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    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Good luck with your project.
  2. Visa

    kumho tyres

    I am using it for my AE 111. 18000 Kms done. So far no issues. As Tbird said road noise is bit high.
  3. Visa

    RPM vs speed

    I have a AE 111 with 1600 cc carburetor engine ( 4AF ) which also do the same RPM vs SPEED as yours. I feel it is OK.
  4. Visa

    Perodua Bezza

    I am interested to buy Perodua Bezza. Any members using this car please share your comments.
  5. Visa

    Daihatsu Mira

    Hi , This is my first topic in autolanka. Anybody have any idea about Daihatsu mira 660cc cvt. please comment on reliablity, parts availability, performance and fuel efficiency. Thanks in advance.