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  1. derickreaper

    Honda Civic Ek3 D15B Engine MAP sensor

    Does that Ps value (PS-30/ PS-35)???
  2. derickreaper

    Eg8 Single Carb To Vtec Conversion

    HI guys, long time no see...... So finally my lease is 1 month away from done and after 3 1/2 years of driving a carb I decided to do a complete vtec conversion...starting with a full paint job (blue to gunmetal), total body alignment, new jdm heads, depo tails, new dash, disk break conversion and finally a vtec engine.... So I have 3 engine choices, 3 stage d15b vtec, b16a vtec, or stage 1 vtec.... Any comments and suggestions about the setup "???? Can someone recommend a place to buy an engine with the above specs I'm focusing on power than the mpg..
  3. derickreaper

    Honda Civic Eg8 Suspension

    Hi guys, I just wanna know, I have a 92 civic eg8 and when I load passenger's my rear left side wheel touches the shock spring or the wheel arch, specially when I turn.. It has 195x55x16 tyres, I know the alloys are big, but I've seen 17" on some eg8 and it runs fine.. So i think it's the shocks.. But i would like to know your ideas on how to fix it or replace it.. Which is better and any suggestions that I can better my driving experience
  4. derickreaper

    Eg8 Boot Gas Struts

    No bro , I called them they don't
  5. derickreaper

    Eg8 Boot Gas Struts

    Hi all, can someone direct me where I can buy a pair of dicky shock strut for my eg8, or a place or a contact for someone who does the gas part for my old ones
  6. derickreaper

    Best Rim/tire Sizes For Eg8

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.. Will be extra cautious when posting next time...
  7. derickreaper

    Best Rim/tire Sizes For Eg8

    I'm sorry, will take my post down, thank you
  8. derickreaper

    Best Rim/tire Sizes For Eg8

    My car has 16" alloy with 195/55/16 tyres and I'm planning to downgrade the size to 15“ like the alloys H.C got... [Deleted by moderator]
  9. derickreaper

    Installing/replacing The Eg8 Washer Bottle

    Hi, im trying to install the washer motor with the tubing... I found the motor for 1500/= at a well known place in maharagama but couldnt find the washer pipe kit.. Anyone has an idea where or does anyone got any suggestions for an alternative.
  10. derickreaper

    Honda Body Kits

    Guys can't find a buffer anywhere, I mean my budget is 11k max and I couldn't find any Japanese buffers below 16k, now decided to go for Taiwan made and still couldn't find any I tried everywhere....
  11. derickreaper

    Honda Expert

    What's the sene with Shamil?
  12. derickreaper

    Honda Body Kits

    Actually it is way more classy and hard to find than Rolls Royce.. I'm still looking for a reconditioned Japanese buffer for it but its really hard to find one.. Plus my insurance gave me a tight budget and the ones which are in the market is bloody expensive...
  13. derickreaper

    Honda Body Kits

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="trinity" data-cid="264060" data-time="1405570688"><p> <br /> Com on man, its a Civic, not a Rolls Royce. Is it that difficult to find a hood & a bumper for an EG8? Have you even tried searching the forum for details or is it just you want us to do the searching for you?<br /> <br /> For whats is worth, Euro nippon 94 (038) 229 5586. Fax : +94 (038) 229 5584<br /> <br /> US Auto parts - 0772341400 / 0112733977<br /> <br /> & Go to Delkanda if above fails.</p></blockquote>
  14. derickreaper

    Honda Body Kits

    hi guys found a pair of hinges but now i cand find any good condition Bonnet... anyone selling one..?? couldnt find in any place
  15. derickreaper

    Honda Expert

    Shamil Autodynamics Darlyroad