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  1. vitz

    Garage Floor Material

    Trust me, it can bare the force created by the car jack. I've tried even 2000 kg Cross over. Though I don't usually do, better to place the jack on a wooden plank
  2. vitz

    Garage Floor Material

    For mine, homogenous (Rxxel) gave no problems for 8 years. I withstand lot of abuse, including jacking up the vehicle. But, make sure to get tiles laid by an experienced basunneha fello
  3. Great....that sounds that we can not expect any difference in 4B40 Mitsubishi EC engine of a JDM/Made for Australian Market/Unimo import!!!! I wanted to ask this because for according to the user manual of Australia/US, the minimum RON is 91, it looks that this should be applicable for JDM and other versions as well!!!!
  4. Hi Don, Thanks for the useful information. Do you think any differences of ECU programming of an engine for a JDM and same engine mated to export directly to SL from Japan?
  5. vitz

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Hey Hondaclub, I contacted the guy!!!! to me what he was saying was pretty strange. I just acted like a layman to get to know the guy. His first suggestion is to swap the engine with an Insight one costing Rs. 95,000. He did say that there is not such a problem with insight and he gonna swap the engine with little modification. But, we all know the truth of insights too. Then I asked for the piston replacement kit thing, his reply was it would be costly and not worth of the money spent on.... What I realized is this guy going after quick money with easy work!!!!! That's not professionalism!!!!!! Better stay away from him
  6. vitz

    Delay of shipping

    Even I doubt whether It has travelled through SL!!
  7. vitz

    Delay of shipping

    Following live tracking app says that it is in Durban right now :). I agree with iRage, often dealers are lying. In my case also, when I received vehicle documents, I got to know that the vehicle was shipped in another ship than what i was told. Don't rely much on the vehicle dealers, http://alltrack.org/9604914-636015657-vessel-gracious-ace-tracking
  8. You have a good point here. Probably, companies need to cut down the base value of vehicles by limiting safety options. Further, partly I do agree with the notion that this auto-breaking system is not suitable for our country, especially the pedestrian collision avoidance system. I narrowly missed few rear-collections due to morans who walk on the road and tailgating. I always, switch off the system when driving except on the highway. These systems are fine-tuned for the other part of the world having a proper road network and well-disciplined drivers and pedestrians. Though we can switch off these systems, always reactivated with next start I imported mine personally due to long waiting time at the Agent. However, best to import via the Agent since the warranty they provide. We never know complicated electronics in today's vehicles would fail......
  9. Yeah....You may not go wrong with EC. I have been using it for some time, but nothing to complain. Just a fun share below:
  10. But, MPI system adds a cleaning effect for valves avoiding carbon/sludge build up on intake valves. Of course in Pure GDI the chances of building up of carbon on intake valves are higher, if not properly tuned. Note this is a conference abstract: "A Study of GDI+MPI Engine Operation Strategy Focusing on Fuel Economy and Full Load Performance using DOE,DOI: 10.7467/KSAE.2014.22.3.042. The gasoline direct injection (GDI) system is considerably spreading in automotive market due to its advantages. Nevertheless, since GDI system emit higher particle matter (PM) due to its combustion characteristics, it is difficult to meet strengthened emission regulation in near future. For this reason, a combined GDI with MPI system, so-called, dual injection (DUI) system is being investigated as a supplemental measure for the GDI system. This paper focused on power and fuel consumption effect by injection mode strategy of DUI system in part load and idle engine operating condition. In this study, port fuel injectors are installed on 2.4 liters GDI production engine in order to realize DUI system. And, at each injection mode, DOE (design of experiment) method is used to optimize engine control parameters such as dual injection ratio, start of injection timing, end of injection timing, CAM position and so on. As a consequence, DUI mode shows slightly better or equivalent fuel efficiency compared to conventional GDI engine on 9 points fuel economy mode as well as MPI mode shows less fuel consumption than GDI mode during idle operation. Furthermore, DUI system shows improvement potential of maximum 2.0% fuel consumption and 1.1% performance compared to GDI system in WOT operating condition. Another One: The dual-port fuel injection system for fuel economy improvement in an automotive spark-ignition gasoline engine "https://doi.org/10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2018.04.027" Abstract The purpose of the present study was to investigate the performance of the dual-port injection (DPI) system in an automotive spark-ignition engine. The DPI system utilizes two port fuel injection (PFI) injectors per cylinder, i.e., one injector at each intake port. An original 4-cylinder PFI engine head was modified to accommodate total 8 PFI injectors. In the present study, three spray angles and two install configurations were investigated in the intake port visualization, steady-state part-load experiments, and cold-start experiment. The intake port spray visualization experiment showed that the wider fuel spray provided better fuel distribution, but also more wall wetting. The steady-state engine experiment at the several critical part-load conditions showed that the DPI system in combination with the open-valve-injection strategy achieved the most brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) reduction of 4.6%. The average BSFC reduction of the 9-point experiment was 2.8%. The cold-start experiment also showed a fuel economy gain by the DPI system. In the cold-start experiment the wider spray angle exhibited higher total hydrocarbon emission likely due to the greater wall wetting observed in the intake port spray images.
  11. Mitsubishi 4B40 employs Direct + Multipoint injection system. Any difference between Multipoint and Port Injection?
  12. Guys, As far as the Direct (GDI) and Port injection (MPI) engines are considered, it is often said that the port injection engines are better in terms of the durability, ex- less bulding up of sludge on intake/exhaust valves, low cost of replacements. Problems related to GDI could become severe when mated with a turbo unit (in case of oil leaks etc). Due to combined benefits, many manufacturers nowadays are going for GDI and MPI combined engines....e.g. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 4B40 engine!!!!. However, it seems the C-HR (8NR-FTS) still uses a GDI engine. Why Toyota still relying on GDI? and is that indicate potential problems in C-HR in the future......
  13. vitz

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Guys, are following items needed for a break/caliper related DIY is available in Sri Lanka, if where I can buy them: 1. Silicone paste (Si Based lubricant) for lubricating guide pins. I know our mechanics use grease called "Rubber Grease - Seiken", is it a sort of Si based product? 2. Copper-based anti-sieze lubricant ( for break pad guiding sleeves and shims) 3. Thread locker
  14. vitz

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Many thanks for sharing your experiences....