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  1. Mates .. Thanks you very much for your quick responses. Agree with Kush, we rarely using some of the functions attached to the car. However we still like to have them 😊 Have you heard of any bad comments yet on new Vitara (2019)? or What are the negatives of the vehicle?
  2. Dear Experts Im looking for a Compact crossover with a budget of Rs 6 Mn. Presently had a look of Suzuki Vitara and MG. Though I like the outlook of Vitara it gives only simple options. Any advise from you. Thanks
  3. Sylvi Do you know anyplace i can get this done - I live in Pelawatta
  4. Thaks guys for info passed. thought to go to Delkanda and get kind of idea. Sylvi, Yes it is my own one. Yes You have apoint. But i just wanted to fix it only considering the outlook effects of it.
  5. Hi Guys - Im new to the forum. I'm having a Suzuki Swift 2008 Model (Japanese). Need to fit FOG lights for it. Where we can get done it??
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