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  1. On 2/22/2018 at 9:49 PM, SanjeevMahen said:


    Emission test report is required from the second year onwards. I got the test report and renewed my revenue license online.

    Thanks mate and sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, the first year emission test was exempted. Got the revenue license online.

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  2. Guys, need some advice on obtaining revenue license for a brand new scooter. Is it necessary to obtain an emission test for brand new scooters? I recall something about no emission test required for the first few years? Can anyone shed some light on this please?

  3. 10 hours ago, trish_auto said:

    Question 1 :  What makes you to raise this question ?

    Question 2 :  Without a revenue license for 5 years,  was it running ? or parked somewhere ?

    May be the OP is interested in buying an old neglected vehicle that've been parked for >5 years :)

  4. 16 minutes ago, Magnum said:

    I first spray water all over the vehicle using the water hose.

    Then slow down the water and clean the mud/dirt using my hand( to prevent the body from scratches caused by dirt which get stuck on the cloth) while running the water over the body.

    After that I water the body again and apply car wash( I wash my vehicles often so I apply car wash only like once a week)

    Finally water the body for the last time and wipe it.

    I do keep a different cloth for car wash and for wiping.

    Thanks Magnum - I really wanna get used to the habit of washing the ride more frequently just like you :) cheers!

  5. 1 hour ago, Davy said:

    It's basically using two separate buckets - one for your soapy water (car wash diluted in water), the other for your clean (rinsing) water. A grit guard is a mesh that is placed at the bottom of the buckets so that when you dip the wash cloth in, it doesn't sink all the way to the bottom and capture all the dirt that has sunk to the bottom of the water. See image below:


    I personally think the two bucket method is okay if you don't have access to a garden hose. On the other hand, you save a lot of water when using the two bucket method as opposed to using a hose. The important thing is to keep the wash towels free of dirt every time it touches the surface of the car.

    As for your question about letting the car dry on it's own, you might end up with water spots all over the car - especially on the windows. In a country like Sri Lanka where it's hot, humid and a bit dusty, you're better off using a clean microfibre towel to wipe the car dry. Water spots - see image below:

    Thanks a lot Davy - this is a detailed one from you as usual. Appreciated.

  6. I used a car cover made from "breathable" fabric(allows some Air in but no water). But after some time I saw some fungus grown between dashboard and door panel.M aybe its improtant that you remove moisture from the cabin-Air before covering.
    thanks mate. i am not a fan of car covers as i had a time using few on my previous ride. on the other hand, i am sure its gonna be a mess trying to cover/uncover a wagon :)

  7. Guys, I am compelled to park my car outdoors and may continue to do so for some time.

    However I am glad there are no trees on top of the car/around hence the car is somewhat cleaner without much dirt or bird droppings.

    Given the weather conditions and other external factors, I would appreciate some expert ideas from all of you on how best I can take precautions and continue? I am right now using a sunshade on the windscreen, that's all.

    I am concerned about the rubber / beading etc and how can these be protected? Are there any protectors or cleaners available in the market for similar cases?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Car is a 1993 Corolla Wagon - White.

  8. On 1/17/2017 at 12:38 AM, Jor-el said:

    It's better to wash your car yourself.

    • Use 2-bucket method with a grit guard
    • Use separate microfiber wash mitts to wash top and bottom parts of the car
    • Use a third microfiber towel to dry the car
    • Use a fourth microfiber towel to wax the car ( I'm using eagle 1 spray wax )

    This way you can avoid swirl marks 100%.

    I usually give a touch-less wash using my pressure washer before giving a touch wash as described above. 

    Reopening an old post :)

    Can someone explain me what is this 2 bucket method with a grit guard is all about :rolleyes:

    By the way is it alright to let the car dry on its own naturally or it is important to dry using a towel?


  9. On 1/23/2018 at 4:11 PM, NY_Kid said:

    Thank you lovely people for your time and effort. I'll buy a wagon R or Spacia.


    Do you think it's a wise idea to put a vehicle for Uber with a driver? That's the final question I need to find an answer :D

    You initially said "I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service." and now asking this question :rolleyes:

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  10. The OP says he is able to drive light vehicles now without any difficulties hence I think it is best you discuss with a reputed driving school or the information counter (at DMT, if they have one) for specific guidance. Probably you may be able to go ahead without any major modifications or under any special category. Good luck mate.

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  11. Hi,
    Can somebody pls help me to find a ECU for my panda car?
    Thy claim  some signal passing issue has pertained in the idling sensor due to some fault occurred in the ECU.
    Pls help me...
    Can't the agents sort this for you mate?
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  12. 8 minutes ago, The Stig said:

    Sunlanka will fit central locks if you buy the alarm system for them. But try Rexton motors in Darley road also (near fire brigade) 

    Thanks for this contact Stig. I will also try to discuss my request with SunLank* and see. Appreciated, cheers.

  13. 15 hours ago, Davy said:

    You should be able to reuse the existing butyl tape (a few times actually) . Just be careful when you remove the polythene sheet. Start from a corner and gently pull the polythene out, making your way around the edge.

    Safely store the polythene, making sure it doesn't stick to anything, and make sure the car's interior doesn't come into contact with the bare door as there will be some butyl tape left on the door. They're damn hard to get off stuff like fabric seats.

    If I were you, I'd take the car with the moisture barrier and let the garage handle removing it and putting it back. The winder might be accessible just  by removing part of the polythene, without taking the entire thing out. 

    Thanks Davy for this detailed response, appreciated very much. As you suggested I am happy to take it as it is to the shop so that they can remove only required areas to access the winder mechansim. I have to get a central locking system installed as well so may be I can get both these jobs done the same day. Thanks again mate.