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  1. The Gulf countries are all left-hand drive so no use looking to Japan for 2nd hand vehicles. I wonder why India isn't a huge market for Japanese 2nd hand cars. Is it that import duties makes them uncompetetive against the local brands?
  2. About the Sirasa Auto program mentioned above ; Mildly annoying is time wasting prduction fluff . I am unaware of the technical media term for it but watch from 0: 53 to 1:35 .to see what I mean.
  3. Reading the below article it states that Euro Cars , the only offical factory dealership for Lambos in Sri Lanka, has yet to sell a lambo. They say the car costs them 25 million rupees. The Gov. tax is 65 millon and the car will be sold for 91 million. So they only make 1 million rupees . I assume they don't pay the government tax until they sell a car but even so for just 1 million profit they have to spend 25 million on the car and then there is the cost of the premises and the day to day expenses. What am I missing here, because it seems like they can't turn a profit. http://www.adaderana.lk/bizenglish/only-two-lamborghini-owners-in-sri-lanka-reveals-micro-cars-chief/ Incidentally the article says there are only 2 lambos in SL and neither was sold through Euro Cars.
  4. Mahogany windows and doors. It was only a year ago that we had them sanded down to bare wood , stained then varnished with a HVLP sprayer. Already the weather has taken its toll on the stain and the wood windows and doors need refinishing, Is there any place in Colombo that sells Urethane sealer for wood, preferably Marine grade urethane. Thanks
  5. Need a good welding firm, preferably today Sunday the 25th , to come to my house in Colombo to do some welding on steel security spikes/grill . Can anyone suggest some top welding contractors/firms ? For welding steel security wall spikes/grill to mild steel 0.5 inch to shafting/rods. Thank You
  6. How many holes and what size were they? How many cubic inches will a cartridge give? I got like 14 holes that will receive 0.5 inch diameter steel bar stock (aka steel shafting) of 10 inches length So we are looking at a volume of early 2 cubic inches per hole (0.5 inch diameter hole), so 28 cubic inches total but this is for the full volume of the hole . I assume the hole isn't completely filled as the rod being inserted will displace all most all of the chemical anchor?
  7. Wall is 10 inches wide/thick . So fi I use 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch steel rod with 1 foot of it below the surface , will it be fine? Aesthetics is a big deal for me but safety is a greater concern .
  8. Hey guys, what do you think of this revised plan? Instead of rebar and inerting it into deep (10 inch) hole in the brick, I was thinking of welding a steel plate the length of the spike assembly to the bottom of the spikes. Then drilling holes in the steel plate to accept anchor bolts that will be set in the wall. Black = spike assembly Solid Red = steel plate welded to bottom of spike assembly Grey = brick wall Green dots on brick wall = anchor bolts Green dots on Red steel plate = hole to accept anchor bolts ---- So anyone think anchor bolts for this application will hold safely in brick?
  9. Can't put glass shards, propective tennents and neighbour won't like it.
  10. Heading back to the US soon so may not buy one here. Ofcoure this means I can't use my DeWalt now but will be back in a few months and may bring one with me.
  11. The application is attaching anti-climb spikes on top of a brick wall. The spikes are the kind that have a pointed top and another curved pointed bit facing in 1 direction. Was thinkin of welding rebar rod every 2 or 3 feet to the spike assembly then sticking the rebar into pre-drilled holes in the brick . I will fill the holes with a cement+sand mixture or concrete prior to inserting the rebar. I was told rebar is not a good candidate for welding. I chose rebar because it has threaded surface so will grip the cement mortar or concrete well. But now I think I'll just go with regular steel rod. Below picture is like what I am aiming for .Since brick is soft unlike concrete, do I have a problem? Black = Spike assembly Red = rebar or steel rod Green arrows = where the bottom horizontal steel rod that runs the length of the spike assembly will sit (on the wall surface)
  12. Need to set rebar in pre drilled hole in brick wall . Know where I can get Anchoring cement or Anchoring epoxy ? I am told that regular concrete or cement based mortar shrinks when it sets so the rebar will be loose in the hole. Will try FINCO in Kolupitiya tomorrow. Was wondering of other specialist concrete or anchor systems retailers? Know about Hilti and will try them too, I know they have chemical anchors/adhesives for anchor bolts and steel rod .
  13. Went to Silvertones today; they could build an enclosed 3kva transfor but the cost is 50,000 rs ....ouch! About a week ago went to a shop in Pettah who said they could build 3kva for 30-35,000 rs. Orel Solutions does not have such high wattage transformers in stock and can only order 1000watt but said I could check Farnell website and see if they have a 3kva. Will go to Robert agencies tomorrow and ask if they have a 3kva even though their website only lists 2000 watt.
  14. Have not come across a step down transformer in the 3kva range. About a week ago I walked into an electrical shop in Pettah (name starts with D) that said they could build one for me but the price was too high at 30-35,000 rs for a 3kva transformer. I went to Silvertones today and they quoted me 50,000 rs for 3kva. Orel Solutions said they could order but highest wattage was 1000 watt. While my DeWalt miter saw is only about 1850 watt , I was told it would be best to get a 2.5 kva or higher wattage transformer because of start up load and because the max wattage listed on isolating transformers (usually) is peak power and not continuous load. Not heard about transformers higher than 2000 watts. Robert's website lists 2000 watt transformer , but I don't know the price.
  15. I buy a lot of Diamond brand Tuna , usually consume about 2-3 large tins a weak. Tuna is supposed to have elevated levels of mercury (worldwide) so eating it in moderation is advised; I ofcourse am eating way too much of it. It is from Thailand , same as the Tuna I buy in the US.
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