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  1. s.madura

    Repairing Alloy Wheels (Kerb Damage)

    very neat job Davy... looking forward to see more pictures when RallyArt wears these.
  2. s.madura

    Repairing Alloy Wheels (Kerb Damage)

    Hoping to see photos of the completed job soon. :-)
  3. s.madura

    PreseaLover's soundgimmicks.com

    @PreseaLover Good Job. UI/UX need bit of a revamp to attract users and need to kill the static look. hopefully you can achieve it in the future. Happy to know if you wish to share. really what was behind this idea
  4. s.madura

    Help With My New Cs3

    Nicely Done Vidura. Good Job!!
  5. s.madura

    Help With My New Cs3

    have you fixed the Double din player as well? please share pictures
  6. New Lancer EX, looks like they have given up that appealing aggressive Look. :(

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    2. terrabytetango


      Allion/Premio is the only Toyota JDM saloon in recent history to go through 3 facelifts. And the thing is, there are people buying them, at 8 million a pop.

    3. Davy


      Now now @asrock, don't insult the Lancer. It's not that bad. :)

      Honestly though, Mitsubishi hasn't done justice to their flagship sedan for a decade while Subaru has produced three new Impreza models since 2007. That's just plain disappointing. According to the prevailing situation, I wonder if Mitsubishi will ever be as good as it once was.

    4. terrabytetango


      Doubt it. I mean take the Montero/Pajero/Shogun, 17 fkn years with the same design being reworked over and over again. It's like they just don't care about it anymore, which is a pity because the Pajero from 83 was ground breaking in so many ways.

  7. s.madura

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    +1 for changing lights but has to go along with rear bumper skirts.
  8. s.madura

    Help With My New Cs3

    you can source the ignition coil for CS3 from local market. I did it from 5upr3m3 m0t0r5 delkanda and if i can recall correctly it cost me around 6500-7000K. You can give them a call and check prices as well. Also I had to replaced them as head of coil came off the plug wire - while servicing - and not because rubber was swollen as @Davy mentioned. I did change it from the adjacent garage to the shop as i did not worry too much about the place as it was not a big job.
  9. s.madura

    Mitsubishi Lancer Recall due to faulty airbag

    Thanks trinity, Davy& Heshan and others for letting us know. i just checked with UM and they confirmed me mine not under the recall list. further they mentioned they have received set of chassis numbers from Mitsu which are subjected to this recall.
  10. s.madura

    Lancer Cs3 Double Din Conversion

    Hi, as Davy said before, both has same type of knobs and it is just a matter of swapping these two stickers which can be done easily. However in my case those were in the right places.
  11. s.madura

    DIY steering wheel skin/cover

    Wow well done. as others said. pretty neat job like right out of the factory. I know how hard this is after my failed attempt. Davy you might have noticed
  12. s.madura

    Converting Manual Doors To Power Shutters

    Trinity, if i'm correct you can't fix original power shutter switch - specially the master - to the pre-face lift version. it does not have enough space fix the switch. hence i don't think even door frame is having required slots to fix screws and all. Further used master switch itself cost you around 12K and hard to find. And yes as Trinity said, doors can be sourced comparatively easy if you are living around Colombo. i would suggest you to swap doors if you really want to convert from manual to power doors.
  13. s.madura

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    haha. reason i can remember very well as even i found the contact details you had posted on the thread which i used to buy the spoiler at that time
  14. s.madura

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    you might find the contact details to CS spoiler if you had gone through very same thread little bit more
  15. s.madura

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    wow!!! looking awesome machan. I'm losing my patience now