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  1. Utter nonsense. 92 RON fuel is also imported by Ceypetco for distribution. You can verify this yourself by referring tender documents (which are publicly available on the internet (http://ceypetco.gov.lk/wp-content/uploads/BK-TERM-GAS-OIL-GASOLINE-DTB-MUTHU-2018-2019-3P.pdf). It is well known that the contaminated/out of spec shipment which caused lot of fuel pump issues in 2011 was directly imported.
  2. As far as I know, the local Audi agent does not repair, service, or provide warranty assistance for grey market cars.
  3. How about the engine cooling system (i.e. radiator, fans etc) and AC compressor? Are these of higher capacity in tropicalized versions compared to the models meant to be sold in temperate climates?
  4. Install Google Translate on your Android phone from Google Play Store. There maybe similar apps for the iPhone as well, but I'm not familiar with the iPhone ecosystem. Use the image translation mode. 1st text - user customization 2nd text - please stop the customization setting and put the lever outside the selector into P Looks like you have started come sort of a configuration setting, but has not completed it. Never driven one of these....so I could be wrong.
  5. Hope these will help. To my knowledge, a brand/model breakdown is not available in the public domain. http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=84&Itemid=115&lang=en http://www.transport.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=255&Itemid=&lang=ta
  6. kirala2

    BMW E12

    This car looks like it has been stationary for a long time. There is a big rusted out hole below the rear windshield. What this probably means is that rainwater would have accumulated in the trunk (possibly even the passenger compartment) and the floorpan is likely to have rusted out. All rubber parts, including the rubber parts in the Toyota engine (such as belts) would need replacement. Likely, all joints in the suspension system and wheel bearings would need replacement. And then there is the cooling system and braking system which will need to be completely overhauled. Another problem with long term stationary vehicles is mice and squirrels enter them, and this usually means electricals would be completely messed up too. All of that is in addition to all the bodywork and cosmetic stuff which needs to be attended to. So unless there is some sort of sentimental value associated with it, the cost, time and effort required to bring this upto roadworthy condition is not worth it. My 2 cents is, walk away. If you like classic large BMWs, get hold of a decent, roadworthy E39 5-series (can be had for less than 3mn) and fix it up. P.S. The seats and door cards looks to be in surprisingly good condition. How come?
  7. If finding a complete gearbox is impossible (or is prohibitively expensive), can you not dismantle the existing gearbox (by someone who specializes in automatic gearbox repairs) find the part(s) which needs replacing, and import them yourself through a reputed supplier and rebuild it? There are separate parts catalogs available depending on the market the vehicle was intended to be sold such as: https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/toyota/corolla If not, then maybe another option would be to buy a condemned car from an auction.....
  8. A 5-sec search on ebay reveals that you can buy all 4 door actuators (not genuine, though) for $50.00, shipping included.
  9. http://www.hondacivicblog.com/honda-engine-list/
  10. @NPP Your credit history is one of the metrics used in the formula for pricing a financial product. All other things being equal, a bad credit history can add 1-2% to the average rate quoted. This would, obviously, depend on the institution concerned, but banks tend to take a more serious look at the credit history than finance/leasing companies.
  11. Given there are so many Supersports channels in this package, I'm guessing this has something to do with South Africa (Supersports is a South African company). Ask these guys what feed they supply, and verify whether it is ad-free. Watching a movie on an Indian feed with so many $hitty ads in between (Zee Studio, anyone?), is a suicidal experience. Does anyone know whether we could get a DStv connection in Sri Lanka? I am really tired of the "Indianization" of the TV channels like Nat Geo and Discovery Dialog has on offer (including the HD channels)....
  12. I'll try to clarify the situation on 3. All financial institutions regulated under CBSL are required to report the status of the credit facilities granted by them to their customers. The data reported includes, facility status - regular (i.e. <90 days overdue), irregular (>90 days overdue), number of days overdue, Active, Settled, Restructured; facility type (loan, overdraft, bank guarantee, LC, Import Finance...); whether borrowed under your own name "OWN" or you have been a guarantor "GRT", along with the identification details of all related parties to the loan - borrower (NIC/BR), Guarantors (NIC/BR), Co-Borrowers (NIC/BR), sometimes Directors' NICs of a company. As was correctly stated above, the report provides the credit history of an entity (person/company) for a period of 24 months (usually 23 or 22 months due to reporting delays) so even if an overdue/NP status has been cleared 24 months ago, it would still show up in the CRIB report. In your case, if you have CRIB issues as you have not paid your own loan, that is bad. But then again, you have not told us whether your loan is in NP (i.e. >90 days overdue), or if its only a few days overdue. Financial institutions usually have a tolerance for the number of overdue days. So generally, unless your loan is in NP, you should still be able to obtain a credit facility. However, the interest rate charged for a person/entity with a clean CRIB will likely be less than for a person with a troubled credit history. This is the case all over the world. OTOH if you have guaranteed someone else's loan and it is in NP, this is usually tolerated to some extent by financial institutions as long as your own borrowings are in a regular status. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually good to have a credit history (at least credit cards) then to not to have any credit history at all, as financial institutions can gauge your repayment capacity and financial discipline when you have a credit history as opposed to a person without a credit history. I would strongly advice you to bring your own loan facility to regular status ASAP. With an irregular CRIB, the possibility for you to borrow, to become a co-borrower or a guarantor is minimal, and you actually become useless from a credit perspective. If your loan is NP, speak to the institutions concerned, explain to them why you cannot meet the monthly payments and request them to restructure the repayments in a manner you would be comfortable with given your income.
  13. Agreed with @Croswind. Have imported various stuff (electronics, car spares, gadgets, watches etc) over EMS in the past, and whenever I had to go to the Central Mail Exchange, I was treated with dignity and respect. Politely explain why you have imported the item, and most of the time they will let you go with very little tax charge (I once paid no duty whatsoever on some plastic cladding after explaining to the customs guy that they were impossible to source locally - which is probably not entirely true - but they looked odd enough to be considered a rarity).
  14. Come on man......it's a $80 Fossil.......not a $25k Patek Philippe............ Fossils and Skagens (both are in the same group of companies) are basically throwaway fashion watches and does not even deserve a battery change. A Casio Edifice is a much better product than a Fossil.
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