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    Carina 1989 - AT 170
  1. kalingabd

    Plugging In An Efi Engine To My Carina At 170 (Carb)

    The above answers the question. easy! hehe. I ll stick to repairing the current engine Twin turbo has mentioned about a compression test..Is this to test the engine compression? If so, from where can I get this done? Now the hardest question I have, a mechanic. Please suggest me a good mechanic who can look into the issue.
  2. kalingabd

    Plugging In An Efi Engine To My Carina At 170 (Carb)

    Well my budget is around 2-2.5 lakhs. Well, whether its worth the money is a question. I checked at a few places and they quote a price of about 85K-100K for the engine (5AFE - efi with wire harness, ECU), without the gear box. All the available gear boxes for sale are auto. I prefer manual transmission. Another point i took into consideration is that the efi engine performs better in fuel, and I am planning to use it for at least 2 more years (I love the car - my first car). Further to this, my mechanic says the engine needs an overhaul, i checked the price difference and it seems the overhaul and an EFI replacement is somewhat the same cost Few questions; - Dropping in a 4AGE (or 4AFE) will require a lot of changes. Wont it? I dont think it will fit into my budget - Any place you guys can recommend for the replacement. Any specialists that do regularly these stuff- - Any changes I have to do to the fuel pump or any other part. Sorry if my questions are really basic. I am no expert
  3. Hey guys, Need ur input in sorting this out. I have a carina AT 170 for 3 years and im happily running it H/E, the engine is close to under compression and I am thinking of replacing the engine instead of repairing it. Current Engine - 5AFE carb engine Problems with current engine - Blackish oil..Carb is okay but not at its best. - Does about 7-8 in city. Previously did about 9-10 but I run about 1500 kms per month, slowly has gone down and as per the mechanic ( who did a good job previously) says the carb and the engine is also UC. The car was running on gaas previously as well (previous owner mucked it. not me ) - Bit noisy - Doesnt leak oil, but there is a bit of oil on the top of the engine. I thought of plugging in a 5AFE EFI engine. and I need ur input on this on these factors; - Whats needed to be done? Replacement of engine/computer box/ and fuel pump? Anything I should be worried about? - I have got a good engine for a cheap price...Any clue if i can buy the computer box separately? and fuel pump separately? - Any good places where I can get a good engine? If its a very good carb engine I do not mind actually. Any places I should start looking from? - Last but deffa not the least, has anyone on this forum done this to AT 170 or any car similar? Thanks
  4. kalingabd

    Carina At-170 - Help In A Few Repairs

    hey guys. im back Progressed a bit on the car..quite a bit actually however unfortunately i met an accident where my car met a collision with a trishaw bugger and the side got scraped from the front door to the rear buffer. :| no big damage to the body except for the paint scrape, but i thought of putting it for the full paint which I was planning to do so for some time.... SO started on it last week at a garage in kaduwela. Bit of tinkering under the windscreens, roof, under mudguards, floor board left hand side and so on... tinkering will be complete most probably by wednesday. I have a few questions which i need help 1/ Whats the worst i can expect by not starting the car for a whole month :|. Its a carb model mind u but the engine is pretty good. 2/ Whats the best paint i should go for? there is Rock and the bass goes on saying "debia" or smthin? [which is a causeway brand paint i believe] and so forth. I am going with the same color which is white. Any particular things that i should pay attention to while selecting this. The cost is a factor yes but I like to know the options i have. 3/ I have to remove the roof upholstery. It is the original hood upholstery so I prefer to fit the same back. Will the material shrink when i leave the hood removed for sometime? Any other things i should take precaution against? Let me know.
  5. kalingabd

    Carina At-170 - Help In A Few Repairs

    thanks guys for the advice. Took ur advices although I could not reply on the post sooner. Went back to udara motors and got the clutch checked up. Got the clutch pump rebuilt with a new kit...and oil. well the issue is half resolved but still the issue exists. Basically there are two issues; 1/ Difficulty to change to the 1st gear sometimes 2/ A slight screech when changing from the high top to the top gear. Not from 3rd to the 4th. The bass says that there seems to be an issue with "brass cone" in the gear box. Looked it up on google and there are quite a few articles on it. Before that, iss there anything I should check at the gear level? I mean is there a bush or smthin I need to check which tends to wear out? @rumesh what does a pressure plate do exactly? can it cause an issue? .... And all this time I had the radiator fan directly wired and it was running all the time. Got that fixed..not running bit cautiously to see if the car boils or if the temperature goes up unusually. ..... And of course the paint. Have a few guys in mind..udara motors is one. and the other is https://######/CAR-Shiner-Paint-Works-Body-Styling/522043194501125. Hope I am not violating any rules by posting the facebook link. But i need to get the gear thingy sorted first.
  6. kalingabd

    Carina At-170 - Help In A Few Repairs

    Okay few months have gone by and I have slowly done improvements on my car to fix the issues I had. 1/ Fixed the distributor centrfugal advance from udara motors 2/ Fixed the carb (does about 9-10 in city now) compared to 6-7 previously. 3/ Tune up done...car is pretty smooth now... The next is the body paint. But before that I need to get smthin checked as well...sometimes transmission gives a bit of problem...and screeches when I change gears. Need to do something about it. But loving the car at the moment ))))
  7. kalingabd

    Which Engine Oil Suits Most For Viva Elites ?

    @thanks sampath got it done today.
  8. kalingabd

    Which Engine Oil Suits Most For Viva Elites ?

    Question on this; As per the previous comment this is the engine oil most suitable - Mobil 1 10W-30 Whats the amount a viva engine hold? normally a toyota car would sustain with 4 litres, what about an elite?
  9. kalingabd

    My Mitsubishi Galant

    Nice to see Mr. Dhammika Fernando mentioned again. He tunes my car (carina AT-170) and advises on what I should do. Knows his stuff...
  10. kalingabd

    Radiator Fan Working Continuously On Ek 3

    Rumesh, Jumped out of the original thread, when I saw this. Will keep the original updating with the developments. Actually i did not know that the radiator fan is not properly wired prior to seeing this issue. Yep I am that bad at these things. So I read almost all the posts. Nopz. carb is not done as yet. Found a good guy to do it, but just could not get the free time to sacrifice still. Will do it soon. Well it seems like one of the "lines" are clogged in and the car does only 7-8 on petrol. :| I will check on the fan soon, should first see whether there is a "thermostat" already under the hood or it has been completely been removed. Have seen pictures on it on google, so will hunt under the hood and see Thanks.
  11. kalingabd

    Radiator Fan Working Continuously On Ek 3

    Guys thanks. Rumesh especially. ur a star ..being helping me a lot. I have a separate thread on the car here; http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15679-carina-at-170-help-in-a-few-repairs/ Well; I have done the three things mentioned; 1/ Replaced the radiator - water level is perfect now..doesnt go down at all..will be replacing with coolant probably next week 2/ Replaced the water pump 3/ Timing, well i did a tuneup. but there is still an issue with the carb which i will address soon. No vibrations in the engine..runs smooth. Starts well. Pulling power is ok. The heat gauge is right in the middle after travelling abt 15kms. Doesnt go above that tho. I travel in teh city mostly have not gone outstation but drive 45 kms everyday. Never seen it going beyond the middle mark. (It went once above this, to see the radiator fan had stopped working due to a faulty fuse ) Any other things I should check before wiring via the thermostat? Any way I could check if its okay after wiring it?
  12. kalingabd

    Radiator Fan Working Continuously On Ek 3

    Guys, I have a carina AT-170 and I have the same problem. Read thru this post and understood what I should do. Should basically check the thermostat and the way the radiator fan is wired in. Just a small question tho, say the engine is old (true with my car and a wee bit under compression) is there a chance that the car will over heat if the fan switches on via the thermostat. Basically, I recently bought the car, can it be that the previous owner gave the current direct to the fan, due to an overheating issue? Apologies if its a ridiculous question.
  13. kalingabd

    Carina At-170 - Help In A Few Repairs

    A quick update; The A/C fixed Thinon at colombage mawathe. Thanks to Wolselely Checked up the engine with Dhammika Fernando along cotta road. Prasanna at thinon directed me thr. He checked all the vacuum tubes around the engine and did some tuning up. The chap has the engine diagrams and stuff. and i believe he did a good job since the engine runs really smooth now. However, he identified two issues; 1/ Distributor centrifugal advance to be serviced. (udara motors Pita kotte) 2/ And the carb service after 01 is done. The carb he directed me to shantha (grandpass) I have no clue to be honest about 1/ but I am going to the person Fernando directed me to and see how it goes. Targeting this Friday. Will keep u guys updated.
  14. kalingabd

    Where To Buy A Powersteering Rack?

    I got the carina AT 170 power steering entire rack from sesatha about two months back. Its opposite dai lanka at delkanda if i remember right. Ok the price was 20K...yes I know its expensive, but i needed to find one within a couple of days...so bought it...and lucky to get a real good one..car runs smooth now. try them out. I am not 100% sure but I have a feeling its the same for both carina and corona (170 models)
  15. kalingabd

    Looking For A Good Auto Electrician

    Mr Komi, Is Malinga Auto electricals good for old cars. Have you seen him handling old cars? My dad owns a morris oxford and he needs someone to look into the speedometer and the fuel gauge as well check the lights and what not. There is a discussion thread on the car as well but could not get stuff moving after we brought the car home. Need an electrician who has some experience with old cars.