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  1. Checked the car today morning and yes it was bloody crack on silencer joint. . Taken to Elcardo, Nawala as per recommendation and they welded that. Now its OK. Thanks for the help and advises given everyone.
  2. Yeah mate. . I honour to my car. Mmm... that means I need to contact the service agent. Thanks for your advice
  3. Previous time, yes when engine runs some times the sound gone away. But this time the sound keeps... Yeah sound is coming from the engine, seems others are ok
  4. I requested the recommended details directly from Nissan customer care center Yeah. I suspect that was caused for my first issue. That's why I decided to go with 30 By referring most of blogs/threads. Thank you for the advice. Thanks mates for your kind helps regarding this. I feel the thing I did was not bad. But my doubt is the sound that produced after recent service. They replaced oil filter (as normally in regular service), air filter (That was pretty dusty) and oil change.
  5. Hello, I have Nissan March AK-12 (YOM 2007) and currently done 72k. Recently I have noticed when I start it (cold start) engine running with bit rough sound and after engine running few minutes that sound decreasing gradually. I suspect that due to the engine oil that it used and I have checked with the service agents. They used 20W-50 Castrol GTX oil which is not recommended for AK-12 as per the manual. Couple of days back I have taken my car to have the regular service and I asked them the issue I had and use a lower viscosity engine oil. This time they used 5W-30 Castrol GTX mineral oil for my engine. After service is done I travelled 500km ride and noticed the engine sound is bit increased than previous and when I accelerate it produce a sound coming from beat silencer. I visually checked under the bonnet and there were no any suspicious remark like oil leakage. I’m so worried about this and I’m clueless about this. Is this happened due to oil change or any other reason? Does it want to flush the engine before use different grade oil? Car engine model - CR12DE Recommended engine oil – 0W-20 Thanks, Buddika
  6. Hello Friends, I’m experiencing a strange thing that my car (AK 12) giving a continuous ‘beep… beep…’ sound when I apply the brake. That ‘beep…’ alarm is buzzing until release the brake paddle. There is no dashboard indicators are appearing also. This is not happened always but most of the time it happened. I don't have any idea why that happens, please share me if you are having any thoughts on that. Thanks
  7. I don't have it @maheshw. . Problem is I’m unable to isolate the issue as this not occurs always. I thought to replace the battery first and before that I decided to post this here to look any other better option.
  8. Hello, My car has an intelligent key. Recently when I try to turn the ignition switch it doesn’t allow to turn and key indicator lights in red. Then I place the key very near to ignition switch for few seconds, and then I can turn the ignition switch as usual way. After that the key indicator is blinking in green for 5-6 minutes and off. I have a doubt on believing the reason for this issue would be because of the draining key’s battery, but still I can turn on and off the door locks reasonable distance away from the car. Actually will this be a battery draining problem?
  9. Thanks @Supra_Natural for the info. I haven't tried on there. Pitshop is a service point managed by A*W. Isn't it? Do they provide the services cheaper than Nissan service? I'm curious.
  10. Thanks @Charith. Its a really useful thread. However I have missed it. Yeah @Supra_Natural. That was my concern. I have asked about the cost to having a engine tune-up and they said that will take around 30k. I found some threads where some people express their views and mentioned the cost of tune-up far far less than agent's price. Normally for regular service of my car, I spend some money more than average price of other reputed car care stations, but I'm very pleased with their service. Actually my intention was to get some idea about those intervals because I'm still searching a service manual for my car.
  11. I drive Nissan March AK12, 2007 model which having 55k Km mileage. The mileage was around 38k Km when I bought it. I do the car service every 5k Km intervals from A*W, it just a regular service. Could you please advise me on the intervals (Km or duration) do I need to; 1. Change the ATF fluid. 2. Change the Brake fluid. 3. Change the power steering fluid. 4. Tune-up the engine. 5. A/C service. Thanks
  12. Thanks MasterDon & Schiffer Was this occurred by not doing wheel balancing after replacing tires?
  13. Guys, I had 165/70-R14 Goodyear tire (stock tires) in my AK12. I have recently replaced both front tires and replaced with 185/70-R14 MAXXIS tires. The shop owner asked me to have a wheel balancing after replacing tires. I drove in the expressway and felt that my car was consuming more fuel than previous times. Could anyone tell me the relationship between increasing of the tire size, wheel balancing and fuel consumption. Thanks.
  14. I’m seeking an owner manual/ service manual of Nissan March AK12 (2007 model). If anyone has, please share with me.
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