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  1. did you just get the personal email i sent you?. it tells you how I feel about you lot and what needs to be done...
  2. Don't bother with explaning it to these stoog's frank.they'll never agree with you trust me "they think that there opinion is the right one" . they just keep on going on a rant and bullying people around, this car forum is a no go for a real enthusiast, just for ones who are opinionated stoog's
  3. a prositute ay... remember BUDDY next time you have a piece of bread for your breakfast, the wheat used to make that piece of bread was subsidised by our "WHORE" money .you are pretty much eating what you say is our "whore" money. FYI as a student I have a part time job which i pay tax for (so suck sh*t buddy). I don't really know what they call it in sri lanka, when people nose into other peoples private info, but around the world it is seen as creepy and wierd Mark my word mr watchman, one day i will bring this EG4 down to sri lanka, all the haters can hate as much as they like it will be done on day and ill be more than happy to upload a pic of it sitting in the CMB docks, so haters like you can keep hating all day long
  4. just remember this buddy foreign income plays a large part in the country that you'll live in, part of that comes from our pockets. so if i were you i'd think twice before saying shit to people who pretty much play a large part in your economy. pull out on those foreign aids and foreign income you's would be having a hard time buddy.... p.s You might need to improve on those creepy detective skills you got, because you got my age plus my employment status wrong
  5. If so keep your mouth shut and stop hating against dual citizens and terming them as "boat people" if i was a boat person would you really think sri lanka would give me the privileage to hold a dual citizenship? my age shouldn't be a concern for you....
  6. Just because you have't got the privileage to hold a dual citizenship, dont go hating against the one's who do."don't the player the game..."
  7. the pic is been already reduced....
  8. Found some pics of the Corolla I owned before getting the civic and the mazda, it was a good runner. My dad got it as a 4th car for the family (reliable run about) when it had around 100000 km's on the clock, yes we put another 130000 all by ourselves lol, it was a solid, smooth car until wierdly the radiator started leaking and it blew the inlet manifold and cracked a gasket. Mechanic quoted $2000 for the repair plus he warned it would cost us another $2000 if there was going to be a complete engine overhaul, we did the repairs and sold it off to a old gentleman (who also bought it to hand it over to his son as a first car lol)
  9. well thats your view, some may see it differently
  10. alright i'll reduce the size of my signature pic asap
  11. For your info Schiffer, this was a old pic which i already updated onto this forum few days ago. the EG's sitting in the garage for the past few weeks, because uni's on vaccation and I've been using my other car (mazda 2) to get around. I'll upload some front pics if you want.....lol.
  12. Pic update***** I found the original picture that was of the two civic's I uploaded few days ago, you can see how much little parking space both cars need lol, there tiny compared to the two hyundai's by the side
  13. How much rude can you get? when I just told you I will upload more pics... have some manners buddy, theres no point swearing and giving your own opinion on the pictures and demanding upload, Its my car Ill take pics when I want and upload when i want
  14. In the first place if there was something missing or anything wrong with the car would there be any pictures up on this forum Schiffer? . I haven't got the time to get some decent pics of the car you might have to wait a bit
  15. If i posted a few pics on this forum and got so much hate from few of you , whats the point of me uploading the dyno sheet and going through all the trouble making a video just so you can keep hating on it...i got one word for you NO and once again its a HSV grange not a HSV vauxhall..... seriously buddy. And MD go and bother someone else with your nonsense, this thread is for Honda lovers not for people who has a Honda and hates its guts out!
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