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  1. aruntantan

    2008 Toyota Passo Market

    Wife was using a 2004/2007 model and sold it for 2.3 mil, around one year back.
  2. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    @alpha17 yes its Excel-G. See the attachment.
  3. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    135,000 km on ODO. Was using the factory fitted one. It was the KYB Japanese one, not sure its Excel-G, will confirm, once I get back home, have the boxes with me. Planning to change the rear ones also, since they are also the factory fitted shocks.
  4. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    I've replaced front pair, and rear shocks was ok. Shocks are replaed in pairs.
  5. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    Yeah, had a visual inspection, bump test, and finally had a test run, most of them are negative. then lift the car and removed the shocks, boy they look nasty. After the replacement, got a really smooth drive and improved on control (mostly cornering as well.) Back shock pair was ok, so didn't replace them. Not sure, its ok to publish the place here, send me a DM so I can guide you to them. By the way I replaced KYB shocks, there are 3 types of them, KYB Malaysian, KYB Klassic, KYB Japanase. I purchased the Japanese one around 26k for both. And it was around 32k for all other parts, boots etc. Malysian one was around 4 thousand less.
  6. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    Thanks for the replies, replaced shocks. Let me know if someone want to know the place.
  7. aruntantan

    Shock Absober testing place

    Can someone recommend me a good shock absober testing place? One giving a report whether to replace. Also If they need replacement I'm hoping to buy from T**S, any other place you guys recommend? Car - Allion 260
  8. aruntantan

    Vitz Fuel Consumption

    Are those figures valid for the latest models such as 2014/2015/2016?
  9. aruntantan

    Auto Ac

    +1.. :)
  10. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    Thanks to Yahapalana fellows, some hybrids which was sold for around 2.8mil.. now going around 4.0mil.. :speechless-smiley-004:
  11. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    Yeah my bad.. I was referring to the old model.. Anyway it's not productive to argue with you, you'll use a vehicle as a play toy. seems like a real play boy. I gave my notion towards people who put 50,000 60,000 lease monthly and expect something in return when going to sell, at least closer to the buying price.
  12. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    I am not a fan boy of it's generations.. What Im trying to say is still a hybrid is not suitable for a person who expect to sell it for a reasonable price after using it for 3-4 years. :( The money you are going to lose will depend on the tax hugely.. If there is no much increase of tax.. Then you'll probably going to lose some money.. So why are you such a fan boy of hybrids?.. fuel economy?.. environmental friendly? Other?..
  13. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    Yeah, the middle one, thats what Im talking about.. I thought it's 1st gen.. anyway the depreciation is real.. :closedeyes:
  14. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    He will be worshiping R couple for the tax increase... Otherwise a 2013 vehicle almost lost him a fortune.. Your Vios lost only 3.5 laks, if you sold it in the right time.. You won't lose that much and it should be later than 2007?.. Not bad for a 8 year old car comparing to a two year old car loss... Wonder what happen to the 7 million 2016 prius in 2020?.. If the R couple is there no worries.. :speechless-smiley-004:
  15. aruntantan

    Prius 3Rd Gen Market Price

    You mean 1st gen users are the lab rats?.. Yeah maybe in 2016 model they have improved a lot.. but it's closer to 7 million is way too far unfair..