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    Subaru Xv

    Thx guys. Not much M6 in those sites. Only one is there
  2. cooljanz

    Subaru Xv

    Do u know anyone who is selling 2014 Mazda 6?
  3. cooljanz

    Subaru Xv

  4. cooljanz

    Subaru Xv

    Hi Guys thx for the initial info. idont have any specific extream need (such as very good on fuel). So looking for average on all aspects.
  5. cooljanz

    Subaru Xv

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy my next vehicle. When i was researching, i found Subaru XV is withing my budget. Is it a good one to purchase? is this a good to use as a daily. i heard spare parts are not so common for subaru. And also following vehicle are withing my budget, 1. Vezel 2. Mazda 6 (2000cc) 3. Harrier/Lexus (2009/2010) What will be good on those? Thanks Janith
  6. Hi Guys, Is there a place where we can get recondition spare parts for kia vehicles? thanks