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  1. vitz

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Disk break spreader
  2. vitz

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Thanks. 1/2 socket set would be more useful it seems. Yeah, digital torque wrench like https://www.amazon.ca/ACDelco-ARM602-4-Measurement-Adapter-4-147-6-Feet/dp/B004VYURT0/ref=sr_1_1?crid=17XI02TO6A5MU&keywords=digital+torque+adapter&qid=1558321468&s=gateway&sprefix=digital+torque+%2Caps%2C193&sr=8-1 would be a good pick. I am not sure it is available in Amazon Asia
  3. Guys... I am thinking of collaborative effort to assemble a list of DIY tools for day to day vehicle maintenance.....Many thanks for your contribution..... 1. 1/2 in socket set -and ratchet Concerns: SAE or Metric? or both, what is the range of socket sizes, whether 3/8 socket set and the ratchet will be more useful? 2. Torque wrench (depending on the choice of 1) 3. Vehicle stands and a Jack 4. Breaker bar list to be completed....
  4. vitz

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    The relevant part is pretty cheap in the USA market. Presently I am in Canada, thought of importing the part from this US store. I know few guys in the forum are in the USA , How reliable this place?
  5. vitz

    Vehicle Permit

    Considering the present economic status of the country and concerns of the general public there is a less chance. I would not recommend you to buy a permit. Since selling and buying of permits are illegal, you will have no legal right to claim your money from the seller if a negative decision is taken from the government. Please don't waste your, money and time by buying a permit at the current situation.
  6. vitz

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Awesome !!!!
  7. vitz

    Vehicle Permit

    Me too smells fishyyyyyy.....Who on earth with even a milligram of brain spend 2.4 million to buy a permit with such uncertainty? This whole story of permits is fabricated by vehicle dealers for their own benefits. .....
  8. Hasn't the government stopped the importation of vehicles using permits?
  9. Hi, I am planning to purchase the ACDelco Torque Wrench. Or Would it be good to go for a classical one 13 - 250 Nm2 Use: General repairs of the vehicle ......I can ask my Mechanic to use this thing
  10. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    CH-R needs RON 95 or above as per the euro pean user manual.
  11. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Bit of Research about the type of fuel needed for the Eclipse Cross revealed that the Octane 92 is fine with the vehicle. (JDM recommendation is : Regular gasoline) Though, I used Octane 95 to date, I would not continue so as it a waste of money......
  12. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    My suggestion is to download the Japanese User Manual of your car. Then, use google translator to find what you need. As an example, for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, even for the JDM version the recommendation is to use Regular Fuel. So, even for a such a Turbo engine, the ECU is tuned for a low octane fuel. Moreover, given the price difference between 92 and 95 I really concerned about possible frauds by fuel shed owners and transporters (you know this is Sri Lanka :))
  13. vitz

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    Post Deleted