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  1. Try searching for a used one. When installing a used rack it is important to perform proper learning sequence through a capable scanner.
  2. One of the most overpriced and under performing bikes available in the market.
  3. You can find the answer to your problem if you analyze the airline industry. Do wonder why airlines are disposing 20 year old aircrafts which are maintained to the book.
  4. It depends on your driving style. However, it should do around 9 to 11 in traffic conditions.
  5. Your car doesn't have have ABS. It is only equipped with Air bags.
  6. One positive outcome of this new tax scheme will be that we will not see any new threads asking " What to buy ? Toyota Corolla or Audi A4"
  7. You are absolutely correct. Some times I have received quotations from them which are significantly expensive than Senok. In many occasions they use counterfeit chinese spares at the price of genuine parts. Better to avoid them. Earlier they provided a good service but with the recent boom in VW vehicles there service has deteriorated and Lalana was one of the genuine technicians.
  8. It seems like our local engineers have ruined your engine. All the systems that you have removed is there to prevent black smoke specially the EGR. Now your engine is running in a different state and false information is fed into the ECU.
  9. I once called them and they were clueless about a minor Jaguar problem. There was a guy near Paliyagoda who is specialized in JLR.
  10. Yes it is normal . The average lifespan of Viva elite battery is around 1.5 to 2 years.
  11. Last time when I visited UNIMO repairs were handled by apprentices without any supervision and they are clueless of what they are doing. Unfortunately, this the common practice at most of the agents.
  12. Where are you located?
  13. peugeot407

    Nissan Presea

    If its manufactured for US market tuner will usually skip two decimals.
  14. What's wrong with Mitsubishi these days. Visibly it must have a high drag coefficient, especially with those inverted lights.
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