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  1. vitz

    Tuning new 2019 CR-V

    That's normal. I always consider it as a joke to find out fuel figures in a city like kandy, colombo where we expect un-predictable traffic jams. Be happy about what you are getting. Don't believe what others say
  2. Glad to hear you got it fixed. I am wondering how it could cost so much given it is not such a big collision. Have you got a breakdown of costs....
  3. vitz

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    Hi, How you got the access to the original auction sheet. Is it easily accessible? Pls shed some infor...
  4. vitz

    Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

    The fuel consumption figures are not that bad given the size of the vehicle and the fact that it handles Oct 92 fuel. In moderate traffic in Kandy (morning school trip ), I am getting 11 -12.5 km/l figures (under careful driving). I always deactivate the auto-Stop-go function as I feel it is a nuisance. I could not check out the consumption on long trips. But comparing fuel consumption figures under crazy heavy traffic is meaningless. I really agree about the note on the sound quality. It produces really good quality sound with the pioneer AVH-ZL5150 which I fixed to mine. The G grade did not come with a reverse camera but with reverse sensors. I do not dare to fix a reverse camera by damaging vehicle wiring.
  5. vitz

    Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

    Thanks for the nice review. Being a user of EC G AWD (for a year now) I endorse your write up....
  6. vitz

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    Thanks for Sharing. It's a good eye opener.......
  7. vitz

    Any Korando User???

    Hi all, After using a Korando for 7 years (of course, got rid of it) following comments can be made.... 1. The vehicle gives an acceptable service for about 80000 km. Only minor repairs as broken door actuators, clock spring, degraded speakers (all 4). The interior held up really good without any rattles. 2. The drama starts after passing 90000 km. The auto-gear box failed (Australian Made DSI gear box). This is an inherent issue of Korando. It costs Rs. 800,000.00 to 900,000 to get is repaired by the agent :). 3. After fixing the gearbox, oh boy!!!! the Turbo unit and engine problems.....Cost Rs. 600,000. This is the quality of Ssangyongs experienced by myself.....Being a very careful user of vehicles, I guess the probability to happen these kind of failures is almost 95%..... Lesson Learnt: Never go for new brands pop up in the market from time to time (Same applies for DFSK too....Just remembered the intersting discussion going on the AL).... Better rely on brands people trusted for years....
  8. Indeed, because of this so-called warranty I took my wife's vehicle to one of the Kobe recommended service station in Kandy. To tell you guys, its a whole drama to grab money. In addition to essential material cost(oil, oil filter etc) they grabbed nearly 4000 Rs for things like degreasing things etc. One of the guys was insisting on me to apply a kind of chemical to engine bay which I totally refused. If it was done, they might have added another 1000 for chemical. But, nothing on the engine such as belts, boots etc even looked at. Nevertheless, I had to spend the whole day at the service station supervising stupid actions of unskilled workers. I don't see any use of going to this Kobe/sterling thing. Next time, I would do a DIY oil change at home (if you are skilled enough) and for the sake of completeness, I would take the vehicle to the agent @15000 km intervals. I did the same for my previous vehicles, everything was fine. I know if something bad happened to the vehicle I would not be able to depend upon this Kobe recommended garages. I have not heard anyone who has claimed this so-called warranty (perhaps there may be some pieces of evidence)
  9. Hi Dhaham, Frankly, I don't have an answer for this. If you ask from the agent they will definitely say "Yes". To share some experiences in this regard, I have been using 92 for my Eclipse Cross direct import from Japan. However, I can remember UM sales guys were boasting that the Australian/Japanese direct imported ones would not survive with 92 and UM imported ones are calibrated for our poor quality petrol. Still, I believe these are business gimmicks :).
  10. Regarding the use of Octane 92 for Euro imported 3008!!!! one of my colleague got sudden stop of engine after using 92 on 3008. He had to get it repaired.... However, before it happened he has used 92 occasionally but nothing had happened.
  11. vitz

    Garage Floor Material

    Trust me, it can bare the force created by the car jack. I've tried even 2000 kg Cross over. Though I don't usually do, better to place the jack on a wooden plank
  12. vitz

    Garage Floor Material

    For mine, homogenous (Rxxel) gave no problems for 8 years. I withstand lot of abuse, including jacking up the vehicle. But, make sure to get tiles laid by an experienced basunneha fello
  13. Great....that sounds that we can not expect any difference in 4B40 Mitsubishi EC engine of a JDM/Made for Australian Market/Unimo import!!!! I wanted to ask this because for according to the user manual of Australia/US, the minimum RON is 91, it looks that this should be applicable for JDM and other versions as well!!!!