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  1. 2011 Audi A4 1.8T review

    yes, there is an oil consumption issue in these cars, pretty common for petrol turbocharged engines from that era. The oil consumption varies from vehicle to vehicle. usually, you have to fill about one liter in between 8000km service interval if you use the vehicle in heavy traffic areas.

    What!!! 40K for a routine lubrication service. this can't be accurate.
  3. Porsche cayenne - Hybrid

    How do you directly import parts from Germany? I tried E-bay but most of the time parts are cheaper at the company when shipping cost is considered.
  4. Diesal Converted Mercedes Benz

    what do you mean by compatible?
  5. Beware: Darley Road Accessory Sellers

    You should have driven to a police station rather than paying a ransom.
  6. Porsche cayenne - Hybrid

    This is what I found doing my own research. Hybrid system in Porsche is comparatively reliable in our local conditions. In fact agent has never replaced a hybrid related component in Sri Lanka. Extended warranty up to 10 years is available with agents (240K per year). Most of the service components are shared with other VW family vehicles ( Audi Q7/ VW Toureg). Thus service items could be locally sourced. Brake and suspension components are unique for Porsche and have to sourced from the local agent. Since the Hybrid version is very uncommon in the UK ( in fact TDI version is more fuel efficient and cheaper in UK market) will face a difficulty in importing used spare parts.
  7. Porsche cayenne - Hybrid

    Any help, please?
  8. Porsche cayenne - Hybrid

    Guys, I need your help on deciding to buy a Porsche cayenne - Hybrid 2012. How is the hybrid system holding up with our local conditions? How good is the agent support? Any independent service providers ( V***wa motors for VW/Audi... )? Cost of maintenance compared to other European makes?
  9. Hyundai TrajetĀ 

    See how the conversion is done. If it is is a shoddy conversion you will face a tragedy. I don't know why people tend to do diesel conversions. where they can simply pump petrol for the irrecoverable cost involved and maintain the vehicle in its original condition.
  10. From my experience, Euro diesel's are more reliable than their petrol counterparts. Higher Torque No engine oil consumption as petrol vehicles Disadvantages Since these cars are permit imports lesser number of options compaired to petrol version. Timing belt has to be replaced at 60K or in five years.
  11. Viva Elite for 5 years from now on

    Never visit auto miraj. it is just a glorified makbass spot. where so called advisers don't know shit about vehicles. Do search in the viva elites where I have mentioned the entire cost.
  12. Viva Elite for 5 years from now on

    If you maintain it properly it will not trouble you.
  13. There was a 2011 diesel A4 for around 6.0M couple of months back also a high mileage petrol for 5.8M.
  14. Toyota Allion Or Premio (2016) ?

    Am I the only person facing a difficulty of understanding the accent of the presenter.
  15. Timing belt replacement - Maruti Zen

    Small correction. 100,000km or every five years.