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  1. ohhhh sorry for the delay folks ;-) was busy with your wife :-)
  2. Agreed with u Hoonigan. what u saying also plays a major role
  3. Ha Ha Ha :-)
  4. hi hi still going back to mud ne machang :-P it was just a correction error. u know which comes when u right click on a words u typed. hope u grown enough to understand that buddy. but if brain is not enough tell me, i'll be more than happy to explain again :-)
  5. Appreciate it Rumesh88 . Good to have these kind of conversation to purify blood :-)
  6. Finally Liya showing some brain improvement :-) Good to see that bro.
  7. Fianly someone with some sense. Thank you Sampathd !!! You and your family are happy about these SUVs. I thought major reason must be some sort of technical issue. But you have cleared that part. Thank you !!
  8. I'm not up to elakiri or anything brother. If it doesn't suite u don't comment. just keep quite. You know, every idiot is a geniuses till the y speak. so u know what i mean. Majority here like to boast about what they know about land rovers and posh stuff... Be a lil down to earth, be humble enough to teach something to someone in a good way. I asked something I notice and observed. I think it was my mistake to bring this up with u guys.
  9. Okay I think majority in this community are morons with the thought of they are "Porawal". I don't know why these people are reluctant to show they don't know. If you u can read the topic and if you don't know why or anything, y the hell bother to comment. This is just a time waste. Should mention the good people here also. Anyway Thanx everyone for your thoughts :-)
  10. There is a reason for everything VVTi
  11. well I am asking the people who have some sort of knowledge on this Korean SUVs or with related experience. Why these cows shouting :-) Any idiot can see even from Autolanka website that there are lot of Korean SUVs going under value. Mr.VVTi birds fly cos they involve nature easiest way. Survival of fittest matters. will discuss this in a new topic, or your next question I really don't know why your father married your mom, may be love or arranged. But what I really don't understand is why you were born :-P That should be discuss with your parents thoroughly ;-) Thank you RWD for your thought. Guess it plays a major role. So either these Korean vehicles has issue with built quality or it's just a thought of sri lankan people. Cos as I heard they give 160,000km warranty in some parts of USA.(Not sure). What I'm appealing is to these Hypocrite is if you don't have any idea, just shut up and FXXX off.
  12. ok genius Supra_Natural. I see you are a porak with 3,843 posts and with your next one it'll be 3,844. I just brought something happening in the market to discus with some real pros. (U know real pros ;-)} So as u said, if u not an owner who is selling SUV or a person with some kind of knowledge, please don't be stupid and comment Thank you Pericles for your thoughts
  13. Yeap you'll be able to find hire a van for the cost of fuel per 2 cars. Besides no fun when the crew is separated to 2 vehicles.
  14. As per my knowledge you can. It has some hills but road is not so bad. Obviously you won't be needing A/C which will increase your vehicle pulling power more. In my opinion you should be good to go . Enjoy your tour !!!
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