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  1. Thanks. Oh, it looks Mitsu is relying on German Pollen filter for their vehicle line up. Its quite strange......... How did you find the equivalent part from Mann. How certain it is a genuine product? (got it from China or from Europe) Is there a big price advantage than buying from the Agent!!!!
  2. Time to replace airfilter....... The vehicle came with a air-filter made by "MANN FILTER, Germany" 7803A109. For my suprise, just a little web search found that Chinese make the counterfeit (I suppose) exactly resembles the original in physical appearance.....Perhaps we are paying quite lot of money to buy this counterfeit in Sri Lanka assuming It could be an original one.
  3. Tried to get 5W30 from Uni Mot... for my eclipse cross. These guys were kept on saying.....the recommendation of Mitsubishi Agents is to Use 0W20........... It looks the use of 0W20 is a kind of choice inculcated......
  4. Guys, The user manual of my vehicle recommends the use of Wiper Refills (Eclipse Cross). Could this be available in Sri Lanka (no luck with the Agent!!!)
  5. Guys, I am wondering why Civic 2018 is a kind of deviation to the good track record of the reliability of HONDA. Country of origin (UK) has anything to do with that? I am commenting on this with the background of rock solid rigidity of the GP1 (except the inherent oil burning issue). We used our GP1 for 170,000 km with just only regular oil/air filter change (minimum maintenance). Only issue came was that front links had to be replace. Many of my colleagues used Hondas had similar experiences.
  6. Just try this method to permanently switch off the SS function (hoping your Civic got a push type switch like in the eclipse Cross). it worked for me .
  7. By the way, the LED of the AS&G selector switch is for the night time illumination of the switch. So, the remaining part of the switch indicates that the switch is a simple mechanical one. But, still it questions me how it get reset after switch off the engine.....:(
  8. Yeah... Its a good thing in CHR. At least it's good that japanese vehicles gets an easily accessible switch. in 3008, it takes some time to find out the setting to switch off the SS that is integrated to the complicated display settings.
  9. The auto-stop & go function of many vehicles including EC is a real headache. Deactivation is also temporary as in the next start it activates again. I found an easy way out by forcing the S/S switch by inserting a small cardboard enough to slip into the gap (just one side will do) anywhere around the S/S switch. See the Fig. Below: Believe me, it does work . My worry is would it cause any harm to the electronics?. This is really not a push type mechanical switch, it rather an electronic switch as you can see in the diagram below (red circled). I really can't understand how this switch work as you can see it has a light emitting diode and a switch like thing. Perhaps, Auto electronics experts in the forum would be able to help me!!!
  10. vitz

    MG ZS EV

    Yeah.... Better avoid vehicles with production issues.....
  11. vitz

    MG ZS EV

    Nop.....I think we have discussed lot in the AL forum about this company.... What I felt was, they are reluctant serve up to the customer satisfaction. The vehicle I received had few assembling issues such as broken windscreen, patched up radiator.... They never accepted their faults and attended to my requests, lead to a huge cost for me to get repairs done. The Ssangyong Korando came with an inherent issue of Gear Box Failure. They never accepted the production failure and treated the customers accordingly. Finally, all the Korando buyers ended up with nearly 1 million repair after very low mileage. The clock spring of my vehicle failed. it took nearly 8 months to bring and fix the required part....how can a company put their customers at such risk by not supplying a safety related part without a delya.. The warranty they offer does not cover electronic parts.... I have seen may people spend quite lot of money for Chinese Geelys even during the warranty period.....So...I have my own doubts about electrical vehicles....
  12. vitz

    MG ZS EV

    On the top of that.....the Agent....Micro Cars......Oh man, I would not recommend to my worst enemy to purchase a vehicle from these people.....if you want, I can list out all nasty experiences I got during my ownership of Ssangyong Korando!!!! Never, ever think to buy something imported/assembled byMicro....
  13. This is called "Multifunctional Camera with Lidar" MFL. Same unit produced by "Continental-Germany" is used in Toyota Safety Sense C". There is a good chance that the Secia's unit would fit to RS.
  14. Guys, Don't you feel this is a Guerrilla marketing, where one guy is posting a question and same one provides the answer with marketing component!!! Anyways, its up to mods....
  15. Indeed, its always better to skip local joints, guys (as advertised above), as these people are just after grabbing some quick money and then forget the customer. If the agent provides the service, always its better to go to them as the market is full of counterfeits and cheap jobs.
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