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  1. abcjayasinghe

    Permit Price For Usd 25000

    USD 25,000/- permit still remains expensive- 1.7M as per y'day.
  2. abcjayasinghe

    Disturbing Sound While Driving..!

    Sorry for the delayed update..! Finally sorted the thing out! It was funny that none of the mechs I went to could find the simple issue there, until I figured it out myself. (Thank you Sampath Gunasekera!, saved by your technique) Strangely it turned out to be the right hood hinge giving some abnormal sound at specific speads. Oiled both the hinges and the sound was all gone. Thanks everyone !
  3. abcjayasinghe

    Permit Price For Usd 25000

    These tend to change frequently with market trends and rumours cos' there's no such thing called "correct price" for the permits but, it'll stabilize once this turbulance is past. If you're interested in buying, I guess you'd better wait .
  4. abcjayasinghe

    Permit Car Price List

    That's 'cos they are offered under two different permits as two other members have explained..
  5. abcjayasinghe

    Great Places To Eat When Driving Outstation

    "Geen park" restaurant at kegalle about 400m from famous Ambasewana (towards pilimathalawa) also deserves mentioning IMO, a small but pretty decent place with very good food.
  6. abcjayasinghe

    Looking For A Reliable Mechanic In Kandy

  7. abcjayasinghe

    Looking For A Reliable Mechanic In Kandy

    Thanks maheshw
  8. abcjayasinghe

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    If you like pure martial arts movies(without computer generated effects) you would like this( especially last fighting scenes). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg6IiGjJyM4
  9. abcjayasinghe

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    Strange storyline.. but, wonderful imagination... Inception(2014)
  10. abcjayasinghe

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    Has anyone watched "summer in february (2013)? A good movie........... here goes the trailer....
  11. abcjayasinghe

    Looking For A Reliable Mechanic In Kandy

    Hope pro members in kandy area can shed some light on this. Saw a separate thread on "good mechanics/ garages" started with good intention in the forum but sadly it was all about colombo.
  12. abcjayasinghe

    Looking For A Reliable Mechanic In Kandy

    Thanks Suranee for the eye opener... Please let us know that place; at least the location (hope this's not violating the rules ) so that AL members can avoid it at all cost. regards !
  13. Actually this goes to AL members residing in and around Kandy area. I need to get the suspension system and bushings checked in my Toyota Vitz (2008 model). Appreciate if you could recommend me a reliable mechanic in kandy/ Matale area for this job. I don't want to go to the agents cos' they won't let the me watch what they're doing (and more importantly, I don't want to get "ripped off"). Thanks!
  14. abcjayasinghe

    Hybrid Vs Non-Hybrid

    Wondering why discussions on hybrids always end up in a negative note..! Probably Hybrid technology is still far from being perfect.
  15. abcjayasinghe

    Hybrid Vs Non-Hybrid

    IMO you already have the answer to your question. If hybrids are not as efficient as they claim to be, then you can live happily with your non-hybrid. Why would you ever bother about Hybrids?