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  1. Ultimately found 4G internet near Nandikadal....

  2. sadly yes.... :-( I had to go to thel higannas thing Premio due to excessive fuel cost as I'm working in the Mullaithivu for more than a year. Also another Honda GP5 is there which is used by wife...
  3. Want to add something here because I had similar kind of as soon as I bought my previous FB15 which had the same engine. I felt intermittent " taka taka" noise when I tried to accelerate with even 95 octane petrol. Engine was troubling to rev up beyond 3000 RPM. No fault codes no check engine sign. But the problem was with MAF sensor. Don't know whether it help or not in this scenario.
  4. Yes did that too :-) . This issue found when I check coil packs closely. There was a rainbow color discoloration at the body of a coil pack. Then I lifted it partially when engine was running and I saw their is a side spark to the engine block. After that no issues at all.
  5. This problem was keep coming back but ultimately found the cause. It was a leaking coil pack. issue was completely solved following coil pack replace.
  6. Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year
  7. Wish you all and your families a merry merry Christmas.....
  8. I missed this event..... hope to join in next year..... at the moment Haiti
  9. Machan aren't they bigger than B15 headlight? I think it can be fixed to it
  10. For the front wind shield try to go for 3M Crystalline 70 because the light won't scatter at night. it cost about 13800/= but its really worthy. Now clean park is introducing a tint called NDFOS but heat reduction less than 3M. There are tint samples and a IR lamp so that you can check yourself.
  11. Ask them to do a road test also. Last week I did and it cost me 1900 for scan and the road test.
  12. Many happy returns of the day brother.....
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