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  1. Scooter vs. Honda Navi

    Guys, need some advice on obtaining revenue license for a brand new scooter. Is it necessary to obtain an emission test for brand new scooters? I recall something about no emission test required for the first few years? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  2. Scooter vs. Honda Navi

  3. Revenue Licence

    May be the OP is interested in buying an old neglected vehicle that've been parked for >5 years
  4. Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    Thanks Magnum - I really wanna get used to the habit of washing the ride more frequently just like you cheers!
  5. Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    Thanks a lot Davy - this is a detailed one from you as usual. Appreciated.
  6. Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    [emoji6] thanks buddy ...
  7. Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    thanks mate. i guess 12k for the entire car right?
  8. Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    thanks mate. btw may i know where you got the 3m tint done? and would you mind sharing the costs please
  9. Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    thanks mate. i am not a fan of car covers as i had a time using few on my previous ride. on the other hand, i am sure its gonna be a mess trying to cover/uncover a wagon
  10. Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    Guys, I am compelled to park my car outdoors and may continue to do so for some time. However I am glad there are no trees on top of the car/around hence the car is somewhat cleaner without much dirt or bird droppings. Given the weather conditions and other external factors, I would appreciate some expert ideas from all of you on how best I can take precautions and continue? I am right now using a sunshade on the windscreen, that's all. I am concerned about the rubber / beading etc and how can these be protected? Are there any protectors or cleaners available in the market for similar cases? Thanks in advance guys. Car is a 1993 Corolla Wagon - White.
  11. I am posting my question here as I couldn't locate any specific threads about my specific doubt May be this is a noob question, but I would really like to know what is the exact purposes/use of this in the dashboard? TIA.
  12. Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    Reopening an old post Can someone explain me what is this 2 bucket method with a grit guard is all about By the way is it alright to let the car dry on its own naturally or it is important to dry using a towel? TIA.
  13. [emoji16] Sent from my Redmi Note 4X using Tapatalk
  14. You initially said "I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service." and now asking this question
  15. Can disable get driving licence

    The OP says he is able to drive light vehicles now without any difficulties hence I think it is best you discuss with a reputed driving school or the information counter (at DMT, if they have one) for specific guidance. Probably you may be able to go ahead without any major modifications or under any special category. Good luck mate.
  16. Micro Panda ECU

    Can't the agents sort this for you mate?
  17. wow thanks mate. hope i can grab some from keels or arpico. btw whats the brand?
  18. HI there, Can you please let me know from where you buy these natural oil from?
  19. Sports Steering Wheel

    Nope - he's keen on a real one
  20. fuel tank rust repair

    Thanks MAS, cheers.
  21. fuel tank rust repair

    MAS, Would like to know where you bought the Dulux rust remover from and hows the application process on surface? TIA.
  22. Sports Steering Wheel

    Guys any idea how much will a leather momo brand sports steering cost? Any recommended place to buy one? Posting on behalf of a friend.
  23. Central Locking

    Thanks for this contact Stig. I will also try to discuss my request with SunLank* and see. Appreciated, cheers.
  24. Thanks Davy for this detailed response, appreciated very much. As you suggested I am happy to take it as it is to the shop so that they can remove only required areas to access the winder mechansim. I have to get a central locking system installed as well so may be I can get both these jobs done the same day. Thanks again mate.
  25. Guys, I have some work to be done on my front winders but wish to remove the door cards myself before taking it to the shop as I am not happy about how these guys carelessly remove / pull out door handles and card/s. My question is, between the door card and the frame there is a water resistant polythene layer pasted and what is the safest way to remove this (and paste back) without damage. I haven't tried to remove it yet but not sure if the gum can be reused with the same polythene layer. Any advice will be appreciated