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  1. peugeot407

    Viva Elite Community

    Last time when I visited UNIMO repairs were handled by apprentices without any supervision and they are clueless of what they are doing. Unfortunately, this the common practice at most of the agents.
  2. peugeot407

    Jaguar Workshop

    Where are you located?
  3. peugeot407

    Nissan Presea

    If its manufactured for US market tuner will usually skip two decimals.
  4. peugeot407

    Japanese Car News

    What's wrong with Mitsubishi these days. Visibly it must have a high drag coefficient, especially with those inverted lights.
  5. Try buying a used Japanese one. Far better than the cheap Chinese crap sold in the market.
  6. peugeot407


    Thanks for sharing. In your post, you mentioned that your friend replaced air filter, oil filter and oil for 13000/= which is misleading. Air filter has not been changed. The service which was charged Rs. 6000 is an intermediate labor-free (every third consecutive service) service without changing the oil filter. You have excluded the VAT charged on this invoice. I am just sharing the prices of a Jaguar 2200CC Diesel service cost at agents. Please note that you can't compare the service cost of a diesel JAG with a Toyota Corolla because service costs of a diesel are inherently expensive compared to a petrol, considering the larger engine size which requires more Oil and JAGs are expensive compared to German counterparts.
  7. peugeot407


    Why don't you share the TL the invoice? I am curious about the cost you have mentioned.
  8. peugeot407


    Just now I inquired from TL prices for the below items for NKE 165 AXIO Hybrid Genuine oil filter - 2652/= Genuine Air filter - 5682/= Toyota conventional Oil 10W-30 - 4646/= So the cost of parts amounts to Rs. 12,980/=. So, could you please explain to me how on earth you manage to do a full service for Rs. 13000?
  9. peugeot407

    DSG Gearbox

    Is it the TDI model? I have been using a TDI version here in Sri Lanka. However, this particular model is equipped with a conventional 6-speed gearbox and it also starts from the 2nd gear. I think it is normal because of the higher torque the engine produces.
  10. peugeot407

    Peugeot 5008 Service

    Better to stick with carmart. If you have already brought down a gray import ideal motors may assist you with service.
  11. peugeot407

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    No,2018 Premio should do 23.9845 on long distance trips.
  12. peugeot407

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Are you quoting this YouTube donkey to establish your point. well I feel sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. As for this guy the only car that you should buy and keep is Toyota AE100 series corolla...
  13. peugeot407

    ABS of Viva Elite

    GO FOR THE ABS MODEL. In my experience of using a ABS equipped viva for the last decade ABS has saved my life and vehicle on countless occasions . Do not compromise safety at any cost, ultimately you will regret it in an unfortunate event. Also ABS does not require any additional maintenance and the system is pretty reliable. The only occasion where ABS cost me extra was when replacing the rear wheel hubs. This particular part for the ABS equipped model comes with the inbuilt ABS sensor therefore, one hub unit was around Rs. 20000 whereas, for the non-ABS variant you can only replace the hub racers at cost of 5000.
  14. Most recommended is obviously agent imported vehicle
  15. peugeot407

    Servicing Audi A!

    Another strict follower of the user manual drafted for some other conditions. I have seen this trend among Suzuki Wagon R users where they use 0W20 in Sri Lanka and they argue that company is using wrong oil. For VW group vehicles agent recommends changing oil at 7500km. This is based on our local condition and for the tropicalized version of this vehicle. However if you are not using the vehicle in severe traffic conditions you can extend it up to 10000km. Since your vehicle is a gray import and manufactured to different conditions better to adhere with stringent service intervals and service it in 7500km or 12 months. The recommended oil for our conditions is 5W40 Castrol EDGE fully-synthetic.