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  1. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    CH-R needs RON 95 or above as per the euro pean user manual.
  2. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Bit of Research about the type of fuel needed for the Eclipse Cross revealed that the Octane 92 is fine with the vehicle. (JDM recommendation is : Regular gasoline) Though, I used Octane 95 to date, I would not continue so as it a waste of money......
  3. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    My suggestion is to download the Japanese User Manual of your car. Then, use google translator to find what you need. As an example, for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, even for the JDM version the recommendation is to use Regular Fuel. So, even for a such a Turbo engine, the ECU is tuned for a low octane fuel. Moreover, given the price difference between 92 and 95 I really concerned about possible frauds by fuel shed owners and transporters (you know this is Sri Lanka :))
  4. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    Post Deleted
  5. vitz

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    From where you got this done?
  6. vitz

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Customer point of view (Damage to engine, plugs,oppertunity cost) x times of cleaned>service charge x permanent fix How many customers are knowledgeable to take a decision considering above.... Indeed we know the level of customer care in SL Out of the thread, I got a Panasonic FZ-G1 purchased in Sri Lanka from the agent (SxxxLxxx). Suddenly, it gave a pop up message that machine is in the recall list and immediate replacement of battery is required, of course free of charge. So, contacted the sales guy three time no reply. Just couple of weeks ago I had to travel to Canada. Just one email to Panasonic, within one week "the replacement battery arrived at my apartment"
  7. vitz

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Knowing the Cleaning of rings is a temporary fix, I am really wondering why the company suggest the cleaning option!!!
  8. vitz

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Indeed, it comes back. For mine also 80,000km after cleaning rings it has come back again. Actually, when I did the repair the actual cause was not found (I am the one who started this thread), if so I would have opted for piston replacement. I think, after piston replacement it will not come. I am thinking of doing the major repair and either use it or sell.
  9. vitz

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Yep, GP1 is a very reliable vehicle apart from the designing fault. Anyways, me too cleaned the piston rings when the vehicle done 80000 km. Now after 70,000 km problem has started. This means, the temporary fix can give nearly 70,000 km service lift.
  10. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    20, 30 45 Degrees hill climb of EC https://youtu.be/ktqTGpNgfPA
  11. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Thanks. Are these batteries available in the local market? However, for our Fit GP1, the Exide served the purpose. Perhaps, hybrid battery back up the start not needing the high capacity battery!!!!
  12. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Yes, it was fixed before shipping. Mitsubishi Website Provides an update about the status of the Vehicle....
  13. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Guys, I've done 2500 km with Eclipse Cross. Ready to comment on the vehicle in General. I know the first concern is the fuel consumption. Though I did not try the fuel tank topping up method, according to the vehicle information system it does 12-13 km/l long distance drive, but of course difficult to comment on the urban drive as it depend much on the road traffic conditions. One annoying thing I experienced is the Front Collisions Breaking System. The pedestrian detection mechanism is quite precise and this system is not suited to our narrow roads as few instances of auto breaking caused almost knocked by tail-gating rider/3 wheel fellow. Though FCM can be switched off, it turns on again when the vehicle starts.
  14. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    It looks that Mitsubishi's having AS&G (Auto stop and Go) function (eg. eclipse cross) requires a special type of battery!!!!! I am wondering why!!!! Anyways, Accidentally I got to know.
  15. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    oh, I've misunderstood. Nothing mentioned on the fuel lid. Only clue I got from the Japanese user manual is :