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  1. The Capri in your banner looks stunning! Any more photos of her?

    1. Hoonigan


      Thank you :) I have an entire build log from beginning to end here in Autolanka. Search for "Project Capri" and you should be able to find the thread

  2. Hoonigan

    Project A72V

    If I remember right, what we did with the Capri is to wire a set of sealed beams through relays can't remember how many but I believe it was just one relay. the objective was to have lights without frying the wiring. Unless you're going for an absolute, no-compromise concourse restoration, the sensible thing would be to wire up new lights with relays. I used a set of LEDs (the kinds with the fan attached) in the headlights on one of my bikes. The light output is great and has way less strain on the battery. The light is white so they are legal. As long as the LEDs you plan to use are yellow or white, cops won't bother you. And personally I think red would be a tad too much.
  3. Hoonigan

    Car Windows Tint

    It would I guess. The adhesion is quite strong and I doubt the defrost lines will survive. I went ahead anyway because of the size and angle of the rear glass, the tops of the back seats and anyone sitting in them were getting toasted during day time.
  4. Hoonigan

    Car Windows Tint

    I went with CR70 all around myself on my daily. No hinderance to visibility at night and the heat reduction is very noticeable. Without a gradient (darker tint in the rear) it looks like a factory shaded glass as you mentioned and is very subtle. Doesn't look tacky like the limo tint in the back, lighter tint in the front look most are going for.
  5. Hoonigan

    Car Windows Tint

    Almost every vehicle? really? @kusumsiri quoted what's mentioned on the .gov website. It's illegal to tint the windshield and driver, passenger windows. period. As with every other 'modification' these days, you can be copped anytime. Whether you want to run the risk or not is up to you.
  6. Dish soap will strip wax just fine. Besides, if you do a cut and polish, it will take off the wax and then some anyway
  7. Hoonigan

    Upsizing wheels

    Maybe something you don't want to hear, but it sounds like you settled on the Alto with an idea of upgrading soon-ish? If that's the case, maybe you want to reconsider if you want to spend on non-essential add ons. Investments like these rarely adds to the recovery at the point of sale. But if you still want to go ahead, pull one of the wheels out (maybe your spare doesn't have the same markings as the other wheels) and find the offset. You may even be able to find it if you google. Then, figure out which wheels you want to go for and get the offset, diameter and width of those wheels. Feed those into the site below and it will say exactly how much the wheel will move within the wheel well and you should be able to figure out any clearance issues. https://www.willtheyfit.com/
  8. Hoonigan

    Importing Left Hand Drive Suv To Sri Lanka

    Hello, apologies for the late response as I don't come around the forum as often. I opted to sell the Jeep in Doha instead of trying to bring it over. RHD conversion cost and the exorbitant tax when landed made it a pointless financially. Plus the paperwork and red-tape to work around is also very offputting. With a 9 year old vehicle, it may be a little more viable but that's a decision you have to weigh out yourself.
  9. Hoonigan

    buying my first car

    March K11? E36?
  10. Hoonigan

    Fiat 127

    If you are concerned with spending too much money on an old car, try and find a restored one with as little left to do as possible. I can pretty much guarantee that you will end up spending more if you tackle a ground up restoration.
  11. Hoonigan

    Upgrading the front bumper..

    What a coincidence, I was looking at the same bumper for myself. I'm keeping a direct import as a second option do avoid the concerns that you have pointed out. Don't think anyone sells them locally, All online vendors I've found carry them as 'ready to paint' so you'll have to get it painted locally anyway. I've asked someone who imports parts from Malaysia to have a look around and let me know the price and whatnot. PM me for details if you want to get in on that.
  12. Hoonigan

    Project Capri (The Second)

    Looks mean dude itching to see this tearing up roads!
  13. Hoonigan

    BMW e34 520i

    Best bet is to check with the garages specializing in them. Forum members VVTi and Bugatti run a workshop who might be able to help find you one. I've seen a few nice E34s frequent another workshop in the Koswatta area. And of course you can pay a visit to the BMW specialist as well.
  14. Hoonigan

    Honda hornet 250

    Welcome to the forum. Whichever bike you buy, be sure to go through the paperwork with a fine toothed comb. Quite a lot of the 250cc+ bikes are illegal imports running on creatively acquired registration. So checking that would be Job number 1
  15. Hoonigan

    Best Wi-Fi Connection

    Filtering MAC addresses sorted my issue out. What I wanted to highlight was the fact that they did quite a bit to help me resolve the issue. They even sent two techs to my place the very next day.