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  1. Thanks for this contact Stig. I will also try to discuss my request with SunLank* and see. Appreciated, cheers.
  2. Thanks Davy for this detailed response, appreciated very much. As you suggested I am happy to take it as it is to the shop so that they can remove only required areas to access the winder mechansim. I have to get a central locking system installed as well so may be I can get both these jobs done the same day. Thanks again mate.
  3. Guys, I have some work to be done on my front winders but wish to remove the door cards myself before taking it to the shop as I am not happy about how these guys carelessly remove / pull out door handles and card/s. My question is, between the door card and the frame there is a water resistant polythene layer pasted and what is the safest way to remove this (and paste back) without damage. I haven't tried to remove it yet but not sure if the gum can be reused with the same polythene layer. Any advice will be appreciated
  4. Guys, I have a Corolla EE106 and wish to install central locking for the front 2 doors only (with remote). I have checked common places like S*n L*nka / P*tco but they aren't customizing as such. I also have a set of remote keys + circuit (removed from another car) hence wish to get that fixed so that I can save some bucks. I'd appreciate if any one can recommend me some decent places who are willing to handle a random job likes this Cheers.
  5. Is there anyone here who can help me find a user manual for Corolla EE106?
  6. As suggested by Twin Turbo it is most likely the wheel bearings. I had the similar issue sometime back and it took a long time to find out as the noise was intermittent.
  7. Hey Don, I met Sisira about 2 years ago when my axle broke right on top of the Pepiliyana bridge on a Sunday evening (peak hours as it was the last weekend before Christmas). It was a hell of time as the bridge itself was under repair and only one way traffic was allowed while the busy Christmas season was around. The traffic actually queued up to Gamsaba Junc as well as Pepiliyana Junc and apparently traffic cops too turned out It was Sisira who volunteered and helped me even though he was almost off for the day and about to leave. We struggled a lot and had to lift / push the car in order to release the traffic. Since then he has been handling all my repairs up to date and I have no complaints so far. Very reasonable charges and quality job. Very simple and honest guy.
  8. Good stuff Crosswind By the way here's another carrier contact who claim they operate 24/7 - 0777 411800 / 0727 411800 (505 Motors). I haven't used their services, but they once quoted 7K sometime back when I made an inquiry (from Mount Lavinia, near the Cop shop to Pepiliyana). Their yard was somewhere down Baseline road hence the charge was for the total Km's) In contributing to the thread, here are some of my concerns: 1. If you need to leave the vehicle at some point (may be to look for a garage or a mechanic) it is always advisable to leave a clearly visible note with a contact mobile number and a message to say "Breakdown" or something. This will come useful in certain neighbourhoods with security restrictions or certain extra cautious residents. Once I was compelled to leave the car near to Lanka hospitals on Park Rd and was surprised to receive almost 3 calls within a short span of about 2 hrs. And one was from an MSD guy as some V*P has been in the vicinity. I always do have a notepad and a Pen in the car. 2. It is always better to do your own prelimenary basic check up / investigations before calling out a mechanic. Electricals, Engine etc. This way the chances of getting played out can be minimized if you are able to isolate the cause. 3. Smartphone users can have some basic free (torch) apps which provides the Hazard lightings feature on your phone screen. This may come handy specially if the car breaks down in the night in a less visible / poorly lit area. Well, now it does not mean to leave the phone lit in the car, but lets say, you are at a bend and need to work on the front end of the car; then it is safer to leave the phone lit with the Hazard feature and mount it somewhere within the rear head rest/s. 4. Finally, if ladies are in the car and if the destination is somewhat closer, pack them up in a cab and send off - can peacefully attend to the repair.
  9. Thanks Komi for this nearby referral. Unless I find any other nearer than this, will defa visit this place. Cheers!
  10. Thank you Sylvi. Given the time constraints, I will look for a nearby place for the moment however will definitely note down Lional Radiators shoudl I have to replace a new one.
  11. Hi guys, would appreciate if anyone can enlighten me on a reliable radiator worksop nearby to Kalubowila, Hill Street, Nedimala or Galle Rd (Dehiwela). Today after about a 20Km drive the Temp meter almost reached the upper end and upon reaching the destination water was leaking. On inspection I felt that water has reversed back to the spare tank as it was almost full. An urgent response would be appreciated as I am compelled to get it fixed before Thursday - thanks and cheers. NB: Car is Mitsubishi Colt 1987 Hatch - 1300CC
  12. Belated wishes mate, hope you had a great one, cheers!
  13. Cheers for a great one mate .... HBD!
  14. Hats off Jay - 10/10 ... cheers.
  15. If you're on Android, you could also try "Goggles" (by Google).
  16. ... warm wishes for a terrific day mate, cheers!
  17. Try Sumihiri Tailors in Mawaramandiya, they'd do some "sporty looking" covers for you
  18. There's another joint on a first floor (passing Anthupitha Motors, same side, towards HNB) who specialize in old lights. Once I was directed here and apparently they were the only guys who could get me a passenger side headlight. It cost me 3.9K about 2 years back (Taiwan based product), still using and no issues or faded. If I could find his business card, let me update this post tomorrow.
  19. Bro there was a place in Delkanda where a guy makes lights, provided you atleast have one side in good condition. I met him about one and half years back to get a quote for my 1987 Mitsubishi Colt (4G13) rear lights (one is in good condition however the other one is now gradually breaking away). He quoted 5000 bucks per side. Apparently he seems to have taken over the business from his father who had been in fiber business for ages (operated from his house). As I recall it was a right turn soon after passing the Delkanda bridge (when travelling towards Maharagama). Good luck mate.
  20. Croozer


    Congrats S_N, sorry for the late wishes, cheers mate
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