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  1. AcidRain

    Buying vehicle with a Personal Contract Plan

    Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs
  2. AcidRain

    Buying vehicle with a Personal Contract Plan

    sorry, I don't have it actually. I also got interested after seeing the payment model.
  3. Hi guys, Has anyone in here tried to get a vehicle through https://autodirect.lk/ ? Vehicles has to be buy based on a PCP (Personal Contract Plan) which seems attractive as the monthly payment comes down considerably compared to a conventional leasing payment. However, eventually paying similar amount as the lease. Just want to know pros/cons of this approach if anyone has already tried this in here or abroad. Thanks in advance
  4. AcidRain

    Honda Civic Type-R Fd1

    Front bumper seems to be modified. Anyway, here are another 2 photos(first two photos in the thread).
  5. AcidRain

    Honda Civic Type-R Fd1

    Hi, I'm interested about Honda Civic Type-R FD1( this car -> http://www.hondatuningmagazine.com/features/htup_1207_2006_honda_civic_fd1/photo_01.html). I have seen few around in Colombo. But I haven't seen any advertisement about this Type-R models. I guess those are personally imported ones. Does anyone know the price of this car in Sri Lanka ? Also, how to get one here ? Cheers...