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  1. vitz

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Yep, GP1 is a very reliable vehicle apart from the designing fault. Anyways, me too cleaned the piston rings when the vehicle done 80000 km. Now after 70,000 km problem has started. This means, the temporary fix can give nearly 70,000 km service lift.
  2. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    20, 30 45 Degrees hill climb of EC https://youtu.be/ktqTGpNgfPA
  3. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Thanks. Are these batteries available in the local market? However, for our Fit GP1, the Exide served the purpose. Perhaps, hybrid battery back up the start not needing the high capacity battery!!!!
  4. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Yes, it was fixed before shipping. Mitsubishi Website Provides an update about the status of the Vehicle....
  5. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Guys, I've done 2500 km with Eclipse Cross. Ready to comment on the vehicle in General. I know the first concern is the fuel consumption. Though I did not try the fuel tank topping up method, according to the vehicle information system it does 12-13 km/l long distance drive, but of course difficult to comment on the urban drive as it depend much on the road traffic conditions. One annoying thing I experienced is the Front Collisions Breaking System. The pedestrian detection mechanism is quite precise and this system is not suited to our narrow roads as few instances of auto breaking caused almost knocked by tail-gating rider/3 wheel fellow. Though FCM can be switched off, it turns on again when the vehicle starts.
  6. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    It looks that Mitsubishi's having AS&G (Auto stop and Go) function (eg. eclipse cross) requires a special type of battery!!!!! I am wondering why!!!! Anyways, Accidentally I got to know.
  7. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    oh, I've misunderstood. Nothing mentioned on the fuel lid. Only clue I got from the Japanese user manual is :
  8. vitz

    Vehicle for 10 million

    What could cause to fail this so called "complicated fuel system". Anyways, I am using the an Eclipse for few weeks and its really a great vehicle to drive and the engine torque is just amazing.
  9. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    My eclipse cross arrived few days ago.I am glad that the importer attended to recall modification before shipping. It drives excellent and handles really well. I have a question regarding the fuel type I should use. The USA/Canada user manual recommends " Accordingly I can use Octane 92 petrol. However, I am not sure about the recommendation for Japanese model (I could not find Oct recommendations in the Japanese manual). I can remember Irage has mentioned that the Gasoline available in Japan meets Oct 95-98. Does it mean the vehicle has been designed for premium gasoline. Thus, requiring Oct 95!!!!
  10. vitz

    Emission test requirement

    Indeed, this is the common ignorance our guys have. I am wondering whether a proper training is given to guys work in these emission testing centers. Sometimes I felt bit of jealously drives their actions too......
  11. vitz

    Emission test requirement

    As discussed here, even a brand new vehicle imported through a grey importer needs emission test. My worry is whether, it is okay to accelerate the non-seasoned engine of a vehicle to a very high RPM during the emission testing?
  12. vitz

    Kenwood or Pioneer

    Installed Pioneer AVH-Z5150BT to my vehicle (with apple play). Excellent audio quality with very balanced sound (may be because of factory fitted speakers of my Eclipse Cross are quite good). Based on my experience upto now, I highly recommend this model.
  13. vitz

    Honda CR-V 2018

    Out of my curiosity, could vehicles comes out from the same factory (Honda-Thailand) have two levels of build quality depending on to the country it is exported? Is this a myth established by vehicle sellers?
  14. vitz

    Vehicle Import Regulation

    Thanks IRage, Noted that Sri Lanka Customs might have changed their regulations. Source : http://www.customs.gov.lk/declaration/mvu 16. Can I clear my own vehicle from Customs without the service of a Customs House Agent? A. No. Under the provisions of the Customs ordinance, the Customs clearance documents must be presented and the clearance formalities completed by a licensed Customs House Agent. However, Motor Bicycles brought in as part of unaccompanied personal baggage can be cleared by the passenger without a Customs House Agent.
  15. vitz

    Honda CR-V 2018

    It seems that CR-V engine is facing some problems!!!!! https://www.consumerreports.org/car-repair-maintenance/honda-cr-v-affected-by-engine-trouble/