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  1. vitz

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    I totall agree with IRage. Just by monitoring the AWD operating information on the meter cluster we can understand this nice piece of technology!!!!
  2. Thanks for sharing. There were some concerns about using the ATF changer when changing oil. Is it a recommended practice. Just I went through the CVT oil change procedure of Eclipse Cross given in the service manual, it recommends to drain the system, 1 time using new oil
  3. Just to share my experiences. We had to exchange our GP1 for a CHR from a Car Sale in Kurunegala. The car was heavily used clocked nearly 160,000 km. Since my wife used it her long daily drive, the interior was in mint condition. Recently, I checked the web-site of the car sale, to my surprise the car sales guys have rejuvenated the car, now it has done only 60000 km . The lesson, never trust these car salespeople either when buying a new or used car!!!!!
  4. vitz

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Based on my experiences on our second vehicle , I must say that Ch-r is a great vehicle for an enjoyable ride......People who don't bother about the weird passenger seat window designing.....would not have to have any reservations to buy this vehicle... What I like the most... - Stiff suspension - The steering feels really engaged like.... - Very solidly built with a very nice interior - Great pulling power (Initially I did not expect such a power in a 1.2 engine), - Reasonable fuel economy... our AWD can get easily 14 km/l, but with careful driving even can reach 17
  5. vitz

    Government Permit

    It looks not http://www.documents.gov.lk/files/egz/2019/10/2147-72_S.pdf
  6. vitz

    Government Permit

    Is this announcement imposed a restriction of selling/purchasing permits!!!!
  7. vitz

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    Guys, Thankful if one could share experienced-based information about the customs valuation of a Vezel RS (2019) and the luxury tax paid. Of course, this is under the prior assumption that the importer undervalues the CIF of the vehicle for 2 million yen.
  8. vitz

    Is Eco Racing Tablet is LEGIT???

    Unnecessary Imports those burn millions of hard-earned foreign currency of Sri Lankans. The government needs to have control over such imports those waste hard-earned money of people.
  9. thanks for the clarification.
  10. vitz

    Servicing bmw x1

    Its a question pops up always in my mind.... Why these euros (Audi's, Peugeots, Benz etc) can't be serviced (I am referring to routine service: oil change) by a reputed service station. Few of my colleagues have gray imports of Peugeot 3008 and they are really struggling to find out a place for regular service.... What are the issues here!!!!!! No oils/filters? Problems of technical expertise? Advanced technology needing special equipment?
  11. Gayanath The standard measure of oil viscosity by SAE refers that the last two digits of an oil refers to its viscosity at 100 Celcius. If we go with that there should be a quite a difference in viscosity between these oils at 100 c. Why such a narrow difference of viscosity @ 100 C between 20, 30 and 40 grades in the graph presented by you!!!! (May be a silly question, as my knowledge about this subject is very narrow :0))
  12. Its a really nice discussion. If one can share a graph showing the variation of the temperature of the engine after starting the vehicle, it will be a great help to relate Gayanath's interesting set of curves. Based on the facts presented by Gayanath, I too don't see a reason for deviating manufacturer's recommendation of using OW20 of most of vehicles. If we too concerned about temperature ranges Sri Lanka, I don't see a much difference in our temperatures with the summer Temp of many countries.
  13. Lancer EX has been my all-time favorite......Nice to see beauty. Norihiko Yoshimine took part in designing this beauty....but I am not sure whether he lost his spirt when designing the rear of Eclipse Cross
  14. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    I can't understand the reasons for such variation of oil specifications across countries. I understood that I am really ignorant on oil specifications. This diagram shows that the slot that for local temperature matches, 20W40 or 20W50 suits!!! Hardly, we use 20W40 for a new vehicle ne? would 0W20 be too thin under our conditions?
  15. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    Hi, This is the second time I DIY ed the oil change for the EC. The first one (@1000 km) was got done by UM. Indeed, the service station guys donot use the torque wrench. I have been doing the DIY for all vehicles I had for 3- 4 years now!!! I enjoy doing it. Today, I did the service of C-HR of my better half too....:) The total oil volume mentioned in the Service Manual is 4.3 L. I had little oil left in the can. Thinking of refilling after re-check the oil level in a couple of days. The Japanese manual recommends either 0w20 or 5W30. They have specifically recommended 0W20 for fuel-efficiency. I thought that better to use a thin oil since the car came with auto start and stop function. UM also uses 0W20. I could not find a user manual for an Australian/Russian market EC. But, US/Canada too the recommendation is 0W20. Glad to hear that oil pan plug gasket is available at UM workshops. Hopeful it is available in their sparepart outlets as well :). Many thanks for the infor.