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  1. suharshan

    Primera P11

    @dilrukds Could you share some pics of her if you don't mind?
  2. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Thank you mate. The impact was more towards the left hand side hence no damage to spare wheel well. But the impact was a little heavier than I initially thought. PAS did a fantastic job though. I did my best to find a flaw in the repair work but I couldn't.
  3. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Can't agree with you more. Luckily there are places lilke PAS and independent specialists like Ravi P3r3r3 to the rescue.
  4. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Yeah I was surprised as well. May be they had too many Kwids & Renaults on their plate on that particular day and didn't want to waste their precious time on this. And the service adviser advised me to visit them for any repair as they are the people who are specialised in these cars That was my first and last visit to A*W.
  5. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Got rear ended by a Bulto last week. So the car is at PAS atm. Need to replace the rear bumper. While the car is there I'm thinking about getting few scratches and dents on the underside looked at. Then will do an undercoating and the long awaited tuneup.
  6. Wow a clean car !! Were you hovering around parliament grounds yesterday evening?
  7. Blacked out grill looks much better imo. We need more frequent updates Davy.
  8. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Yeah machan this is the one.
  9. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Agree. Heard it gives better figures with sensible driving. Hope my figures will slightly improve after a tuneup.
  10. suharshan

    Primera P11

    I feel like there's a vacuum leak. Need to have it looked at. Other than that basic things to do when you buy a used car. 1. Previous owner has put water in radiator. Need to clean them up and fill coolant. 2. Get suspension checked including engine mounts. Sprinter was a great car which has never let me down and economical as well. I have a huge respect for that vehicle. Yes you can't really compare them. But at this moment I see this way ahead of the sprinter in every single way. Power, comfort, handling, engine note, looks etc. It's a totally different driving experience and cornering is an utter joy. And suddenly I can sense I get more attention driving this which I'm not used to with the 110.
  11. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Power is adequate for my liking. Test drove 4-5 other Primeras before going for this. All of them were either auto or cvt. Found them quite sluggish tbh even the 2L ones. But the manual felt much better in terms of acceleration. Haven't done a tuneup yet. Also there are few issues to be sorted. Hope it would do better after a tuneup.
  12. suharshan

    Primera P11

    Had the same feeling for quite a some time. As a result sold my Sprinter 110 to buy this. For me it was a no brainer as this is the best car in it's price bracket IMO.
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