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  1. Replace the battery on the key and try. Can the car be locked while the intelligent key is inside??? At least in the Nissan Teana it cannot be done. With the intelligent key inside if the lock button on the door handle is touched from the outside three beeps sound and the doors will not lock.
  2. CJ5

    Do You Put The Handbrake On When In P?

    Because.......it's Sylvi!!!! Sense or no sense any posting from Sylvi gets marked down!
  3. CJ5

    The Final Suzuki Maruti Car Rolled Out

    I had a 96 Maruti 800 and it returned 22kmpl going up to N'Eliya. I believe it's an icon similar to the "great" Mini. Both were cars which were laughed off and scoffed at.
  4. Thanks iRage, Watchman and Hoonigan for that feedback. Appreciate it, Hope I get a further insight from other A/L members domiciled across the globe! .
  5. Guys, I know in SL there is a big clamour and fever to jump in the hybrid bandwagon,just wondering how it is in other parts of the world?????? Here in NZ hybrids aren't as popular as in SL. How is it in other countries??????
  6. CJ5

    Place To Buy Coal

    Try the Norachcholai area ought to get it very cheap there.
  7. CJ5

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    Easiest way is have a peek at the speedo. The Jap models (JDMs) have a speedo marked upto 180kmph. The Singapore models ( which are the export models) have it upto 260kmph. ( assuming the speedos have not been swapped!)
  8. CJ5

    2Nd Hand Market Of The Hybrid Vehicles

    Sylvi, Wouldn't you agree that silence is golden,...... unless one is 110% sure that breaking that silence would be a positive contribution????? Just give it some thought.
  9. So then you can rule out any speedo errors due to tyre/rim sizes. What were the simultaneous readings given by the scanner and the speedo? BTW I am no expert!!
  10. CJ5

    Riding With Learners Permit

    You need to display a red "L" on a white background in the front and rear of the bike which must be visible to other motorists from at least 10 feet away. You do not need a pillion rider who has a DL to ride with you. Your Learner Permit must be carried with you at all times when riding.
  11. I have owned/driven four tiptronic vehicles ( three Mitsubishis and one Nissan) and did not feel any delay in engaging in any of them. However it does not give the same feel as having full control with a clutch and a manual shift, there is definitely a bit of a compromise but not as bland as a fully automatic.
  12. CJ5

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    A cool ebay gadjet and a "must have" for driving in Sri Lanka http://www.ebay.com/itm/HD-1080P-Dash-Car-DVR-Cam-Vehicle-Camera-IR-LED-Night-Vision-Blackbox-GS1000-New-/131079108811?pt=US_Surveillance_Digital_Video_Recorders_Cards&hash=item1e84ec78cb
  13. I prefer driving manuals but not on traffic congested roads such as Galle Road specially morning rush and evening rush!!! I hate driving automatics out in the country specially for overtaking manouvers and driving in the hill-country where I want the gear changes directly under my command. So striking a balance, having the best of both worlds?????.....tiptronic!!!!!
  14. Are you running on the stock tyre size 135/80 and 12' rims the Jap Alto (HA23S) has???? A change in rim size and tyre size can make your speedo go bonkers. Check these links to see as to how off your speedo could go with the wrong size of tyre and rim. http://www.willtheyfit.com/ http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Tire-Size-Calculator However indicating 105 on the police camera when you say you were doing 70 very likely suggests a common police trick!! The police sometimes resort to dubious tactics as they are required by their superiors to book a given number of prosecutions for the time they are out on the field. This reflects on their personal performance for promotions etc etc.So they cop some one over the limit and have that recorded on their camera and thereafter without resetting the camera they use that to cop who ever comes by and the gullible simply accept it just like that without challenging them or talking back!!! . You seem to have been a victim of this scam. This can be challenged in court and has been challenged in court and people have got off ( personal experience) but the vast majority either "strike a deal" with the cops or simply pay the fine and avoid litigation.
  15. CJ5

    Hard To Put It To First Gear

    I know of an incident in a AE91 Corolla hatchback , where some incompetent makabaas had taken apart the gear box for some repair and had assembled it back. Then the owner ( a friend of mine) had found that it shudders in second gear and struggles to pick up. The problem had been that when assembling the gear box back together the makabaas had made some mistake and when the gear lever seemingly moves into second in fact inside the box the gear wheels were moving into fourth gear and that explained the shuddering and struggle to pickup!!