accident!
  13. Jason_Bourne

    Engine braking effect of cvt transmision

    It has that effect at all speeds but we only feel it when the speed is low. Anyway if you are talking about any braking effect which was not there originally that might be a problem. Maybe your brakes are actually binding?
  14. Jason_Bourne

    5+yrs Old Hybrids...

    It's simple. Hybrids are DESIGNED to run the petrol engine and Hybrid Battery complementing each other. No hybrid will run properly without the Hybrid battery. Period. Stop asking stupid questions! Man what's wrong with Sri Lanka? ? All these guys want to run Hybrids without the Hybrid Batteries, Cars without Servicing and finally deceive the next buyer with cheap makabass scams! Don't always try to find cheap ways to do everything!
  15. Jason_Bourne

    Axela vs FD1 vs Lancer Ex

    Yes none of those will be fuel efficient as Toyotas like Allions and Axios. Different league altogether. Comparison of fuel efficiency Lancer Ex > Mazda Axela > FD1 Comparison of Performance FD1 (140 hp) > Mazda Axela (111 hp) > Lancer Ex (110 hp) I own a FD1 and I get 8 kmpl in heavy Colombo traffic, around 10 kmpl in moderate to light traffic and over 15 kmpl in highway! But loss of around 2000 bucks per full tank of petrol(compared to a similar valued Toyota) is very much compensated by the Handling and Performance!