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  1. Web search resulted below. You may try: http://www.peugeot.com/en/contact
  2. Hi Devinda Mostly European Automotive Journalists. I have too realized that their reviews are quite biased. But had no way of verifying that
  3. Tiv, What I have heard/read in the web is 3008, 5008 are quite reliable machines, though there are reported cases of AC compressor failures. Any good reasons for your statement.........because we too are planning to import a 2008, of course through the agent after the crisis period
  4. I dont see any issue here. This local agent is not trustworthy and very irresponsible. They used to keep on telling lies and finally just refrain to answer calls. Last year these falks opened Local LCs for permit holders and that caused cancellation of hundreds of permits. Finally, they ended up of paying Rs. 500000 for permit holders as per a court order back to who ordered vehicles from these guys. perhaps your vehicle is yet to be manufactured. Best is to find out a way to check what is actually happening. Better write to PSA group and make a complaint.
  5. Hi All, We finally decided to go for a Peugeot 2008 (2020) by selling our C-HR. Though CH-R is really nice car to drive but the Claustrophobia conditions made for rear passengers and the stiffer steering (though it's made for better driving dynamics, it makes quite difficult for my wife who drives the vehicle for a great distance daily). Now we are facing a dilemma of whether to go for agent import or the grey import. I don't mind the little difference in the cost between two imports but the Agent asks for nearly 8 months to do the import. But it comes with 3 yr, 60000 km full warranty. The grey import, of course, can be done in two months. I am bit worried to import a European Vehicle without a back up of the warranty. Guys, would it be really difficult to maintain if we import the vehicle through a grey importer?
  6. Hi IRage, This is not true. I know a two of my colleagues who bought vehicles from Australia (one EC) and UK (one 3008) and registered their vehicles as Brand New . They had to go through some extended procedure, but able to register as a brand new vehicle. There should be a loophole in the regulatory system
  7. I totall agree with IRage. Just by monitoring the AWD operating information on the meter cluster we can understand this nice piece of technology!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing. There were some concerns about using the ATF changer when changing oil. Is it a recommended practice. Just I went through the CVT oil change procedure of Eclipse Cross given in the service manual, it recommends to drain the system, 1 time using new oil
  9. Just to share my experiences. We had to exchange our GP1 for a CHR from a Car Sale in Kurunegala. The car was heavily used clocked nearly 160,000 km. Since my wife used it her long daily drive, the interior was in mint condition. Recently, I checked the web-site of the car sale, to my surprise the car sales guys have rejuvenated the car, now it has done only 60000 km . The lesson, never trust these car salespeople either when buying a new or used car!!!!!
  10. Based on my experiences on our second vehicle , I must say that Ch-r is a great vehicle for an enjoyable ride......People who don't bother about the weird passenger seat window designing.....would not have to have any reservations to buy this vehicle... What I like the most... - Stiff suspension - The steering feels really engaged like.... - Very solidly built with a very nice interior - Great pulling power (Initially I did not expect such a power in a 1.2 engine), - Reasonable fuel economy... our AWD can get easily 14 km/l, but with careful driving even can reach 17
  11. It looks not http://www.documents.gov.lk/files/egz/2019/10/2147-72_S.pdf
  12. Is this announcement imposed a restriction of selling/purchasing permits!!!!
  13. Guys, Thankful if one could share experienced-based information about the customs valuation of a Vezel RS (2019) and the luxury tax paid. Of course, this is under the prior assumption that the importer undervalues the CIF of the vehicle for 2 million yen.
  14. Unnecessary Imports those burn millions of hard-earned foreign currency of Sri Lankans. The government needs to have control over such imports those waste hard-earned money of people.
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